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Wines Leads to Indiscretions

When they got home everyone was gone and an upset Olivia slammed the door before Lazarus could even catch it. "I'm tired of irresponsibility Lazarus!" She slammed her earrings down and kicked her heels aside. "Irresponsible? You should know when to stop, how about handling your alcohol?" Olivia turned to him, his face was red and he was yelling. She was hurt, his words cut through her stomach like tiny knives. "People get messed up Lazarus. But I hoped you wouldn't let me make the same mistake twice." A frustrated Lazarus ran his hands through his long hair, "am I Superman? You opened your legs and begged me! 'Lazarus, I need you.'" he imitated. He grabbed her arm as she stood in front of the glass sliding door. "Things you do, the stuff you say to me, Olivia." He turned her around and looked at her softly, almost sorry this time. "Look," he took a long time before he continued, his hands were wet with anxiety and shook with a nervously. "I love you Liv, you are the single most important thing in my life." His head dropped down to gaze at the floor, "You don't know how I felt that night when you needed me. I don't know where to even start." His breath even shook now, "The thought of something happening to you." An angry fist hit the glass door, Lazarus turned around and leaned his back to the door before he slid to the floor hanging his head down. Olivia's anger began to subside slowly when Lazarus sank down, so did her heart. "I just don't understand," a whirlwind of emotions hit him hard. "I missed out, I left you exposed. You could have been killed or hurt." Hot tears burned as they fell from his eyes, "All I've been doing is trying my best to keep you safe, and when I have a moment to show you I care and I love you, I do." Loud yells grew even angrier, "I do it, and it's wrong!" Olivia was standing over Lazarus now gathering his broad jaw in her hands to lift it to her own face. "I'm sorry, but I can't see how loving someone is wrong. I love you, and I just wanted to express it to you." Another hot tear burned his cheek, Olivia wiped it away and kissed his lips. For the first time, he was not appreciative and he did not return hers sweetly. Worried eyes searched for an answer on his face.
After their first fight, Olivia closed herself into her bedroom. She showered and sat with the warm water dropping on her back before she turned to sit on the marble chunk in the large shower. Taking deep breaths closing her eyes she tried to imagine how all this started. Flashes of drunken grins and smirks, then his fingers furiously pumping in and out of her wanting flesh. Flashes of lust coursed through her as legs closed tightly, maybe he was right. It doesn't have to go slow if it feels right and if it's something she wants too. Then why wait? Why keep denying raw, deep, emotions? She stood to her feet and washed away the insecurities and doubts that cluttered her head. When she finally finished she got herself ready, men clustered around her kitchen room table speaking in concerning tones. Lazarus ran a frustrated hand through his long thick dark hair, he muttered swear words under his breath. Olivia lingered in the hall by the living room eavesdropping and taking it all in, something was strange about all these men hanging around, drinking wines and always running around Lazarus' every command and hanging on his words as if he were some God bigger than themselves. A few of the men were physically bigger than him, if one of them would stand up and say something smart it could give him a good run for his money. Thoughts brought her back to the small puppy that ran around their feet and would slide across the wooden floors barking at shoes and chewing at shoe strings until someone noticed and smacked him away. "Of all the things you've done this month, this was the dumbest. How was this supposed to protect anyone? He's probably the runt, I set up for you to take a three grand guard dog. Fully trained, did you even listen to what I said?" The man stood up and lit a cigarette, "where's your piece?" the skinny man continued. "You don't even have it on you, do you?" Lazarus responded with a heavy thump his fist landing on the table, "I don't think-" the conversation came to a crashing halt as Olivia moved over to the kitchen. The skinny one raised a hand in disapproval, "Great!" he exclaimed as he looked at her. "I thought she was out!" he leaned in a loud whisper, he raised a finger as he stood up. "This isn't over Laz! You need to start using your head!" with that Olivia had heard enough she slammed her hand on the wooden table between the burly men looking around at each one of them. "Can everyone just shut the fuck up and tell me what's going on?" The skinny man raised another hand, "SEE?! You see what you fucking created Lazarus!" she stood closer to the man much taller than herself, she was nearly chest to chest with him. "Who do you think you are? In case you haven't noticed where the hell you are standing! This is my house and if you're going to continue to be here, using my house. Someone better start singing like a canary!" His face turned red, an angry hand twitched a heavy-set burly man held it back. "C'mon!" Olivia turned to face Lazarus, both hands slammed onto the table as her eyes landed on his face. "Tell me the truth." Her voice lowered as if she was pleading with him now, he responded by leaning back in his chair. "And I can trust you?"
"I've had to trust you." She shot back her tone cold and hard again, with another plea "Talk to me Lazarus, you can always tell me anything." With the skinny man's displeasure, one man stood up and ushered her to sit. "How do you think I keep you safe?" he started, "I wasn't born into wealth, and I was nearly as blessed as you were growing up. I worked, very hard to sit where I am right now." She rolled her eyes, "you're sitting at MY table!" he held a hand up as if to silence her. "I am sitting at your table, yes. But I sit at many tables, you haven't looked at any of those cars outside? Wondered how we have them? How I don't lift any fingers, yet I have money for cameras and dogs?" She leaned in her elbows on the table, "Just spit it out, your dodging around here. If you have something to say just say it already." He had to smile because he really wanted to lose it with her, "I'm in the mafia." She busted out with a laugh and stood to her feet. She let a hand drape around his shoulder and tapped his chest. Shaking her head and still laughing, "You're in the mafia, do you think you're like a mob boss then?" He nodded, "not exactly, but I call a lot of things." This sent her in fits of laughter as she noticed all the men around her were not nearly as amused as she was. "Oh, you can't be serious."
"I am. I would also like to mention that the guy that hung around here so much, that was so interested in some foreign girl with daddy's money." He shook his head, "he wasn't in love with you. Don't you wonder how he got your key? How easily he made access to this house? He wasn't looking to steal something or taking advantage of you. He's associated with some really bad men, that's why we all have been here watching over you." She stood straight, sitting against the table, "What were his intentions then? What did you come up with huh?" an exasperated hand reached Lazarus' face trying to calm himself. "That's why I have guys working on it. Olivia, it's your turn to start talking, what did he tell you? Why is he so fixated on you?" She shook her head starting to grasp the reality of it all. "I don't know. My father just arranged someone to come and pick me up, then he said that he was supposed to be my driver and help me find my barrings until I was settled. It was supposed to be a month and he hung around while I shopped and translated for me. He took me to the nightclubs, drove me home when I was drunk. He would pick up my food and bring it here, he would occasionally have dinner with me. I don't know it made me feel like I had a friend y'know?" He nodded and took in the information. "I really don't know Laz, if I did I would have shared it with you."

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