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Chapter 8

Shadow pov: I was just lying in my bed calmly. Thinking about what life would be like if my mother was here. Surely she would be disappointed in me. I mean everone is. I had a friend once I told her everything then when the time came for her to be "popular" she told everone my secret about my father. Know they all call me slut whore. Some of the guys at our school ask me if I want to have a "study session" with them. Like always I decline. I used to get into fight alot that was untill my father bought me a shock caller. I was lost in my thoughts when I heard the door open. I knew it was my dad. I didn't get a chance to make him dinner

Ace pov: I was watching her panic around her room. She was so scared I wanted to be their to comfort her but I couldnt atlest not yet. Someone walked into her room but I couldnt see them. She closed the window before i had the chance. My wolf whimpered because he knew something happend to her. I wanted to help her and get to the bottom of and before I left I heard her screaming. I was back at the pack but her scream hunted me. My wolf wanted to go back there and kill the person who hurt her. But instead I went hunting. It help little bit. But I was still worried about her.

Again I am so sorry if this chapter is short. Thanks alot for reading please leave a comment if you like

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