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Apples Don't Fall Far From Trees

When Lazarus finally appeared buttoning his shirt, he looked different somehow. His sleeves weren't rolled up this time, he was fully buttoned and was dressed formal, he pulled a jacket over his shoulders. His arms reached out for her as he hugged her tightly. "I love you," He whispered as he kissed her hard. "Always." He a strong hand slid into her hair and kissed her deeply again. He pulled away, sad looking. Her fingers traced the lips he just kissed, "I love you too." She whispered back as he and most of the men slipped away in silence. The big burly man named Tony sat at the kitchen table and lifted the newspaper and a cup of coffee, he lifted the cup to her in a greeting.

Many hours passed as she grew anxious await for Lazarus' return. She paced back and forth, heels clicking as she did. She went into the bathroom and when she came back the burly man was gone and the skinny man was back at her door. He smiled to her, "Tony stepped out. I'm here to stay with you now." His words sent a bad shiver down her spine, she didn't like him. He came closer to her, his hand lifted her cheek to caress it softly, "It's alright. Lazarus sent me to watch over you." She pushed his hand away and shook her head furiously. "Lazarus would never send you. He wanted to shoot you this morning." Slim shrugged as his hand slipped against her shorts grabbing at her ass, she smacked him hard and pulled away from him. "Don't you fucking dare!" A hand caught her wrist and pushed her towards the kitchen, his free hand was in a fistful of hair. Hands on her neck forcing her face down into the wooden table as she heard the click of a knife, then she felt the cool blade as it cut her shirt open exposing her skin. She felt a sudden release as her bra was cut off her body, hot salvia made her wince with disgust as his hands were over her body. "Gotti I'm going to make you sure you feel everything. Why did Nicoli hide you away for so long? He whisked you away, and he returned you a full-fledged woman." He groaned huskily in her ear, she struggled and fought. She screamed at him as his hands were touching her bare skin. He reached down to undo his zipper when she broke free, running for the door. She was able to grab the gun Lazarus left there earlier, she pointed it to his head. "Woah, don't be hasty Doll." She cocked the gun loading a bullet into the chamber, he licked his lips and bit one as he stood still. "I don't think you want that. Look, put the gun down, just turn around and go. I'll let you leave, I will call Lazarus and said you got angry waiting and you took off. This is all a misunderstanding, Olivia." She shook with anger, "He should have shot you when he had the chance. You're a fucking disease, you're a pig." He nodded, "You're right, so I should probably get out of here." She pointed to his kneecap and pulled the trigger, the kickback pushed her shoulder back Slim yelled out as he hit the floor his blood pooled around him.
The door pushed open and she pointed the gun at the door, the fat burly man was arriving behind a frantic Lazarus. He lowered the gun and tossed it on the floor wrapping arms around her, "You shot Slim, why would you do that?" he pulled away his gaze falling on her bare skin, her breasts were exposed but the ripped shirt still clung to shoulders. His face turned to rage, pulled off his jacket and pushed it to her chest. Angry fists beat down on Slim, Olivia sunk down as the big burly man caught her, he pulled the jacket around her skin, he was hugging her turning her away. She sobbed heavily until the men were pulling Lazarus away, she caught a glimpse of everything. The man bloodied, you couldn't see his face in the swollen mess Lazarus had made of his face. She turned to a panting Lazarus, he was covered in spatters of blood too. Still, they found each other he pulled her in his arms and kissed her. "Tell me he didn't," she shook her head between sobs. They were on the kitchen floor her in his lap, they were calm for a moment not saying anything. "Lazarus, you need to get out of here." The large burly man pushed them towards the bedroom and stood by the door.
"Pack a few bags." He tossed luggage bags that fell at her feet as he stepped in the shower, he washed fast. His wet body searched for something on top of a chair in the closet. "What are you doing?"
"This used to be your dad's hideout, he has to have bags stashed with stuff for a quick run." She rolled her eyes and packed her clothes as Lazarus searched, he pulled out wads of never-ending stacks of cash. He handed them to her one by one as she slid them into her luggage. Soon they were dashing for the door and on the plane traveling.

She phoned her father at Lazarus' instruction, they both switched handing over the phone as Nicoli screamed into the other end. "You're a stupid inexperienced kid Lazarus, y'know that? How could you be of rank and someone is violating MY daughter?" Olivia shifted uncomfortably on the edge of a bed, her hand reached for his. "She shot him in the kneecap," Lazarus laughed into the phone. He shook his head, "No denying that one, I told you." he smiled even during this tough time. It put her in ease, as she was handed the phone. Her hand pushed it back to him, "Nicoli, she's laying down resting. I'll give her the message, yeah. Thank you." He hung up the phone and set it beside them, "He said he loved you, he's glad you're safe but he chewed me out. I'm not keeping up my end of the deal, I'm failing you and I let you down." She shook her head 'no' and he did the opposite. "He's right, I guess. I left you open by not making sure I had better men, you-I don't even want to think about it. But we have some bigger news." Olivia leaned in and laid her head on his lap, "We can get married soon if you still want."
"What?" She asked loudly as if she misheard. "If you still want to marry me you can, your dad is flying in." She straightened up, "I thought it was dangerous, that he didn't want to come back." He nodded in response as pursed his lips. "Well hearing what they did did pissed him off, he's going to show them what respect is." He nodded again darting back to the question. "Do you still love me?" She wrapped arms around his neck, "Of course."

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