The Monster Within

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Sacred Nights

Hollis obeyed, falling onto Oberon’s chest as she kissed him with a deep sort of hunger, the high from her climax so new that it emboldened her, blazing through her veins. She wanted more, more of him, more of this—forever, she thought, if that would ever be possible. She knew humans were doomed to mortality, but if she lied to herself long enough, perhaps she’d somehow stay right where she was for eternity, with Obe at her side. There was nothing she would want more, this she knew.

Their tongues danced, his rough hands roaming her slender body, pulling at her hips, gripping her butt. She moaned and whined into his mouth as he pulled her cheeks apart while pressing her down onto his length, letting her feel once again that promise—of pleasure, of possessiveness. She felt the now-familiar ache throb between her legs, and he smiled into her, chuckling.

“What have I done, tiny woman?” he said, breathless as he wound his hands into her hair, pulling her away so he could catch his breath. She grinned down at him with flushed cheeks, the chill of the night nothing to her, not when the Sun of her universe was holding her so close and so tight. She gave a shrug in answer, moving in to kiss him again, but his hold remained steadfast, and she growled, frowning.

“Touch me, Hollis,” he said, voice low, husky and serious this time. She gulped, wide eyes stuck on his face as apprehension crept forward. He smirked, gripping her wrist and sliding it down between them both, rolling his hips so his length sprang free.

“Only if you want to,” he said, holding her gaze.

“I do, Obe,” she whispered, searching his honey eyes, finding nothing but trust and longing within their depths. His pupils dilated in an instant, a throaty growl clawing up his throat. He pushed her wrist lower, until she felt him, hard and eager and hot. He let her go, one hand still knotted in her hair, the other resting on her back. She bit her lip, trembling hand rubbing the impressive length of him, eyes widening further. His eyes rolled back, small grin on his face.

Encouraged, she wrapped her fingers about him, unable to close the gap, and he groaned. She released him, worried. His eyes flashed open.

“Did that hurt?” she asked, nervous. He let out a dark chuckle, brushing his knuckles along her cheekbone.

“It would take more than that to hurt me, Hollis. Here,” he offered, wrapping his hand around hers, stroking up and down until she learned the feel of it. He twitched, already aching at the need to release.

“How…” she said, confusion in her tone as she continued her slow, gentle, exploratory touches. He peeked down at her, stomach bouncing with laughter as she stared at what stood between his legs, finally unabashed, a quizzical look on her face.

“How what?”

“How does that…fit in…me?” she whispered, lines between her brows.

“We’ll work our way up to that, love,” he said, leaning up to plant a deep kiss on her full lips.

“But it will, I promise, and I think you’ll quite enjoy it.”

She hummed, smiling, still unsure how something that hard and massive would work with her body, but she trusted him with everything she had.

“You’ll face me, when we do that?” she whispered, unsure, seeking that intimacy, that closeness. She couldn’t quite imagine it. He smirked, rolling them until she was on her back once more, nestling himself between her legs.

“Want me to show you how?” he growled with a grin. She shuddered at his dominant display, but nodded. With a grunt of approval, he wedged his hips tighter between her thighs, until he felt her wetness beginning to build once more. Her mouth gaped as he began to thrust, running himself along her sensitive, aching spots with just the right amount of pressure.

“Like this, my tiny Hollis,” he growled, interlocking their fingers.

“You’ll feel me, deep, here,” he said, brushing his fingers along her lower abdomen before pressing down.

“Every twinge you feel afterward will remind you of what I’ve done to pleasure you, and you’ll never want for anything,” he whispered, his words a promise to her.

“You’ll throb and ache, as I know you’re doing now,” he said, slowing his thrusts before he couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Yes,” she breathed, reaching down, gripping him without fear. He groaned, pulling his hips away for her to gain better access. She blushed, feeling for herself the wetness she’d left behind on him, but he seemed to enjoy it even more, gritting his teeth, his face flushing red in the lowlight of the dying fire. She felt it was just the two of them, here and now, lost in their own world.

“I want to…can I put my lips on it?” she whispered, wanting to somehow mimic what he’d done to her. He stilled, brows furrowing but smiling.

“If you wish. I’d like that very much,” he said, bending and pulling her lips to his, his tongue gliding along her bottom lip. She moaned into him again, and he pulled away, replacing his mouth with his thumb. She pulled away, confused, but he remained steady.

“Like this,” he whispered, gripping her wrist once more, pushing two of her dainty fingers into his mouth, letting his tongue swirl around them as he sucked. He released her wrist, but she kept her fingers there, moaning to the wind as he pushed his thumb back in, allowing her a moment of practice. He almost came undone at the sensation of her wet tongue lapping at him.

Hollis stilled as he pulled away, rolling off her and onto his back, spreading his thighs and pulling her on top before he pushed her shoulders down. His length stood tall and proud before her wide eyes, and he gripped fistfuls of her hair, helping to keep it out of her way.

“Do whatever you want to me, Hollis. I won’t last much longer,” he growled. His words undid her, and she gripped him, sliding her lips over him, her jaw aching at his girth. In one fluid motion, she swallowed him, and his fingers gripped her hair so hard tears sprang from her eyes. She pulled away, worried, glancing up at him as he panted.

“I hurt you, I’m so sorry—”

“Hollis,” he breathed, chuckling, catching his breath. HIs wild, blazing eyes found hers. “How did you do that?”

“Oh…” she said, blushing a bit. “I don’t, uhh…gag. My family thought it was weird…”

His eyes now widened in shock and awe at the prize given to him. He shook his head, another deep chuckle rumbling in his chest.

“No woman has ever been able to do that to me. It feels…amazing,” he said. She grinned in pride, and without any warning, circled her lips around him again, pushing her head down, feeling him twitch at the back of her throat. His hands pushed her head down, gentle, before tugging her back up, giving her a sense of rhythm.

“I’m going to come soon, Hollis, I’ll pull you away before I do,” he grit out, not wanting to frighten her but forcing her to accept something so primal. She hummed, the sound a bit confused, but continued her pursuit. He thrust, deep into her throat, two more times before yanking her away with a resounding groan, hissing in pleasure, eyes scrunched tight. Hollis watched his length twitch and spill his seed in fascination, never expecting something like that to happen, and then embarrassment flooded her. Had she done the same thing without knowing?

Without warning, Oberon pulled her up, his seed smeared between their bodies, locking their lips in such a deep, passionate kiss that Hollis felt herself melting all over again. With a growl, he pulled her higher, until she was sitting on his chest.


She stopped, seeing that beastly, primal glint in his eye.

“It’s me, Hollis, let me have you again,” he growled. She whimpered in need and desire, sliding up further at his command and settling over his face. His tongue darted out, lapping at her sensitive spot as his hands roamed up her body, groping at her breasts in heady desire.

“Yes, Oberon,” she moaned, leaning back, her hands behind her as she gripped his thighs and bared herself to him. She tightened, the feeling familiar this time, and though she tried to hold on for as long as she could before falling apart, it only took him one final flick of his expert tongue before she cried out to the forest and the galaxies, withering above him. Her heart felt near to bursting in that moment, and it was then she realized the depth of her emotions. She loved him with her entire being.

Hand in hand, they picked their way to the stream to wash, still nude but unabashed in the slightest. Oberon swept her into his arms, kissing her laughing lips as he walked into the stream, before he sat. She yelped at the iciness of the water as he chuckled, rolling her hard nipple between his fingers.

“Mmm,” she moaned, forgetting about the cold.

“Let me wash you, Hollis,” he chuckled, cupping water in his hands and letting it trail down her abdomen. She gazed up at him, feeling how hard she’d fallen but not caring. He grinned, pecking her lips.

“I take it you enjoyed this evening?”

She nodded eagerly.

“It was…amazing,” she breathed, reaching up a wet hand to trail it along his chest, watching as his own nipple hardened. Curious, she leaned toward him, trapping it in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. He growled something in his own language, but she took it to mean he liked whatever she was doing. She pulled away, smiling up at him as he shook his head, bouncing with unrestrained laughter.

You are amazing. You taste so sweet,” he teased, nipping at her jawline as she let out a breathy laugh.

“My tiny Hollis, all to myself,” he said, gazing upon her with tenderness. She blushed in the pale moonlight, biting her lip before a shiver set in.

“Let me clean you so we may sleep and be warm,” he said, scrubbing at both their bodies. She let him, trusting him to take care of her in this vulnerable moment and every moment going forward. Embarrassment flooded her as she remembered watching his…moment, though, praying she didn’t do that to him.

“You…do I do that, when I…” she said, fumbling for words yet unknown to her. She’d never been given a vocabulary fit for sexual encounters, other than the scientific names for the male appendage and the female organs.

Oberon wanted to chuckle at her innocence, for it made him want to devour her all over again, but he wanted to teach her as well, wanted her to not feel any shame in what they chose to do.

“Climax,” he said, finishing the word for her. She nodded.

“Do I…” she made a motion with her hands, and he knew what it was she was asking. This time, he couldn’t help but chuckle.

“No, women don’t have need to ejaculate. That was my seed, Hollis,” he explained, studying her. Her brows furrowed, lips parted.

“The part of me that mixes with part of you to make a child,” he said, thumb brushing her side as he gripped her, feeling her goosebumps. The line between her brows deepened.

“Where’s the part of me?”

“Inside you.”

“Oh…” she said, staring hard at his chest before her eyes flashed to his.

“So when we actually do it, will…will I get pregnant?” she whispered, nervous. He smiled softly, hugging her tight.

“You’re only fertile a few days each month, to my knowledge…and there’s ways to avoid a child. I know you are not ready for that, tiny Hollis. Though, the idea of my seed filling you, of watching you swell with my child…” he trailed off, shaking his head, and she felt him begin to harden against her back once more. She blushed at his words, not the slightest bit troubled by them, which she oddly enough found to be the most troubling part. If ever she were to envision children, she’d want them to be with a man she loved—and after her revelation tonight, she knew her heart was set on the one holding her so close right now.

She offered a small upturn of her lips, placing her cold hand over his thumping heart.

“You’d want me to do that for you?” she pressed. His eyes blazed, and though he frowned, he nodded. He leaned down, pressing his forehead to hers, small smile building on his face.

“I’d care for you as I do now, Hollis. I’d worship you, as I do now. I’d place my hands on your belly and stand in awe at such a marvelous creation. Someday, if you’ll allow me that sacred part of yourself…” he said, his words making her heart own thump. She reached up, cupping his sweltering, scruffy cheek.

“I think you already know the answer to that, Obe,” she whispered.

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