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Just Say Yes

He quickened the pace, he could feel her growing wetness as it was beginning to spill out of her and pool onto the bedsheets. “Say yes.” He cooed into her ear as he pumped harder, “Say you will marry me.” He panted heavily on her neck, his teeth took a nip at her. “Yes, yes!” She exclaimed softly purring, to her response he pumped harder and furiously until she was gushing hot liquid. He cupped a hand over her mouth and took her shorts down so he could slide between those smooth legs. His cock teased her entrance, she gripped his hard ass and urged him to penetrate her. “Say it again,” he snarled, “Say you will marry me.” He thrust into her hard filling her walls, “I want to marry you, Lazarus.” He pulled her on top of him, her hands caught balance on his chest. “Show me.” She rocked herself in small circles, rocking her hips back and forth pushing her clit against his skin bringing all sorts of tingly feelings. “That’s it. Fuck me, baby.” She pushed herself down harder with his hands on her hips, “I’m your’s Olivia.” Her fingers gripped his chest leaving small cuts in his skin, he let out a moan tilting his head back. “Mmphm.” He bit his own lip stifling his sounds. “Get over here, wife.” He wrestled with her until he won pinning her down and thrusting into her, pulling out slowly and pushing into her hard. The way he fucked her was like if she was slipping away from him as if he would never fuck her again. He gripped at her thighs that wrapped around him, her back was arched, his hands were over her ass and pulled her into his thrust as he pushed as deep as her walls would allow. The bedframe would thump with each deep thrust, Olivia opened her mouth wide as she was about to cum. Lazarus was quick to cover her mouth and she moaned into his hand. "I'm cumming." He pushed into her and thrust harder and quicker as she climaxed, her walls closing in around him, legs wrapping around his waist accepting all of him insider her. He tried hard to push back and breakaway, "N-no. I'm about to-." he tried to hold it back, the sensation of her gripping him so tightly, his cock throbbed with need. He was about to cum, "Don't stop Lazarus." She commanded as she leaned up to look into his eyes. "Olivia I-" He would only thrust a few more times before she came again sending his body into overdrive as he moaned loudly spilling his seed deep inside of her. Her hips still rocked unable to get enough, he was panting, sweating and tired. Her walls tensed and then relaxed, he stayed with his cock still buried deep inside of her.

Lazarus reached down into her nightstand drawer and took out a small box and handed it to her opening the lid, inside hid a diamond ring. "Olivia, will you marry me?" She took the black velvet box in her hand and fell into his kiss. "I love you," he started flustered, "I want to make an honest woman out of you. I want to spend all my days, and nights with you. I want you to be loyal to me, I promise I will protect you and care for you. Everything I want in life," he kissed her lips softly. "I see all of it, with you by my side. I want to," he kissed her again. "make babies, and have a family of our own, grow old and sail the sea." Olivia teared up and nodded vigorously. "Yes, YES! YES!" she exclaimed softly kissing him back and wrapping her arms around him. Lazarus took the ring out of the box and slipped it on her small finger, she found her way back on top of him kissing his lips again. "God, I love you." She whispered as he softly they laid back down, his hands slipped over her body. He was back inside of her, his hands gripped her tightly, "I want you in every way tonight."
He stood up with his feet to the floor, she crawled over to him her ass facing him. His stuck his cock into her hard, he let his weight propel him deep in her womb, he placed his hands on her ass. Smacking her softly, she jumped at the sting. The hard bit of his hand as he smacked her harder. He placed a hand on the back of her head gathering hair in his hand and yanking it back, he took a large hand on her throat and slowly guided her up. He would thrust deeply while he whispered to her, "You're mine," he thrusted hard. "This is my pussy." He squeezed softly, "Are you mine?" He bent her back over releasing her throat, he pumped inside and out of her harder. His balls smacking her hard, Olivia's soft hand reached down to rub her clit in circles driving her closer to her orgasm. "Fuck me," she would finally spit out. "I love the way you fuck me, baby." He pounded as she played with herself faster and faster her orgasm on the brink. "Don't cum yet,"
"I-I-" she bit her lip trying to contain her urges. "Who's are you?" He pounded so hard he was nearly out of breath, an eager Olivia panted. "I am yours. Please," she groaned. "I want to cum for you," she needed no reply as he furiously pounded into her pussy. Her fingers dancing so fast over her clit, hot liquid poured out of her pussy. His cocked pushed further inside in response she jumped back as he hooked his arm around her waist. He began to pound hard again, "I'm going to cum inside your sweet little pussy baby." His hot seed spat inside her like fire as she let out another loud moan. His cock throbbed and flicked deep inside her narrow walls, every so often her pussy would squeeze him tightly. He bit down on her shoulder before laying his head down. "I fucking love you."

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