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Would I or Will I?

After Olivia's father was released, they returned to their home in Redding. Her father would share stories of when she was kid, as her mother began cooking in the kitchen. Something about this man was oddly familiar, but he couldn't place it. As dinner went on they ate and seemed to accept Lazarus' presence, in fact, they even liked him, the father shaking hands with him and asking him about his home and family. When the finished dinner the girls went to the kitchen after clearing the table and left the boys alone to chat. "So Lazarus De Stefano? Isn't that like an Italian mob last name?" The father laughed out loud and looked him in the eyes, "You know like Little Nicky De Stefano." Orion laughed harder, "How about Ol' Sammy Sorvino! Or," he paused for a moment not laughing anymore. "The Lucky, Lazarus Stefano." Lazarus furrowed his brow unsure of the situation. "I know, very well actually. Who. You. Are." Her father leaned in closer over the table, "And I don't approve. What are you doing with my daughter actually? Because she doesn't need to be caught all in the middle." Lazarus shook his head, "It's just a last name. I don't know what you are talking about." Her father leaned closer in looking at Lazarus in the eyes sizing him up, Lazarus stared back when he noticed a faint scar under Orion's left eye when he realized who he was looking back at. "You-can't be." Lazarus stood up pushing his chair out, he wagged a finger. "You're Guns Out Gotti. Nicoli Gotti. We thought you were dead." Olivia's father sat back in his chair amused. "I don't know what you're talking about." He leaned back casually, "Let's chat outside, shall we? Grab a drink."
Lazarus followed behind him by the pool, the sun was setting and the cool air was biting at Lazarus' skin. "What are you doing with my daughter?" Lazarus took a swift sip of his whiskey. "I'm just dating her sir, just a guy in love." He rolled his eyes at Lazarus. "Cut the bullshit. Does she know?" Lazarus tried to dodge the question but nodded in response. "Yeah, I told her. But this explains a lot. Who knows about you?"
"Aurelli knows, we never told Olivia because I got out before she was born. I slipped into the shadows and went into hiding. I changed my name, Aurelli was able to keep hers since she wasn't publicly with me before." Lazarus shook his head, "Shit. Does she even know she Italian? You've lied to her." Nicoli's face turned a bright shade of red. "Listen you little son a bitch, and you listen good! I worked hard to keep her safe from harm for you to go and fuck things up." His words were loud and clear even though they were quiet and hushed. "Listen, she's in danger because of you." Lazarus spoke softly as he explained the driver, and the breaking in, and how they'd been scoping things out for the past month. "The house," Lazarus continued. "That was your old hideout wasn't it?" His eyes perked up and a smirk grew, Nicoli shook his head. "You damn kids." He put a strong hand wrapped around Lazarus' neck and squeezed tightly, "Do you see her?" they were watching Olivia through the kitchen window leaning back into the island as she smiled. "If you hurt her, I will put a bullet in you myself. I would risk everything for one, single thing, and that's my daughter. My world, and if you fuck with-"
"Daddy! It's getting late, come back inside." Olivia called as both men looked over to her smiling. Lazarus let the last of whiskey slide down his throat, he no longer felt nervous. "The ladies call, isn't that right Laz?" The last word felt weird, Laz. The way Nicoli said that it left a bad taste inside Lazarus' mouth. Still, he followed along with his lead and smiled as if they were best of friends, talking about Italy and baseball, or football. Olivia would slide between her father and Lazarus kissing each one's cheek before nestling into her father. "Daddy I love you, and I'm happy that you're home. And I'm happy that I'm home too..." He nodded and smiled at her affections, "Why don't you guys go out and enjoy yourselves! You're leaving tomorrow right?"
"Well Daddy, no we-" Her father interrupted. "Lazarus just told me how the house is alone, and it's growing in crime over there. I don't want your stuff to be jeopardized. Plus you have classes, I don't want you messing up school, Doll." He smiled and kissed her head before walking away. Olivia's mother looked at her and Lazarus in confusion, "I think it's all the medication, but go on your dad should rest. Excuse me."
Olivia turned to Lazarus, "Is everything, okay?" he nodded. "Well, to be honest, I don't feel like going out right now. I just want to lay down, jet lag." Her father insisted on separated rooms for the night, as Olivia tucked herself in she heard the door open softly as Lazarus snuck inside locking it behind him. She sat up smiling, "You shouldn't be in here," she giggled as he raised a finger to her lips. "Be quiet or they'll hear you. The walls have eyes and ears everywhere here."
"More reason for you to go." teasing him and smacking his shoulder. He crawled over her body and kissed her lips, his hands finding her curves in the darkness. His hot kisses sent flashes of intensity through her core, her hands searching for his warm skin. She pulled and his shirt and ran her hands underneath it feeling the ripples of abs. He raised the shirt above his head and tossed it aside on the floor, his lips lowered to her neck as hot hands wandered under her shirt pinching her nipples and cupping her plump breasts. She cleared her throat, "don't leave marks." she reminded him as her hand reached into his boxers, her hands met with a hard warm cock. She took him into her soft hand and stroked him softly before he grabbed her hand, he shook his head. "I like it better when I touch you." He took her hand above her head and took her shirt off, then took his boxers down, rubbing his cock against her thigh as they kissed passionately. As the kisses grew longer Lazarus put a hand down her shorts and touched her wet mound, an eager Olivia let out a soft moan. He slowly slipped a finger inside of her a thrust that made her squirm like before. He slid another in slowly and pushed it deep inside of her, and pulled out slowly. He pushed in again harder feeling her walls tighten, he placed his free hand on her hips holding her in place. "Olivia," he whispered in her ear. "I need to ask you something." She wiggled her body pushing herself down onto his fingers, her eyes were closed and she was enjoying being touched. "Hmm?" she whispered as she rocked her hips urging him on more, he stood still and then pulled his finger back. He had only his fingertips inside her teasing her, "If I," he slid in a bit further, "asked you." He pushed back in and pulled out to the fingertips again, "To marry me." His pushed hard her pussy quivered as his knuckles rubbed against her flesh. "Would you?" He pulled his wet fingers back out, awaiting a response. "Wait," she paused desperate to feel his finger pumping back inside of her, "Like, would I marry you? Or will I-" Quickly he shoved three fingers inside of her and pumped slowly. "Will you?"
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