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Chapter 9

Ace pov: Its funny how you can care for someone that you dont even know the name of. But she was worth it and I cant wait for her to be mine. I went to school the next day and i finally saw her. But she looked so so broken. Somthing bad had to of happend for her to look like that. She alwas had a smile on her face. Unless it was fake. I was in my science Class and we had a projects and we had to have partners. I wasn't sure who her original partner was. But I mind linked the tearcher and told them.that I was her partner.

Shadow pov: My father had finally aloud me to go to school. I was in pain but I was probably O.Ding on tylenol. So it didn't hurt that bad. I was in my science class we had an assignment and we needed partners. I was partnerd with locker dude. I still didnt know his name. After class I asked him if I could just do the project and give him all the credit. He refused. We had a small argument about it but then I finally caved. We agreed to work at his house tomorrow. I had to come up with an excuse so I could do the project. Then it came to me. I had to go to my job my shift starts at:6:00 till 12:00. My partner lives on the other side of town so we could work for a couple of hours befor I would have to leave to walk home. I went to go ask my dad.

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