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Love, As If It Were The Last

Lazarus bit his lip, he felt himself throb. "I don't know how much longer I can hold off Olivia, I will beg if you'd like me to."

"That's okay, it feels so much better when you do it." He sat the camera on the bed and hit record as he walked up to her still spread for him as he took her face into his hands. "I will always do everything you ask of me, I would be happy to take you in any which way that pleases you. I will let you do anything you'd like, as long as it's with me Olivia." He kissed her and whispered into her ear, "Are you sure you want to do this?" She nodded as reached for his hands, he knew what she wanted but he still teased her folds. He dropped to his knees and began to kiss her soft folds, he sucked at her clit and draw over it with his tongue. "Lazarus," she moaned softly as her fingers gripped his hair running through his thick hair softly. "I want to feel your fingers, you can lick me clean later." He obeyed her wishes and stood to his feet and slid two fingers swiftly inside of her wet flesh. She gasped loudly, "Take me the same way you did by the pool." His eyebrow cocked up as he obliged once more. He shoved his third finger in hard making her tilt her head back. He pushed and pumped slowly to accommodate around his fingers until he felt her losen her muscles. "Fuck you're still tight baby." He let out heavy breaths as he pumped and pushed knuckles deep until she was rocking against them, "You like this?"

"I love it baby, I love when you fuck me like this too. Hard and fast," She was tipping his face up to meet hers. "Make me yours, now!" He was usually always in control of whatever they did and had to make advances slow, the only time she was ever hungry and took him was when she drank. She was level headed unlike every other time they had drunken sex but maybe she was put at ease by being near her now-husband. But something more than alcohol had intoxicated her, it was like he was sleeping with a whole new woman. Maybe it was something in the champagne because he obeyed her every whim, he was deep inside her thrusting into her. At one moment she let out loud cries, he worried he may have given it to her a little too roughly until she dug a hard heel into his ass and gripped his hips pulling him in harder, "Lazarus more, fuck me like I'm not going to be here tomorrow." He shook his head and stopped pumping, pushing the hair on her body away, "I would never fuck you if it were the last time I see you. I would make sweet gentle love to your soul, I would make us one. I would rock your body until we cum together." He placed soft and gentle kisses on her shoulders, and neck until his kisses fell on her breasts perking her nipples up hard. "I wouldn't stop until you melted into me, when you finished." He brought her nipple into his mouth and sucked it gently, letting it go only breathe words into her skin. "I would hold you, and kiss you all over. I would tell you how you meant the world to me, how I wish it would never end." He began to suck at the other nipple, her whole body felt tense and hot with love and lust. He sucked gently and moved lower onto her stomach leaving a hot trail of kisses that felt cold under the air in the room. Shivers were creeping up and down her body as he did, "Olivia. I wouldn't let you go for the world." She began to ache inside with his touches and kisses. The need to feel him in that very soft loving way was driving her crazy inside and outside now too. "Lazarus, please take me. Make love to me like it was our last." He lifted her up onto his member, he thrust into her sending her into a tailspin. "Olivia." He whimpered out softly at the feeling of her, she gripped him tightly her fingers dipping into his skin. It was like they couldn't be close enough, "I'm going to be connected to you. I want to be with you in every way." He pushed and pumped into her, he was moving his hips faster but pushing into her in a rocking motion. "Baby, this is amazing." He carried her to the bed, he laid her down softly and kissed her neck as he made his way into her hips. She was bucking them back from under him, they were in sync and were riding the waves of pleasure together. She would urge him to lay down as she rocked ontop of him, the feelings tickling her clit as her mouth formed an O. "Olivia, I want to cum with you." She pressed her lower half into him harder, "I'm going to cum soon, I would like for you cum with me." He bit his lip as she began to quicken the pace desperate for the sweet relief her body craved now. "I don't know how much longer I can hold on Olivia. You aren't making it easy on me." She leaned forward and rocked her body faster than before and pressed down harder in desperation, "Fuck baby I'm there." He took his hands up to her hips gripping her pushing her harder and began to thrust upwards into her. The feeling was so intense she was screaming out to him, "Fuck Lazarus I'm cumming!" he buckled in response. "There you go baby," she moaned as she began to ride him again, "Let go." her words melted him softly as he yelled out filling her with thick ropes of seamen. He wanted to lay and let the waves carry him away, but he pushed and pulled her legs up so she was straddling him, he pumped into her hard. His body was smacking with hers while she cried out, "Lazarus." Her mouth forming into another O as he pumped, flipping her over while he pounded her. His balls slapping her ass as he took her completely, "Oh, yes, yes, yes! Right there, d-don't." She was losing in the battle to hold back, her body defied her as he pumped into sweet flesh. He would push until they came together, the battle was over and he allowed his heavy body to fall onto hers.

"God that was intense." His lips locked into hers, he was no longer at war with her. Everything was so peaceful, he stood still as he hugged her laying next to her. "Olivia, are you still awake?" Her eyelashes fluttered softly. "Hmm baby? I was just resting." He lifted a heavy finger to trace a hair pushing it away from her face, he was still inside her. He wanted to push back into her warm core, but he was so comfortable and he feared he didn't have enough energy left to pleasure them both this time. So he decided to nestle his head between her breasts and ran his fingers over her soft skin until the falling and rising of her chest lulled him to sleep.

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