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Poolside Mannors

They laughed and joked while bottles of wine started opening, slowly but surely the men started to leave one by one. Getting buzzed off of red wines Olivia giggled and smiled, one man stood outside the glass sliding door that led to the pool in the backyard. Olivia slipped outside with the puppy and placed him near the grass. The burly man lit a cigarette and breathed in, he offered the pack to her as she took one out and popped it into her pink pout and lit it and took a long drag. She curled up in a lounge chair outside tossing a tennis ball out into the grass as she smoked. The heavy smoked filled her drunken lungs, she exhaled heavily. The puppy brought the ball back and dropped it beside her, effortlessly she tossed it back and the puppy was gone again. Lazarus emerged and sat at her feet, "I didn't know you smoked." With a smoky exhale she blurted out "I don't." He took the cigarette from her fingers and took a drag, "give it here." She couldn't help but get her mind fogged when she looked at his lips. Shivers went down her spine as she remembered how his lips felt on neck, on her bare skin. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back as she took in a deep breath, she remembered how his hands searched her body hungrily and the way he looked when he struggled to pull out. She bit her lip as she felt herself growing moist.

Lazarus' hand rubbed her bare leg, they were suddenly alone outside. Olivia opened her leg and bucked her hips giggly to reveal a silky red panty. Lazarus tried to look away taking a deep drag before he tossed it away, "what are you doing?" she grinned and bit her bottom lip before she leaned up kissing his lip deeply. "Slow remember?" He pulled himself out of her gravitational pull, her hands snuck around to his arms. "We can go slow." She whispered seductively, she kissed his neck and sucked the skin gently. He bit his lip in response, she laid back slowly as he reached a steady hand up her skirt and rubbed her hairless mound. He teased her lips running his fingers at their folds. She drew a quick breath and closed her eyes, "talk to me." he cooed, "I couldn't concentrate at dinner." He pulled back the silk thong, "You had your hand on my knee and I couldn't help but imagine how you lifted me onto the counter and fucked me." A finger slipped inside of her warm pussy that was dripping now, "have you thought a lot about how I fucked you?" She choked down the moan that she so desperately wanted to let out. "Because I," he began to pull that finger out slowly, "can't help but imagine how great you would feel riding my cock." Another finger entered inside her harder this time, her breath hitched as she let out a soft groan. "I would love to ride you." the words lighting a fire inside of him, "I loved feeling your tight pussy cum for me." She nodded in agreeance she lowered her body into his strokes. "I almost came inside you it felt so good."
"I want to feel you Laz." He slid a third finger into her wet pussy and fingered her harder, his knuckles hitting her hard clit. "Fuck," she breathed heavily "I want to feel you cum again Olivia."
"Mmmm," her back began to arch her body craving more. Her walls tensed and flexed at the thought of him inside of her, she would imagine that he was on top of her fucking right now. "I want to take you to the bedroom and fuck you. Would you like that?" His words had a strong power over her body she was desperate to find that blissful release. A pressure building inside her loin, "I want to cum." She begged, "I want to cum on your cock."
"Mmmm," he whispered, his heavy breath landed on her lips. "I want all of you, Olivia. I want you to cum for me, let me feel you." He pounded her harder, she tensed up hard as she was closer now. "I want to feel you cum while I cum inside of you." She gasped into his words, "cum for me baby." his lips were on top of her neck kissing and sucking her flesh leaking red steaks on her fair skin. "Don't stop Laz-" her words cut short by more hard pushing, the force breaking her seal. "Fu-I'm cumming." She began to orgasm on his finger wetting his wrist and the chair beneath her. She squirted hot liquid that forced it's way out. His lips caught her open mouth as he slowly slid his fingers out, his strong hand placed on her hip. "I want you bad," he groaned. Between passionate kisses, he pleaded, "Go to the bedroom." He had to pull himself off of her giving her room to stand up. She could hardly hold herself up, her legs felt like jello. She straightened her skirt as she stood up. Lazarus looked up to the glass door, the men didn't seem to notice. If they had they didn't make obvious. As Olivia waltzed away alone, Lazarus scooped up a tired puppy and lifted him inside with one hand.
Inside the dimly lit bedroom, Olivia stood in front of her walk-in closet. The mirror showed her blushed face and disheveled outfit, at the moment Lazarus slipped into the door and locked it behind him. Like a magnet he was pulled toward her, a hand around her waist and she was pulling at his shirt. He pulled away and broke their kiss, "No." He caught her hands in his, "slow." He panted heavy breaths, his large hand grabbing a handful of hair as he kissed her deeply. She still pulled his tucked-in shirt out and started to unbutton more calmly. He reached down to continue sucking on her neck turning red strikes to purple, she moaned softly her hands reached the last button and she found herself touching Lazarus' chest. She leaned in kissing his neck, then trailing down to his chest. He unzipped her shirt and lifted it above her head, her breasts spilling out a red matching bra. He unsnapped the clasp and freed her plump breasts. Her kisses trailed down his abs and stopped when she got to his belly button, unbuttoning his pants and slowly bringing them and his tight boxers down. His hard cock sprung free, she carefully took him into her mouth and sucked softly. His head lifted back as his large hands reached down to hold her face, his hands fell onto her hands that gripped his hips. She let him slide in and out of her mouth, she pushed and pulled in smooth, gentle strokes.
Next, he pulled her up to his mouth and was pulling down her skirt, he hands gripped her smoothly shaped ass, the wet panties fell with the skirt to the floor. He laid her down on the bed he slipped her heels off and he climbed between her legs licking and sucking at her juices that she squirted just for him. "Olivia," he kissed her inner thigh, it made her hips jerk as she reached for his head. "Mmm," she groaned back. "I want to feel you cum like that on top of me." With a grin, she giggled, "I can't control it Laz," his mouth lowered onto her clit sucking softly. "If you can do that thing with your hands again we can try." He continued to lick and suck at her clit as he slid two fingers inside of her, then one more. His fingers pushed inside of her furiously, the feeling of him sucking her clit combined with his fingers sent her closer to the edge. "Lazarus." She could barely get out her hands pulled for him to get on top of her, "he rubbed his throbbing cock against her pussy grinding it against her clit before he dipped the head in. She gasped loudly, he reached a hand down to cup her ass as he pulled her in. His strength combined with her body weight made his cock rip deeply into her pussy. "Fuck, you feel so good." He stroked deep vigorous strokes the way he had done his fingers. "I want to hear you." His heavy breath sent shocks to her core, he pushed himself so deep inside of her it hit the back of her walls and made her wince. The way he pushed himself inside of her was so hard her made her insides quake again, "yes, baby. Please don't stop." Her lovely sounds made him eager to please, he quickened his pace and pulled her in several more time pushing deeper and deeper like he couldn't get enough. "Yes!" she squealed out.

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