Do Not Forget Me

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“Do you know what its like to kill a person?" I asked. "Wait, I thinnnk I'm druunnkkk," I slurred. "Yes," "Yes? Yes I'm drunk or yes to that killing question," I threw my head back and started laughing.

Romance / Mystery
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Her head pounded as she tried to get back on her feet. Unsteady, she fell back to the ground and tried to regain focus on her blurry eyes as she lay on the ground. She didn’t recognize her surroundings; it didn’t look familiar or friendly. She noticed that she was surrounded by tall, imposing trees and the intimidating sky was dark and cloudy. She could make out the slight illumination of the moon hiding behind the clouds. She prayed that the moon would come out and help her find her way out of wherever she was. Far away, she could even hear the rushing sound of water in the silence of the night.

Shivering, she sat up, supporting her body weight on her elbows and saw that her white dress was torn and dirtied. Her feet were bare and caked in mud. She held a necklace in her closed palm. She was not sure why she was holding on to it or why she was in the middle of a forest to begin with. She wound the necklace around her wrist and clutched her pounding head only to find her hand touch something wet…her head was bleeding. She knew she had to get out of here.

Breathing harshly, she pushed herself off the ground and began to shuffle forwards in the hopes of getting out of this place. Her body ached in protest as she moved her muscles one by one. Every couple of minutes she leaned on trees to support herself from falling. She didn’t have enough strength in herself to shout for help. She knew no one would hear her voice while she was in the middle of nowhere.

She walked around dizzily for what felt like hours, when she tripped over a log. She cried out in pain as her head met the ground. Whimpering, she opened her eyes as her vision clouded and dulled . As she slowly tried to sit up when she felt something touch her and in the faint moonlight all she saw was a pair of lifeless grey eyes staring at her, laying in a pool of blood.

“No, no, no, this isn’t possible. It can’t be,” she said to herself.

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