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If You Go, I Go

Olivia’s phone would break the silence early in the morning the night still dark, her phone lit up the room. “Uh, hello?” she spoke groggily into the phone. Lazarus wrapped a strong arm around her before pulling her in tightly, “what?!” she exclaimed into the phone. “What do you mean? No, I don’t care. I’ll be on the next flight. Yeah, I’m sure. I’ll take leave, it doesn’t matter. I love you, tell Daddy I’m coming.” Lazarus sat up and flicked the light on, the whole room lit up including the lights on the ceiling. “Who was that?” Olivia stood to her feet, rushing for the closet. “Hello?” he asked sitting up in bed and heading for the floor, “C’mon. Olivia, someone calls you at three am and you jump out of bed and-” he stopped as he saw her suitcase trailing behind her as she came out of the closet. “And now you have your suitcase!” he blocked the doorway his chest puffed out, Olivia looked to him with tear-filled eyes. “It’s my dad. He’s in the hospital, my mom won’t tell me anything.” her arms found their way to Lazarus as she sobbed, he took his place and grabbed her tight patted her head and consoled her. “When are you leaving?”

“Now, it’s going to take me almost a day. It’s connecting flights and-” he raised a finger to her lips. “Can I help?” she looked puzzled, “How can you help me?” He smiled. “I know a guy. Something small, private. You’ll be safe, I’ll have to send a guy though.” She nodded in response, “Right. To take care of me?” He nodded and tipped her mouth upwards towards his to kiss her lips. “You say that like you don’t like the company.”

“I don’t like their company, I like you. I like your company. Can’t you just come with?” He stood back a bit uncomfortable. “And what? Like, meet your parents?” She nodded and plopped her suitcase aside and headed towards her closet again. “Yeah. Like moral support, right? Show them that you’re a good guy. Treat me like a princess and not have to worry about this. A vacation, you’re always working on something and stressed out. Any more you’re going to start getting wrinkles and losing hair.” She turned to him as she opened up a black suitcase, “Come here, I think I see a gray hair- let me get it.” He shook his head playfully, “I didn’t say yes.” She leaned forward, her body forcing him to lean back against a dresser, “I promise that it’ll be good for you.” She groaned as he took her lips in his. “Fine, I’m doing this for you. But I’m not happy about it!”

After hours of flying they finally landed, Olivia grew frantic. She led him to a black SUV waiting for her that carted her to a large spiraling driveway. “Drop everything off inside, I’m going to the hospital.” The man reached for her arm, “Olivia, you should really let me take you.” Lazarus stepped behind her ready to spring into action. “Let Gavin take you if you insist on leaving right this moment.” She raised a hand and shook her head. “I have Lazarus, I don’t need anyone else. C’mon, we have to hurry.” She grabs him by his wrist, his eyes set on the driver as if to send a message to him. She ran to a silver Audi, the key in her hand as it chirps to life, “I know where we’re going, get in.” She sped off like her life depended on it. She weaved in and out of lanes, passing cars like something Lazarus never seen her do before. Angry honks came and went as she sped around them cutting them off hitting speeds of 80 miles per hour effortlessly. “C’mon!” She pushed the car harder, Lazarus said nothing just sitting back and checking her mirrors occasionally. “You know we can make it there fast, but it won’t help us if we’re in the ER from you crashing. This is reckless even for me.” He urged her to slow down, he landed a hand on her knee. “I can drive if you-”

“There it is!” She jerked the wheel and cutting off two lanes of cars and sped to an exit and hurried into the hospital parking lot. She hit the brakes the car squealed as she slammed it into park and got out. “Deal with the valet,” she commanded as she raced through the door with the car still running. Lazarus took a card from a gentleman dressed in a uniform and scurried behind her. They raced to a front desk where she did all the talking and got directions. When they finally made their way to a large wing Lazarus took a deep gulp, nervousness set inside his chest.

“Mom!” She flew into a small thin woman’s arms, blonde short curls framed her face, the woman nearly burst into tears as they hugged each other tightly before Olivia’s attention fell to the hospital bed. “Daddy,” she whispered softly pushing his hair back off his forehead before leaning down to kiss him softly. “Daddy, I missed you.” She whispered before a soft tear fell from her eye to which her father perked up and responded. “Hey doll, it takes me a hospital visit to get my little girl to see me?” he tried to laugh to brighten her mood, “Well I guess it worked. Let’s get out of here then!” He joked as she smiled, another tear rolling down her face. He reached a long arm out to wipe away the tear with the back of his hand, IV’s traced his arm. Machines beeped loudly as he spoke. “Just a weak ticker Liv, I’m going to be fine. But it’s so nice to see you.” More tears fell, her mother sniffled in response. Olivia leaned down to hug and kiss him more, she took a seat beside his bed and took his hands in her own. “How are you doing Daddy?”

“Ah, I’ll be alright. Just getting everything checked out, chest pains.” She nodded in response as she remembered Lazarus stood near a white curtain. “Oh, I’m sorry. Mom, Daddy.” She turned to stand grabbing Lazarus’ hand. “I want you to meet Lazarus, this is my mother Aurelli, and my father, Orion Jepkins.” Lazarus diligently offered her mother a hand before hugging her and pressing his cheek against hers with a smooch sound. “Lazarus De Stefano, it's a pleasure to meet you." He shook hands with Olivia's father. "So you went and found love Doll?" She nodded and smiled, "Yeah I guess I found love in Italy Dad." Orion gave him a wink and smiled brightly at him. Lazarus had been involved in a lot of dangerous things, and that look definitely made him nervous.

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