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Giving Away Your Life

Her heart raced and fluttered as she was handed a bouquet of white roses, “Are you ready?” a familiar voice called out. Her father shifted as he saw her standing there in her dress, she was dressed in an off the shoulder corset dress, it pushed her breasts up high. Hints of lace trailed throughout to her long train, a slender woman place the veil over updo. She linked arms with her father as they stood before a door, they took a deep breath. He placed his hand over hers and patted it gently. They walked in sync a slow even pace as she approached pews of people staring at her, she smiled bright when she saw Lazarus’ face. He was smiling, a large hand wiped a tear from his eye as he nodded to Nicoli. “I present my daughter to you, take good care of her for me. From this day forward, she is yours.” Lazarus took her hand in his and nodded again, “I will. Thank you.” She kissed her father giving him a tight hug as words began, she mouthed the words “I love you.” he echoed “I love you more.” back, they listened and held their hands apart until it was finially Lazarus’ turn to speak. “I, Lazarus De Stefano vow, to love and hold you. I promise to give you love, and support and hold you when you are weak. I promise, this day, and for all of my days, that I will love you.”

“I, Olivia Nicola Gotti. Vow, to love you, honor you, and cherish you. I promise to support you and lift you through the darkest days, and keep you close during the bright days.” They slipped rings onto their fingers as they were allowed to kiss and they were announced as husband and wife for the first time.

They sat down in a large hall that was packed deep with friends and family members, most of them she didn't know about until a few months before. Most of them spoke either full Italian and little English or spoke with thick accents, Lazarus and a few of his most trusted friends and men sat by his side, a long rectangular table held the honored guests as well as the bride and groom. Olivia took her place next to Lazarus as they joined hands sipping sweet wines and champagnes. It was time for toasts after the ate and Nicoli went first, "I would like to toast to God's purest gift my baby girl. They placed you in my arms so small and fragile, I knew since the moment your mother got pregnant that someone special was inside, and so God blessed me with such a beautiful and wise daughter. And it kills me to give you away today, but I have to admit Lazarus is alright." He stopped to smile and laugh both to himself and everyone else staring at him. He raised his cup, "To Lazarus, I know you're a good guy. I know if you love my daughter half as much as you show us all, your love will be both wonderful and timeless. I hated you for a long time, but I know my daughter, like her father, has a good eye and I'm confident she couldn't have chosen a better man to be by her side for the rest of her life. To the Stefanos!" Everyone lifted their drink and drank a sip, they went around the room and up and down the bride's and groom's side each one saying a sweet thing or two or a funny story about the couple. When it came around Olivia stood to her feet and smiled sweetly taking Lazarus' in her hand as she spoke out loud. "I met this little number in a crowded nightclub where I blew him off for a long time, I had practically forgot about him until I bumped back into him on my first day of college. I haven't been able to get him out of my head ever since. We've been on quite a ride haven't we? Up's and down's and I've never wanted any other man by my side throughout it all. I know that when I'm sad you're the first one to notice before the first tear ever falls, I know even when I'm angry you hold me and kiss me until everything feels like it may just be alright again. I love you more than I could ever try to express into words, and that you are my whole life... So I said yes, yes to everything my love. Except leaving your side, here's to you and me forever babe." Instead of toasting Lazarus rose to his feet and caught her lips deeply with a kiss. They shared a sweet and loving kiss and embrace before he pulled away and it was his turn.

"My wife is the writer so clearly she had 0.5 seconds and knew what she was going to say on this day. It has taken me the better half of oh, ever since she said yes that I began planning my wedding toast speech. I thought about it a lot, and again, my wife is so effortlessly perfect and quick on her feet taking little time to think, everything just comes from her heart and it sounds like she had been having it planned up here for forever." He tapped and pointed to his head, he looked down at the floor for a moment, "I'm sorry I'm not good at these things," he laughed to himself as Olivia stood up next to him and placed her head on his shoulder and placed a hand on his arm. He decided it might be easier if he just spoke to her. "I love you from the depths of my soul Olivia, you are a handful I won't lie to you. There's not one part of the world I wouldn't run to in order to make you happy, I would move sun and stars and bring them back if you'd ask me to. I promise to keep you wrapped up warm in cold mornings and let you tuck cold feet under mine at night, even though I hate it. I find myself watching chick flicks that I have to admit, are nice. You make sense, your ways and actions and you do everything so beautiful in life. I'm just blessed by being in your presence and in you allowing me to be your husband. I promise from this day until the end of days, that I will always try to be the man you deserve and prove to you and your father that you chose the right man to spend the rest of your life with. I love you through this life and universe until the next one, and the one after that, and the one after that." She interrupted his speech by placing a small kiss on his lips, his hands found themselves to her waist as he pulled her in. He leaned to her ear, "I also promise to give you the best life I can." His hand was tipping her face up to meet her gaze speaking softly so only she could hear, "I will make you a mother and take you in so many ways tonight." Her lips planted into his as the families clapped the hands, many women dabbed at their eyes.

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