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You Have a Good Eye

More men stood before them as they approached. Lazarus shook each one of their hands. They pointed to the back as they led them to a large barn, horses could be seen in the distance, Olivia pointed a long finger. "Look how beautiful Laz!" he patted her hand and smiled, "go ahead, be careful." Lazarus disappeared for a long while as someone brought her apples to feed the horses. One, in particular, caught her eye. A tall brown stud, she would pat his nose and he pressed his face against hers, she hoisted herself on the bars and kissed him. "You are too sweet." Lazarus reappeared with his camera, snap. Snap. Olivia turned around and smiled, "memories again?" He nodded, "memories." He echoed. "Do you know how to ride a horse?" he bellowed, she shook her head. "I never stuck with it," his smile flashed again. "I'll have someone help you up then."
"I said I can't ride a horse. I'm in a skirt." He laughed loudly, "a picture. Classes?" he held the camera up, "be my subject..." Before she knew it she was sitting her legs hanging off of the horse. She sat sideways her legs elegantly crossed, one hand draped over the coarse mane. She looked over her shoulder as the sun hit her profile. As she was helped down Lazarus showed her a small screen flicking through photos, "you never have bad photographs." she smiled placing her hand on his forearm. "It's easy when you have a beautiful subject. I have one more thing before we head out."
"Hm?" she asked. Her arm wrapped around his again as they walked towards the barn, inside they were greeted by a man and horse whinnies. Lazarus stopped her at an empty stall in the barn and lifted her on the gate to peer over, "puppies!" she exclaimed sweetly, "awwh they're so cute." she squealed. "Pick one," he whispered into her ear. His hot breath sent shivers down her neck, "are you kidding me?" his hands wrapped around her waist and lifted her down. The gate opened and a litter of puppies poured around her feet. She bent down carefully to pick up soft wiggly bodies as she lifted them to her lips smooching each other lovingly. "I have never seen puppies like this, what breed are they?" He smiled widely, "Cane Corso, big strong puppies like their parents. Tough dogs, I saw pictures of your shepherd when I moved your computer yesterday. I could have found a shepherd or I could let you pick something different." She smiled, brightly and searched through colors and different ages. "I want a puppy." She begged, "Didn't you not want a dog because yours chews everything?" he raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, but the bond is stronger when you get a puppy." The large Italian man nodded and pointed a rough finger to the batch of older puppies. He spoke to Lazarus and left when he returned he brought a large tan male dog. He barked loudly, the bark could be felt and Olivia's eyes light up. She leaned down and reached a hand out for the dog. The dog pulled to her and sniffed furiously, pulling long scents of perfume in. Soon she was pulling back cropped ears and scratching him as he danced back and forth before rolling onto his back and offering his stomach. A long slimy tongue hung out of his upside-down smile. She reached away and licked at her legs, another gate stall opened up and Olivia peeked inside.
She reached down for a tan and black dog with bright blue eyes. A male, she cupped him in her arms and kissed him as he yawned. He wiggled his tail and knawed at her fingers. After a long moment of her holding the small dog, Lazarus' strong hand squeezed her shoulder. "Is this the one?" She nodded furiously, "I love him. Look at his eyes." He was a stocky puppy with wrinkles and folds that he would grow into, his ears were docked already. The burly man spoke to Lazarus, "he says you have a good eye. That is the only dog in the entire litter that came out like that."

After their long drive home Olivia begged Lazarus to stop at the pet store, she dragged him inside gathering leashes and collars, she picked out squeaky toys and tennis balls. When they arrived back home the house was filled with a large gathering of men, the smell of a warm pasta filled the air. "I guess they've already cooked, I hope you're hungry. They're going to start taking it personally if you don't sit and eat a meal with them." He laughed as he reached to place the puppy on the floor, he took out two plates and started serving generously. With a wave of his hand the men scooted over two got up giving their seats away, Lazarus placed the plates on the table and pulled out a chair for Olivia for her to sit down. The men all spoke as they all ate. "So what's with the uh, dog." Lazarus smiled into his plate of pasta, "company for Olivia when we all give her a break and get out of her hair." She blushed red, "It's not a bother." she started, "I'm just not used to... So much company." She twirled her fork in the pasta and took a bite, the creamy sauce landing on her tastebuds. "This is incredible." her eyes closed in bliss. The men smiled watching her eat, they continued to talk and chatter, Olivia leaned into Lazarus' ear "I feel stupid." she whispered softly over the roar. "They're all staring at you... You're the most beautiful woman they've ever seen." Her gaze hit the floor as her cheeks flushed. His hand slipped under the table and rested on her knee. "They couldn't stop talking about you earlier, how gorgeous you looked when you came out. How lucky of a guy I was." Her lips landed on his sneaking a small kiss before they continued eating.
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