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All Is Fair In Love and War

Olivia woke up early and dressed in a warmly in a tight-fitting pair light-colored pair of jeans, ripped and fraying her soft now tan skin peaks through. A long-sleeved white cotton shirt clung to her small frame, she spent time carefully placing each bouncing her in perfect position as she placed a soft beige beanie half the back of her head. Her makeup lighter, as she puckered her soft lips painting them a beautiful nude color. Peaking up through long lashes she looked down at her new ring that sat shining on her ring finger. It was a large diamond with smaller diamonds outlining the large centerpiece, small diamonds tangled as it weaved in and out around her finger. It had vintage ripples, and designs throughout that made her gasp as she took in the beauty. Her hand held to her heart as she closed her eyes cherishing it, she finally stood sliding on light brown ankle boots. The heels clicking their way out of her bedroom and down the long staircase.

Lazarus stood at the bottom casually as he smiled and talked with her parents. They all looked at her as she stood at the bottom of the stairs, "You look beautiful, Doll." Her father finally let out as she blushed, Lazarus offered his hand out to her as she slipped her hand into his. "Goodmorning Daddy." She kissed his cheek and gave him a hug, "I have news," she took a breathe bracing herself. "Lazarus and I went out last night and," her hand on the table, Lazarus' arm wrapping around her waist squeezing her for reassurance. "We're getting married. He purposed last night!" she squealed finally as her mother put a hand over her mouth yelling. "Let me see!!" her mother took her small hand into her own looking at her ring, "It's beautiful, you picked that out yourself. You have taste! Orion-" Her mother looked over at his silenced face. He was choking down words as he stood quiet as a church mouse, "Say something." Aurelli nudged him with an elbow. "That's wonderful. Great, really." Olivia stood to her father placing soft delicate hands on top of his, "You aren't happy?" he shook his head violently his gaze meeting Lazarus' before he spoke. "You deserve the world, my beautiful innocent daughter." He rested a locked hand on her neck, "I just love you so much, and-" he turned to look at Lazarus. "I swear, I will do her justice," Lazarus said lending a strong hand to Nicoli, he took it and firmly shook. "You better!" he let out a smile. "Any other news?" Lazarus leaned in quickly to Nicoli's ear, "Tell her before I do."

The girls carefully planned as they gushed over plans and dresses as the boys took care of business in a closed-off room near the girls in the living room. Lazarus sat at a wooden table, Nicoli pacing the room. "You should have fucking asked me-that's the tradition. You didn't fucking follow the rules!" A smirk formed on Lazarus' face, "You aren't one for rules, I knew you wouldn't object." An angry fist hit the table making a whiskey glass jump up. "You smug sonabitch! You don't fucking know what I did to protect my family and you are going to ruin everything!" Lazarus stood from the table as Nicoli's screaming became evident, his face was red with anger. "Yeah? Then why is she in trouble- because of you! She could have been fucking killed because of you!" Lazarus hand an angry finger pushed into Nicoli's chest, his own face red with anger his hand shook. Nicoli was reaching for Lazarus' neck when Olivia opened the french glass doors, "Daddy what's going on!" she rushed inside as the men's hands stood to their sides, neither of them back down. With red faces and twitching veins in their faces, the wooden table and chairs cluttered with alcohol glasses brought familiar scenes back to her memory. "Lazarus! What's going on?" Silence, Aurelli stood back in the door frame, her stomach and heart sank. "Lazarus, talk to me. Please." She pleaded as her eyes water desperately. He looked to her and then back to Nicoli, "Tell her Gotti. Tell her before I do!" Lazarus' angry fist his the table, Aurelli felt warm liquid from the back of her throat. Her hands covered her mouth, "You shut the fuck up!" bellowed in response, his own angry finger formed. The men yelled and argued as Olivia stood between the two, her hands would alternate between her fiancé and her father. This continued on until Aurelli finally yelled out, "Nicoli- tell her! Tell her the truth!" her hands gripped his arm as watery eyes fell onto her daughter. "Sit down, baby." Lazarus stood behind her and put his hands on her shoulder, he squeezed as if he was apologizing.

Nicoli took a deep breath, "Olivia- I love you, very much. You and your mother, are everything to me." His eyes grew watery as he swallowed hard. "I have hidden this from you for 19 years, I'm not who you think I am. I was a different man before we had you." Olivia shut her eyes as hot tears spilled out, "I was involved with bad people." kid gloves were in full effect as she raised a silent hand. "Just tell me straight, don't do this. I'm not a kid." He raised his own hands in defense as he took a seat across from her, his eyes forced to look at her. He watched the tears fall steaking her makeup, "My name is Nicoli Gotti, I was part of the mafia in Italy. You are living in my hideout house, I was Guns Out Gotti they called me. Your attack, the break-in, was probably payback." Hot tears burned deep in her skin, she stood up angry. "He knows?!" her anger turned to Lazarus now, he lifted a strong hand to her cheek, his thumb stroked her skin softly wiping away the hot fire. "Why would it be payback? Who knows me Daddy?"
"You were hidden yes, but I don't know. I promise you, baby, I will find a way for you to be safe." He stood before her on his knees begging for forgiveness, his tears pooled and folded. Aurelli cleared away her tears and gripped the doorframe. "Olivia, I would have hid it from you forever if it kept you safe. We did what we thought was best, to protect you. We whisked away when we found out we were pregnant. I made your father promise no harm would ever come to you." Olivia's hands shook, her head was spinning, "Why aren't you happy I'm getting married? Is it the fact that you can't control me anymore? Is it that you can't watch me? Or is it the fact that you tried to keep me from a life that just found me?" He shook his head violently again his hand resting on her knee now, "Lazarus, and I." He brought himself up propping up on the table, "His family, we have-history."
"So there's blood between you two, something I had no idea of. How could you lie about everything? You changed our names and identies completely. "We don't have bloodshed," Lazarus agreed and took her face in his hands. "It's all settled baby, don't worry. We-" she stood up. "I'm so done," she pushed Lazarus' hands away from his waist as he tried to catch her in desperation. Everyone in the room stood silent for a long moment, Aurelli turned for the door and closed it behind her.
"Go and get your girl." Nicoli commanded not even looking up to Lazarus' face. He poured himself a glass of whiskey and let it quickly glide down his throat, and then poured another glass. "Olivia Gotti, the mob boss's daughter." He closed his eyes his hands wrapping around the small glass, "I imagined her with flowing brown hair and dark eyes." He laughed shaking his head, "She's hot-blooded, she has to cool down first. We need to make amends." He sat down in the chair across from Nicoli's, lending a hand in the middle of the table, "We can both agree easily that you don't like me, I don't like you. But more-so, is the fact that, the woman is the most important person here. Her safety, and happiness. I'm in Italy, the place where she's choosing to do her studies." Lazarus continued, "I will, and you can take this to the books. Always, protect her. I love that woman with something fierce inside me." Nicoli would set a balled up fist on the table and look at Lazarus. "And she feels the same?" He nodded in response, his palms grew sweaty around the glass as he pushed it from palm to palm before sipping. "And so, I purpose a war not be started between us. I ask for your blessing to protect her honor, love her and keep her safe. If I dont-" Lazarus was stopped, "You have my blessing." the words came out and sounded disgusting to Nicoli.

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