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Newly Pronounced and All The Other Things

Soon they have whisked away to another large room that was a dance floor where they would begin to party. The music played softly as Olivia and Nicoli took the floor to start off the father and daughter dance, he would spin and twirl her around as the soft music sang to them. She would lay her head on his shoulder as he danced her around, "Olivia I love you. You are my one and only child, but I have to warn you to be careful. You entering a dangerous lifestyle and Lazarus will soon be at the head of the table as I am." She nodded, "Daddy not now. I just want to enjoy my wedding night and honeymoon." he too nodded in response. "I just want you to be patient and kind and loving with Lazarus, he is going to need your support. He will support you throughout your lives, and you need to stay close to his side. You will soon learn that life all around you will be changed forever, there's many hard times, days and nights that lie ahead of you's." She kissed his cheek softly, "I want you to also know that I am always behind you, I love you with my whole heart if you are unhappy I am too. My sweet baby girl." Her hands were squeezing his neck as she hugged him with all her might, tears slid down her cheeks as he pulled away to sweep them away. "Doll, don't cry. You're going to make me cry."

"Daddy I will always be your little girl, I love you. No one will ever replace you, you're the best father any girl could have ever asked for." Their dance soon ended and it was time for him to give her away once more, for the very last time in his life. His hands trembled softly as he took her hand into his and handed her off to Lazarus. Another soft romantic song played softly, he hugged Lazarus with one arm and whispered, "I am giving you my life and my whole heart. I hope you know this." He choked back tears as he patted and squeezed his shoulders hard before he returned to his wife's side. Aurelli shed tears as she watched her daughter dance with Lazarus. "I love you Mrs. De Stefano. That sounds so beautiful doesn't it?" She nodded at the sound of her new last name, "My handsome wonderful husband. I'm going to make sure we leave early to our honeymoon and return late." He smiled at the thought. "Olivia you can't start now, I will steal you away right now." She giggled at their conversation as she realized everyone, including her parents were watching them. "Until tonight then?" He nodded as he watched the crowd engulf her, his hand hanging onto hers until she was gone.

The night felt very long, her long large dress made it hard to move. Once pictures and dances were done officially she slipped away and returned in a tight champagne-colored dressed with a rather high slit up the thigh. She would bump into an the old man would let his hands slip around her waist, she cringed inside but on the outside, she wore a bright smile as her hand slowly slid his away. Her hands held his wrinkled ones, "I hope you are having a wonderful time." She would say before she slipped away into the crowd. She felt as if she dodged a huge bullet, between her father and Lazarus the man no doubt would have had a serious talking to. Another older gentleman was causing a ruckus, she found Lazarus and dragged him closer to the commotion, her father and mother were there too. Watching and laughing instead of pulling the old man up, he was flipped over in a chair mumbling to himself. He was accompanied by two very thin blonde women who struggled to lift him to his feet, "Daddy... Who is that?" Nicoli was nearly doubled over in tears laughing so hard, Aurelli turned to the newlyweds and smiled brightly. " That's your uncle Vincent. Uncle Nino is, a character to say the least." Olivia buried her face in her hands, "I am not related to that mess please." Her father shook his head and busted out laughing again, "Yes you are Doll." She rolled her eyes, "They will see you, they are coming. They are always listening." He pointed upwards to the ceiling. "They hear everything, nothing is secret." With that, the man passed out and fell back onto the floor. Nicoli waved a hand still laughing and turned away, he led them all to the bar where they decided to do more shots and drink toasted in honor of Olivia and Lazarus.

Before the night got dark they were dashed off to a large yacht where they started the first day of the rest of their lives together. Lazarus would carry his bride onto the boat and didn't set her down until they were in a large bedroom. He sat her down and unzipped her dress, he was eager and hungry to be all over her body. His hands fell everywhere on her body as they kissed eachother in a war of frenzy. "I promised you a long night of love making." She bit her lip as she felt ignited by his words, she would lift his shirt and nibble at his neck and chest. Her hands found their way into his pants rubbing his buldge. "Oh, tell me more husband." He bit his lip as he laid there on the bed letting her hands ravish his manhood. "I wanted to tear that dress off of you at the reception. I wanted so badly to take you on the table, I almost didn't care who watched us." Her hands pulled his pants and boxers down as she took in the sight of him naked. He was all hers she told herself, he belonged to her as she had belonged to him now. And God was his body a gift to her. "That's dirty, you wanted everyone to watch as you fucked me?" He nodded smiling, "I would love to showcase your beauty, letting them admire everything I do to you. I would do it all without them ever touching you, knowing that they could be so close to touch you. They would want to too," He flipped her on her back bringing her close he spoke in heavy snarls now. "I wouldn't let them touch you. They will know they can't have you, you. Are. Mine." He breathed with his hands in her hair, "Lazarus." She finally was able to gather as she struggled to sit up. "Where are you going my beautiful wife? It's time for me to take you, entirely." He smirked against her skin kissing he softly teasing her, but still she pulled away and eventually broke free with a devilish smile. "You want to share my body, without anyone ever touching me?" His eyebrow perked up, his smile following along. He began to stand up to her he would even reach out to her, but he was met with a sharp heel. She was pressing him down and he put his hands up in surrender, as if to say he would stay put. "Then share me," she reached into a bag and pulled out one of his cameras. "Record me Lazarus, capture me. Let's make memories." He nodded sweetly as he took the camera from her, his hips would press into her. His cock standing hard would grind against the thin fabric of her panties, "Yes, please." He whispered as he kissed her skin, he put her in various poses as she slid off her lingerie. She sat on the small dresser and spread her legs open, she let her hair fall down covering her breasts as she slid fingers into herself.

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