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Knocking's a Habit

He reached for the doorknob and turned slowly, he was about to embark on a mission. Diffusing the bomb named Olivia, a soft gentle grip that would pull her in close and squeezed her. He said nothing as she let out soft moans whimpering and crying, her makeup fell onto his shirt messily. "Everything's going to be okay, you're safe now." He kissed her head running his fingers through her hair. "How could he hide everything from me?" She whimpered in his chest, "Everythings a lie." He held her tighter, "I know you feel cheated, but everything's he done was for you. To protect you." His words trailed off, "I would do anything to protect you, I would do the same." His strong arm pulled her closer, "Reconcile with him. If I can, so can you." She pulled away to look up at him, "You what?" his long finger rubbing away tears and streaks of foundation and black lines. "He gave me his blessing, we talked and everything is settled. We'll get married." She hugged him tightly before she pulled away fixing herself and slipping out of the room as Lazarus packed up her suitcase.

"Daddy?" she said with a knock as he sat poured over the wooden table, a drink in front of him. Her hand draped over his shoulder, his hand would reach up to squeeze hers. "I love you, and I'm sorry, but I would do anything in my power to save you." Her arms were around his neck and hugging him a thumb stroked her soft shirt. "I know Daddy, I know now." He cleared his throat, "So you really love him huh?" She smiled, kissing his head. "I do."
"He's something else." Her laugh filled the room, "I suppose that's the reason I love him." A smirked formed on his worried lips, "But you are sure? He's the one? Things will never be easy, it's a rough life. You can ask your mother."
"I am unsure of everything, and I know so little. But I know the way he protects me, whenever I'm with him I feel so safe. Like nothing could touch us, I know he makes me feel like I'm everything, his attention is always on me. I know how my heart feels like it's pounding whenever he does something sweet, and I know how my heart could explode and shatter when we fight." Her father nodded deeply before sighing, "Then he's the one, and you should marry him." her head softly rested on his. "So you approve?" He shook his head breaking their moment, "I don't. I can't approve any man, no one is good enough for my daughter. I just want you to be safe, and happy. I want you to have a good life, a good man by your side, loyal, faithful. The world is filled with a lot of bad people Olivia, most of them want two things." She laughed, and pulled her arms away only her hands stood on his shoulders, "Good thing I picked an Italian huh?" she laughed as her father gave her a playful slap. "Get outta here, kid."

It was a bittersweet goodbye, her father's blessing, the feelings of security as they all made amends. The plane ride home Olivia would fall asleep resting her head against Lazarus' shoulder. On arrival, he would kiss her head waking her gently. "Baby, we're home." He would guide her half-asleep body to the car and drive them home, her hand in his lifting it and kissing the back of her hand. "Olivia, if only you knew." She groaned in her seat twisting, "Huh? Know what?" he kissed her hand again before placing it back down between them. "How much I love you..." She must have not heard because she slipped off to sleep.

The next few days were a mess, her phone ringing off the hook. Olivia pacing the house, "It wouldn't work. I want something big, I know, I know Daddy-" She nodded furiously into the phone. Lazarus would slip long arms around her kissing her neck pulling the hair away from her neck. Hands tickled her belly, she swatted playfully at him a smile rising on her lips. "But I really want to have it here, there's beautiful-" she was interrupted. "Daddy, yes you can." Lazarus' lips were sucking and nibbling on her neck, his hand traced to her panties slipping inside to touch her soft skin. "Oh Daddy you can-Huh? Daddy, Lazarus wants to talk to you." She handed him the phone, he tried pushing it away until a firm voice spoke on the other end. She leaned back into hot kisses and feelings of warmth began to pool up moistening her folds. Her teeth bit down on her lip in response to a finger that circled her clit. "You can-Mhmm. Well of course, I could." He smirked as he spoke to her father on the phone, he wondered for a moment if he had suspected that Lazarus was now diving his fingers into her wet pussy. She huffed heavily, panting for more of his touch. "I will," he paused pushing deeper inside, "take care of her. Always," he laughed into the phone, his cock grew hard hiding the growing excitement in his voice. He pressed deeply into her ass, she was wearing only his shirt and a black pair of panties. "Bye." He tossed the phone aside, as his hands roamed her body kissing her hard. He pulled his throbbing cock out and pulled her panties to the side, she gripped the sofa, he teased her opening only slipping the head of his member inside of her. He began to enter her slowly and then quickly, she moaned out in pleasure. Hit bent over and bit her shoulder wrapping a strong arm around her waist and letting her body weight fall back onto his cock, her ass jiggled his cock jerking in response. The clicking of the door opening broke them apart, "Fuck." He pushed her towards the table and pulled for his pants, he reached up near the door and grabbed something off the shelf. She scurried behind him frantic trembling hands tried to keep the shirt closed covering her body.
The door opened as a gun pointed to the man's head, brown paper bags fell to the floor as his hands raised in the air. They all breathed a sigh of relief, "Geez, you're on edge this morning." Lazarus stood with the gun pointed to the skinny man's head, Olivia rested her hand on his arm and slowly urged him to lower it. "You wanna put that away before someone gets hurt?" He leaned down to pick up the bags as he noticed how bare the woman was, he licked his lips as he took her body in. "I swear to God, Slim. I swear, give me another reason to shoot you in the fuckin' head." The gun raised again, Olivia tried to steady him with a soft hand. Her arms snuck around his waist and her lips fell on his neck sucking softly, her eyes stood on Slim. "Come on," she whispered softly, "come to bed with me." her hands slid up and down his chest and stomach before he lowered the gun. His hands pushed at hers, he was dismissing her to get dressed. Unwanting to end this way the obeyed and hurried away covering herself.
Lazarus held the gun in his hand looking at it and stepped aside to allow Slim to step into the doorway. "If you don't put your eyes back in your head." he threatened, "If you get any ideas, I will not hesitate. And one more, thing." He had to force himself to put the gun back on the shelf, "Knock next time." Slim raised his hands and shrugged as if it were not anything new to him. Olivia returned to the men dressed up in a flowery print shirt that hung off her shoulder revealing plump perky breasts with small shorts that showed every detail of her bottom, she wore a sleek black stiletto. Slim dared to peak an eye, more men popped into the door and took her sight in. Lazarus threw his hands up in the air and let out a yell, "Is there anyone that knocks in this house!?" confused men nodded in apology, "Lazarus get dressed, your being called." The look on Lazarus' face was shocking, his face filled with worry and concern, he nodded slowly and passed by Olivia to get ready.

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