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I cried so much I was scared my eyes were going to fall out. My heart was stabbed a thousand times that day. The next day came, and I tried to talk to Ethan but got cold shoulders from him. I did not give up; I plan to try my best to explain to him what really happened that day, no matter what it takes.

I am waiting at the door of his lecture hall. I finished my classes earlier than him today, so I have enough time to spare. Ethan and I might be studying the same major, but we still have different minors, so all our classes are not together. The clock hits five, and his class is over. I wait eagerly and nervously to talk to him.

"Ethan," I say, trying to stop him before he leaves like always. He does not answer and keeps walking. I increase my speed and step in front of him to block his path. "Ethan, please hear me out," I say praying he agrees. He tries to walk past me, but I block his way. He does it again, and so do I.

"Get out of my way," Ethan says with anger laced in his voice

"Please just give me a minute to......." I don't get to finish my sentence because Ethan grabs my arms in a firm hold and brings his face close to mine.

"Explain, I don't fucking want your explanation. Just leave me the hell alone" Ethan says, shaking my body in rage while shouting in my face. He releases my body with a lot of force, causing me to fall. He walks past me like I don't matter, and now I know I genuinely don't. I remain on the floor and cry my heart out as I realise there is truly no hope for me to explain things to Ethan.

Spring break is in full swing, and I couldn't be happier to be getting a little break from school, but I am not. With school on hold, my mind has not stopped thinking about Ethan day and night. I feel my heartbreak more every day without him. I miss him more than anything in the world. I really wish we could work things out one day.

I am on my way home after visiting the mall to get a few clothes for myself. I needed a little bit of distraction from thinking about him. I decided to visit the mall to fill my mind with picking out clothes to buy. I arrive home to see Khloe getting ready to step out. Khloe did not go home for spring break because of me. She said she could not leave me alone in the state I was. I told her I was okay, and she could travel back home, but she insisted she stay with me for the break.

"Where are you going?" I say placing my bags on the floor

"For the party, I told you about last night or do you need me to stay with you. I don't have to go to the party if you need me" Khloe says being the supportive friend she is, but I don't want to be the reason she won't go out and have fun.

"Oh, I am sorry I forgot, but I am totally fine. You can go to the party."

"Are you sure? Because I can stay at home with you. I don't really have to go to the party."

"Yeah am sure, go and have fun",

"Alright I will go, but if you feel like you need me, I am just a call away. I will try my best not to drink too much tonight, so I will be available whenever you need me."

"You don't have to do that for me. You should enjoy yourself at the party tonight."

"If I can't do that for you, what good am I as a friend," Khloe says with a soft smile

"I love you," I say with a little smile. I can't remember the last time I smiled.

"I love you too and see you when I get back," She says, walking out the door.

Once she leaves, I decide to call Amina to find out how she and the boys are doing. It rings for a few seconds before she finally answers the FaceTime call. She is looking beautiful as ever with her son beside her.

"Auntie Adina!" The cutest boy to me in the world says with the most innocent smile on his face. My nephew is one of my greatest happiness in the world; he makes me feel better anytime I see him.

"How are you doing my baby?" I say smiling back at Hassan

"I am doing great auntie, and how about you?"

"I am doing fine also, so tell me how was school today."

"I did not go to school today; we are on Easter break," Hassan says, and I remember it's almost Easter, so all the schools in Nigeria are having a little break.

"Oh, that's true, my love."

"Yes, and Auntie Adina, why do you look sad? I don't like it when you are sad. It makes me sad too" Hassan says, sounding down. I am about to reply when Amina finally speaks

"Hassan, why don't you go and play with daddy while I talk to Auntie Adina," Amina says

"Alright mummy, auntie Adina please don't be sad, it makes me sad too. I love you, bye" Hassan says before walking towards his dad

"Thank you," I say to Amina for saving me from a breakdown in front of my nephew. Any time someone asks me about my appearance or about Ethan, I always breakdown in tears. I could not do that in front of my nephew.

"You don't have to thank me, and how are you doing, like how are you really doing," Amina says with a lot of concern about me

"I am doing better than yesterday" I answer sincerely

"Alhamdulillah, and I hope you are not thinking about him too much."

"I am trying not too," I say with a sad smile

"I never knew he meant this much to you. I wish I could even explain to him what happened so he could realise you are innocent."

"Amina, I never knew myself until this happened. I can't even believe I was going to break up with him that day. The pain I feel from not having him anymore is so horrible. I can't even explain the feeling, but my heart feels like a part of it is gone" I say feeling myself on the verge of tears

"I am so sorry you are going through such. In Shaa Allah with time, you will feel better."

"Ameen and I will call you later. I am feeling a bit sleepy."

"No problem. Bye."

"Bye," I say hanging up

I walk to my room to catch some sleep before later waking up to pray Isha.

Once I woke up, I prayed and received a call from Khloe. She is feeling a bit tired and too drunk to drive. She needs me to come and pick her up. I put on my veil and walk out of our house to be on my way. I am about to start the car when all my blood leaves my body. I asked Khloe to send the address of the place, and I can't believe out of all the places in the world it had to be his place. I don't think Khloe knows it's his place because if she did, she wouldn't be asking me to pick her up. I have not been there since the whole incident happened. Will I be able to step inside without breaking down in tears? I can't even believe he is throwing a party with all that is happening between us. I am about to call Khloe and tell her I won't be able to pick her up. I can't bear meeting him after what happened last time, but she beats me to it.

"Adina, please, where are you? Some guy here is creeping me out. Please hurry" Khloe says sounding a bit scared

"I will be there soon," I say forgetting I was just about to call her and cancel. The way she sounded made me change my mind in a heartbeat. I hope I am not making a big mistake by going to his house. I quickly start the car and drive towards Ethan's house.

I arrive at his house after a few minutes of driving. I quickly walk inside to find Khloe. I check a few places upstairs before walking back downstairs to look for her. I am about to call her number when someone grabs my hand. Alhamdulillah, she found me, I can't wait to leave before Ethan sees me. I turn around expecting Khloe to be the one holding my hand, but I am surprised to see who grabbed my hand.

"Hey guys, look who decided to join the party. Princess Fi-i-i-i-o-o-n-n-nnn-aa-a-a" Ethan says totally drunk. I can smell the alcohol all over his body. Why does he take so much alcohol? I don't like it, and I wish he could stop.

"Ethan, what did you just call me? And can you take your hands off me? Your grip is a bit too hard" I say feeling warmth pass through my body with his hand holding mine. My heart feels at peace with this little touch. I am trying to remove my hand from his grip, but he only makes it tighter. I also realise he called me the name of the princess he used to call me when he hated me. He called me Princess Fiona as an insult, meaning I look like an ogress. Does this mean he hates me now? What am I thinking; of course, he hates me now. It breaks my heart to know he sees me the way he used too.

"Princess Fiona and no, I won't release you," He says and almost loses his balance, but grabs my other hand to steady himself, making the warmth from his body fill me up. I can feel all of my body alive with this simple touch. How amazing my body reacts to it.

"Ethan please could you release my hand. I don't want any trouble. I am only here to pick up Khloe and leave."

"I won't release your hand because I want to do this" Ethan says and drags me outside. He throws me into the pool.

"Oh my God," I say in total shock of what he just did. I can't believe Ethan would do this to me. I know he hates me now, but throwing me into a pool is a bit too much. I resurface from under the water and walk out. I am wet from head to toe, and I can't imagine myself driving home like this. I would wet my car seats, and they would smell.

"The next time I see you in my house, I won't be nice enough just to throw you into the pool. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE BITCH!!!" Ethan says, roaring in my face. I stand frozen in my spot by his outburst. Everyone by the poolside turns and looks at me. I have never felt more humiliated in my life, like how I feel right now. I wish the ground could swallow me with the amount of embarrassment I feel.

I drag my wet self out of his house with the little dignity I have left because even If I want to find Khloe and take her home. I can't bear to stay there any moment longer.

I am about to walk out of the door when someone wraps their arms around me. Khloe's familiar perfume fills my nostrils, and without blinking an eye, I break down in tears. I cry for the fact that I have genuinely lost the one I care about. I cry as I realise the one I care about hates me more than anything in the world. I cry for my heart that is in pain and dying without the one special to it. I cry for all the sorrow, sadness and pain I feel for losing the most important person to me, and there is nothing I can do about it.

I feel my legs entwined with someone else. The person's skin feels so smooth and makes my body feel warm close to it. My head is in the crook of the person's neck and unknowing to me; I smuggle closer into the person. My heart feels at peace with his body close to me. A pair of muscular arms go around my bare waist while a husky voice whispers into my ears, causing a shiver to run down my spine.

"Good morning Mia Regina," Ethan says as his raspy breath fans my ear. It makes all of me come alive in a different way than usual. My dark brown eyes lock with those beautiful deep grey eyes of his. I quickly hide my face under the blanket once I remember what we did last night.

I can't believe we are married and finally spent the night together. I have longed for this more than anything in the world, and it finally happened the right way, and I couldn't be happier.

"Mi amore you should not be shy of me. We only did what our hearts desired last night" He says trying to lift the blanket off my face, but I hold it tighter. I blush in embarrassment as he talks about it.

"If I don't see your beautiful face in the next two seconds, I will make sure you don't leave this bed for the whole day."

"Ethan!" I say in bewilderment while I quickly lift my face to be graced with that sexy smirk on that handsome face of his. This man will never cease to amaze me with his wild thoughts.

"Good, now I can admire that gorgeous face of yours as much as I want," He says, smiling gracefully towards me with so much genuine admiration in his eyes. It surprises me how he can look at me the way he does, with so much affection and admiration in his eyes for me.

"How are you doing mi amore," Ethan says, looking a bit worried he might have hurt me last night.

"I am a bit sore, but other than that I am good," I say remembering all the beautiful things Ethan made me feel last night, things I could have never imagined.

"We need to take a shower and change the sheets too."


Ethan and I take a shower together with me blushing the whole time in the bathroom. I am currently downstairs making some breakfast for us while Ethan speaks to someone on the phone. He comes downstairs looking dashing as ever in a pair of beach shorts and a white t-shirt that shows off those lovely biceps of his, that I like to keep only to myself. I can't believe I own all of him.

"If you keep staring at me like that, I won't be responsible for making us late to the beach," Ethan says with a lovely smirk gracing those gorgeous lips of his.

"Do my eyes say that much?" I say blushing with embarrassment from been caught staring.

"They say a lot mi amore," Ethan says sitting on the kitchen stool while I place his breakfast in front of him

"I hope you like what I made for breakfast," I say taking a seat beside him

"I already had my breakfast, and I loved it. This is just brunch" Ethan says winking at me

"Ethan!" I say, wondering if he will ever get tired of teasing me, but I won't lie, I actually love it.

We finish breakfast and decide to take our leave for the beach. We are currently having our honeymoon in Cuba. I am walking towards Ethan when I feel him far away from me. I try to reach for him, but I feel him further away from me. I call his name, but I can't hear my voice. I scream his name, but it feels like my vocal cords don't work anymore. I try reaching for him, but he only fades further away from me. I start to notice everything around me, disappearing as he also disappears away from me.

I hear my name called from a distance, but I can't seem to figure out who owns the voice or where the person is calling me from.

"Adina, Adina, Adina, wake up. You are having a bad dream, wake up" the voice says, and I recognise the voice and do what it says.

"He left me Khloe; he has left me for good," I say waking up with tears in my eyes while I pull Khloe into a hug. I cry my heart out as I realise that even in my dreams, Ethan still leaves me.

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