Verona In a Day

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Red Wine, and No Regrets

Her hot juices spilled out around his cock, he pushed deeper inside her. The sheets damp with her sweet, hot, liquid flipped and laid on his back. "Ride me," he panted tired, she sat on top of him and took his cock in her hand. She pushed it inside her wet pussy, she rocked back and forth pressing her pussy into him. The motions tickled her clit teasing her, she rocked and circled her hips lost in a sea of pleasure. She was overcome with the feeling of another orgasm rise, she moaned loudly. "That's it baby, cum again for me." She rocked harder as Lazarus took his hands and pushed her hips down harder only pleasuring her more, "this yours, cum on your cock baby." She could hardly hold back now, she was beginning to cum again, her walls tightened around his cock gripping him tightly. "I'm cumming!" She shouted as he pushed from under her, she came again leaning forward her breasts falling into Lazarus' face. He thrust even as she came hard, her orgasm wasn't letting up. It took her whole body as she moaned loudly, it took her in rippling waves, building. Crashing over her body and washing again slowly. Her sounds and the feeling of her gripping pussy sent Lazarus over the edge, his cock began to jump and spit inside her warm pussy. Her juices mixed with his, he tried to pull away but her pussy clamped back down. He flipped her onto her back again pinning her down and started thrusting his cock deeper inside her without pulling back out. Her mouth opened wide as he slid a hand over her mouth, his mouth reached to her neck again. Her body tensed as he continued to push deep and deeper, he slowed down and stopped, as his orgasm subsided. His cock still spits hot cum out, he propped himself up on elbows and kissed her neck and mouth softly.

"Olivia-" he broke the lovely silence. "Hmm," she whispered in response her eyes closed still riding her blissful wave. "I came." He started, "we didn't use a condom." He pulled out as she sat up, he pulled her hair to the side and kissed her bare shoulder. "Are you upset?" She shook her head in silence. Her head was spinning now, she was dizzy and drunk. "You feel okay?" She shook her head no again. "No matter what, I'll be here." Lazarus' arms draped around her waist, his hand reached up to her ribs his thumb would stroke her skin softly. "I'll always be here. I love you." Olivia stood up and rushed for the bathroom, she leaned over the toilet and threw up. Lazarus followed behind and held her hair, he helped clean her up before he sent her off to bed.

In the morning Lazarus woke Olivia up with soft kisses, his hard cock pressed into her soft ass. He ground it into her, she pushed back into his motions before she woke up. "Liv" he whispered into her ear, she slept through his antics. His large hand held her stomach as he whispered into her ear again. "I will take care of you, I love you." He whispered lovingly. He laid his head in her hair breathed her shampoo in, her hands reached up to his face to rub him softly. "Wake up baby, we have to get ready soon." Olivia wiped the sleep out of her eyes, head pounding. "I'm hungover Laz." Her head nestled into the pillow as she drew the sheets up to her chest. "School? Remember?" She nodded into the pillow, "can't we just skip? I like it better here." He sat up slowly inching his way off the bed, he stretched out and lifted his arms above his head. "We really went crazy last night huh?" She nodded again. "Mhmm. We did."
"How do you feel today?" She groaned, "hungover. Need sleep." she responded. "No regrets?"
"No regrets." she echoed back sleepily. "Even though we didn't go slow?" she said nothing still half asleep. "Even when I came?" He shook her awake, "I came inside of you last night... Do you remember?" She shot up and touched her hand to her mouth. "Get the fuck out. I knew we didn't use protection, but-Well. I guess I did know, but I was drunk. Were you drunk?" He shook his head no and placed a sweaty palm on the back of his neck, "I was buzzing really hard but you were almost gone." He glanced over at her placing a hand on her shoulder squeezing it for reassurance. "Hey, you know I'm not going anywhere." He kissed her cheek and stood up again grabbing his boxers on the floor and slipped into them. He headed for the door as she pushed the sheets up covering herself feeling ashamed. Opening the door he looked back to her, "I forgot one thing," he paused, "You look beautiful this morning." Lazarus left her confused, naked and alone.

Olivia emerged in a pink one-piece romper, it was a silky fabric that hung on her body just right. At the right light you could see a shadow of her nipples, she paired it with black heels and pink lipstick. Her hair half up and half down, short hairs tickled her neck, the small puppy trailed at her feet. "Let's go," her heels clicked as she put an earring in completely her look. No one said anything at the marks on her neck, Lazarus hung his head doing the walk of shame as he buttoned up his shirt and rolled his sleeves up. "Your camera?" he shook his hand, "not today. Running late, let's go, let's go." They hurried out the door and climbed into the red convertible as the engine fired up. "I think they heard you last night."
"I think they were looking at these." she pointed to her neck and frowned, "I can't believe you." he let out a laugh. "It happens... You're an adult, in college, in your own home. Things got intense." She covered her face as her hair blew in the wind.

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