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A few weeks have passed since that beautiful encounter between Ethan and I. I felt so shy to face him again after that day, but the next day in school, Ethan acted like nothing happened. We have become closer than ever; we do a lot of things together that I never saw us doing. We go to class together, study together and even go for lunch together like we are right now. Ethan and I are at a nice restaurant after a long day of lectures.

“I hope you have not forgotten about my game on Saturday,” Ethan says after he takes a bite of his chicken.

“You have been talking about it for the past two weeks. I won’t miss it for the world” I say after taking a sip of my drink.

“I just want to remind you so you won’t forget.”

“I won’t and is Saturday, not Caroline’s birthday,” I say recalling the lovely girl telling me about it last time we met.

“Yes, it is, and she said I should ask you if you could make a few doughnuts for her birthday.”

“Of course, I would, but there is a little problem.”

“What is it?”

“If it’s for her birthday, she would probably need a lot which would mean I would need a bigger oven than mine to make it.”

“You could come over to my place and make it. I have a huge oven you could use” Ethan says, and I remember the last time I was in his house, this causes me to blush due to our last encounter.

“That’s true, and we will need to go shopping for the things I need on Friday after school.”

“Yeah, but please why did you say ‘we’” Ethan says, emphasising the word ‘We.’

“Because you are going to help me make the doughnuts.”

“I never said so.”

“You didn’t need too,” I say smiling because he knows there is no escaping.

Today is Friday, Ethan and I are at the supermarket to get baking ingredients I would need to make the doughnuts. He has been complaining non stop about how he would prefer to spend his Friday evening getting ready for a party than shopping with me. We finish buying everything we need and drive to Ethan’s house to start making the doughnuts. On my way in I meet Grace about to leave.

“Hello, dear,” Grace says, hugging me.

“How are you doing Grace,” I say hugging her back.

“I am doing fine, my dear. How are you doing?”

“I am good, and it seems you are about to step out.”

“Yes, I am going home for the weekend.”

“Oh, that’s sad. I would have loved it if you could help me with the doughnut because Mr Grumpy here won’t stop complaining, and we have not even started yet.”

“I would have loved to my dear, but I have to head out now. And also I see your relationship with Ethan has changed since the last time I saw you here.”

“Yes, it has,” I say, smiling.

“I am happy it has, and I would see you another time.”

“Bye, and don’t worry. I will leave a few doughnuts for you when you get back.”

“Thank you, my dear, bye,” Graces says and walks out the door.

I walk to the kitchen to drop the bags with me before going to pray Asr prayer. I walk to the guest room to observe my prayers and walk back to the kitchen to begin.

I lay everything I need, and I am about to start, but someone is missing.

“Ethan!” I say shouting

“Yes,” Ethan says from upstairs.

“I am waiting for you in the kitchen.”

“I will be there in a sec,” Ethan says.

Ethan walks down the stairs while wearing his shirt. Subhan Allah, some people are blessed. I did not stare at his body for long, but the little glimpse I got before I turned away is enough for me to say, Ethan is one sexy guy. Wow, I wish he wore his shirt completely before walking downstairs because right now I am trying to stop myself from thinking about his six abs I just saw.

“So what can I help you with,” Ethan says, and it takes a good minute before my brain can process what he said “Adina,” He says waving his hands in my face.

“Yes,” I say, coming back to my senses.

“I said something.”

“Oh, yes, you did. You could help me with measuring the amount of flour we need.”

“Alright, and how do I do that?”

I show him how to measure baking ingredients with measuring cups, and he gets the hang of it quickly. I start mixing the liquids while Ethan mix’s the solids such as flour, baking powder, baking soda and sugar. I ask Ethan to pour the solids he has mixed into the bowl of liquids when I receive it on my face.

“Oh, My God!” I say as I feel the flour splash on my face. Ethan was pouring the flour into the bowl and did it too fast, so it splashed all over my face.

“I am so sorry,” Ethan says, laughing.

“You are sorry, and you are laughing,” I say, turning around to face him, and I give him a surprise of my own. I pick a handful of flour in my palm.

“Adina don’t,” Ethan says, taking steps away from me.

“Ethan dear,” I say with an evil smirk and throw the flour at his face.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Ethan says chuckling while wiping his face. He picks a bag of icing sugar and blesses me with it all over my body.

“Oh My God Ethan, Subhan Allah see what you have done to me,” I say looking at my clothes, and they are all covered in icing sugar. I don’t think twice before I grab the bowl of flour and pour it all over him.

After Ethan and I have gotten our reasonable share of messing each other up with foodstuffs, we stop and look around us and laugh at what we have done. We are both covered in flour and icing sugar. I can barely see with my eyes due to how much flour is on my face. I am trying to wipe it off when I feel a pair of soft hands on my face.

“Here, let me help you,” Ethan says, wiping the flour away from my eyes, but I stop him.

“No, it’s fine, and you are not supposed to touch a lady’s face,” I say, gently removing his hands from my face. They felt warm on my face and my palms.

“Why,” Ethan says and puts his hands back on my face, and I feel the warmth of his hands once again before I remove it.

“It is sinful for a man to touch a lady in Islam,” I say feeling something I could never thought I could feel. I actually miss the warmth of Ethan’s hands on my face. What is happening to me?

“Oh, I am sorry. I did not know” Ethan says, looking remorseful.

“It’s fine,” I say, smiling.

I walk to the guest room to clean up and change because there is no way I could do anything in my clothes, but I don’t have spare clothes with me. I walk upstairs to Ethan’s room to ask him if he has anything that I could wear after I take a shower. I get to the top of the stairs, and there are two doors. One by the left and the other by the right, I knock on the door by the right, hoping its Ethan’s room. A shirtless Ethan with only his sweatpants on him, answers the door. Ya Allah is this some type of punishment or something. Why do I keep seeing his gorgeous body all day? I quickly look to the floor; I don’t want to look at his chest.

“How can I help?” Ethan says once he answers the door

“Please could you put on a shirt,” I say playing with my fingers, holding myself from looking up to that amazing body of his.

“Why?” Ethan says confused

“Because it’s not good for me to stare.”

“Stare at what,” Ethan says and even though I can’t see his face. I can feel the smirk that would be gracing his face right now.

“At this,” I say pointing at his chest

“Oh, you mean my chest,” Ethan says smiling

“Ethan, please put on a shirt,” I say praying he makes this torture end soon

“I will, but you have to tell me why.”

“Because it’s sinful to stare at your body.”

“Really, but I am not complaining and one look at you I can tell you want to have a look,” Ethan says smirking.

“In Islam it is sinful,” I say praying he will finally agree to put on a shirt.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know. I will put something on” Ethan says and walks back into his room to wear his shirt.

“It’s fine,”

“So, what brought you to my room,” He says fully dressed.

“I wanted to ask you if you could lend me something to change into after I shower,” I say feeling very shy and awkward to be asking Ethan such. I wish Grace were around; it would have to be her I would have asked not him.

“Yeah sure, just walk to my closet and pick what you like,” Ethan says, moving from the door so I could walk into his room.

“No, I can’t do that. Just give me anything you like.”

“I don’t know what to give you, so pick yourself.”

“Anything is fine.”

“Adina we could go on forever, and I would still say the same thing. Walk to my closet and pick what you like.”

“Alright fine,” I say, walking into his room. His room is beautiful; the walls are painted grey. He has a king-sized bed with white bedsheets and a black duvet. The headboard is black, and so are the pillows. Everything is black in the room from the curtains to the side table. There are two doors in the room.

“I will be in the shower if you need me,” Ethan says and enters the door by the left.

I walk to the door by the right, guessing it’s his closet. I open the door, and I am greeted with all the types of young male clothes you know exist in the world. Jeans, t-shirts, hoodie, demi jackets and a lot more. He has different collections of shoes. I don’t even want to start listing them because I won’t finish anytime soon. I look around me, and I don’t even know what to pick. I pick a pair of sweatpants, but they are too big, so I drop them. I choose a black t-shirt that I am sure of stops at my thighs. I look around some more before I see a pair of basketball shorts with a rope around the waist, I can use the rope to make it my size. I pick it and walk out to take a shower because I am starting to get sticky with all the icing sugar all over my body.

I take a good shower and walk back to the kitchen to make the doughnuts. Luckily for me, Ethan and I did not waste all the baking ingredients we bought so we still had some left to use. By the time Ethan and I are done baking the doughnuts. I am beyond exhausted. I decided to lie down a little before I get up later to leave.

The next day I wake up to the beautiful sun blessing my face. I really need to start closing the curtains before going to bed. I open my eyes and stretch my arms and legs. I stand up from the bed to go and pray. I slept too deep and did not hear the call of the Adhan on my phone. I look around and realise I am not in my room. I must have overslept again, and Ethan carried me to his guest room. I really need to tell him to wake me up to go home instead of taking me to his guest room. I can’t even believe Ethan carried me. The first time it happened, I did not have time to process it with his nasty attitude back then, but now that I think of it. I wonder what he thinks when he carries me. Am I too heavy for him? I hope I am not, but just considering it makes me blush. Oh Allah, what is happening to me. Why am I reacting in such ways these days around Ethan or when I think of him? I genuinely wish I could answer these questions of mine, but right now, I need to pray. I walk to the bathroom to brush my teeth and perform ablution to pray Fajr.

I pray Fajr and walk to the kitchen to make breakfast for Ethan and I. I hope he won’t mind me making breakfast for him, but it’s the least I could do after falling asleep at his place. I make waffles; with syrup, strawberries and coffee. Ethan comes down, and we eat breakfast together. After breakfast, I take a shower and spend the morning at Ethan’s house. Later in the afternoon, I go back home to change my outfit so we could go to his sister’s birthday party.

We arrive at the party, and we are greeted with little girls who I am sure are high on sugar. I walk to the kitchen to keep the doughnuts with Ethan.

“Oh thank God you guys are here. Your sister is about to have my head if she does not eat a doughnut soon” A beautiful lady says, walking into the kitchen. The lady has ginger hair; deep grey eyes like Ethan’s, 5’6 feet tall and is light-skinned. You could say Ethan is the male version of her except his hair that he gets from his dad.

“It’s nice to see you too, mom,” Ethan says, hugging the lady who is his mother.

“Hello, son,” She says, hugging him back.

“Mom, I want you to meet my friend Adina. She is the one who baked the doughnuts” Ethan says once he releases her from the hug.

“Oh, hi dear, I am Florence, nice to meet you. Caroline has told me so much about you, and thank you for baking the doughnuts” She says, smiling at me.

“Nice to meet you too and you are welcome,” I say, smiling back.

“Do you mind helping me distribute the doughnuts to the children?” She says picking up a box

“No, I don’t mind at all,” I say and also pick one.

“I will be in the living room with grandpa,” Ethan says and walks out of the kitchen.

While giving out the doughnuts, Florence speaks up.

“So tell me things about you, dear, like where you are from and all that stuff, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all; I am from Nigeria,” I say feeling kind of nervous Ethan’s mom is interested in me.

“Do you leave in the states?”

“No, I am only here for school.”

“Oh, that’s nice. I am sure you must miss home sometimes.”

“Yes, I do because truly there is no place like home,” I say with a sad smile.

“Yeah, that’s true.”

Florence and I give the kids the doughnuts before walking back to the living room to join Ethan and his grandparents.

“Ethan, who is this beautiful young lady you brought with you today,” Ethan’s grandmother says. She is still beautiful looking in her old age with her grey hair and a heart-shaped face with wrinkles.

“Her name is Adina,” Ethan says

“Hi, Adina how are you doing dear,” Ethan’s grandmother says

“I am doing fine thank you for asking and you.”

“I have never felt better in my old age, love and here have some soda,” She says, smiling while handing me a can of Fanta.

“Thank you,” I say opening the can to take a sip.

“So how long have you guys been dating,” Florence says to my right which causes me to choke on my drink.

I can’t believe his mom thinks we are dating. It surprises me that anyone in this world would think of us in such a way, or am I the only one that does not. Have Ethan, and I become that close, but I hardly doubt we are.

“Oh my God, sorry dear, here have some water,” Florence says, handing me a glass of water.

“Thank you,” I say after taking the glass of water.

“Mom!! We are not dating. Why would you say something like that?”

“Nothing, don’t mind me, son,” Florence says, smiling.

“Are you sure, mom?” Ethan says, not buying it.

“Yes, I am.”

“I don’t believe you, but I will let it pass this time.”

Ethan and I had to leave sooner than his sister wanted us too because Ethan had a game tonight. I am currently sitting down on the bleachers watching the game. I usually have no interest in American football, but because Ethan is playing, all my soul and mind is in the game. It’s funny how you could do something because of another person. While the game is going on something terrifying happens, and this time I don’t think I can do anything to help. Ethan got a big hit to his head, causing him to faint. I quickly run out of my seat into the field, praying dearly he is okay.

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