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Alone In The Darkness

After a week-long honeymoon full of wedded bliss and earth-shattering lovemaking and rough passions they had to head home back to reality. Olivia felt weightless as they stepped off the yacht, and onto solid ground. "Can't we stay longer? You promised it would be longer." He shook his head and kissed her cheek as she frowned, "I don't want to go home. I want to stay on the boat, with you." She lifted up a camera, "Just one more memory before we leave?" He shot her a smirk and leaned to her ear quietly. "You're going to kill me, I'm going to die of a heart attack or you're going to end up breaking my dick. We need to slow down." She shot back instantly. "Or what? Afraid I might get pregnant? What if I go home and end up making videos alone, or would you like that?" He bit his lip as he pushed her into the car. "If I catch you I'm going to pound you, I'm going to punish you. You're my wife now, and that means you have a duty to give me what I need and not withhold on me. Or would you secretly like that you vixen?" He poked back as she slid into her seat with a smug smile as he drove them home she seemed to nod off exhausted. She wondered how she even kept up with him, but a burning desire lurked in her stomach. An insistent urge to keep riding him, the need of him to be deep inside her walls, and she wondered what was going on inside her body and brain that weren't connecting. Even she knew she was beginning to tire the poor guy out, but she also reminded herself that things would settle down at home as he returned to family and business.

Arriving home Lazarus' phone was blowing up the moment he turned it on. Constantly ringing off the hook as he apologized pausing the TV at least 20 times, "I have to take this." He slipped away leaving her and the puppy curled together on the couch. The small puppy that she had picked was getting bigger by the moment, he was half the size he once was. His body laid all over her before he tucked himself behind her legs and rested a large head on her legs, her hands rubbing his ears as she slipped into a slumber. When she awoke the dog was barking furiously in the dark, he began to growl as she reached out to hug him. "Duke, what are you doing?" He lunged forward in the darkness, snapping and growling and losing his mind. "Laz?" she called out loudly, no answer to her calls, she stood to her feet as she flipped on the lights. Duke sprang to his feet and was now barking and growling at the glass door, "What's out there boy?" she studied closely and reached for the gun on the shelf. She slipped into her bedroom locking the door behind, dialed Lazarus quickly. "Where are you? I think there's someone outside, Duke is going insane. He wouldn't come with me, he's stuck there growling."
"Where the fuck are you Lazarus? Come home now!" She was okay until the house grew silent, she put a hand over her mouth as she was afraid she might breathe too loud. She switched her phone to silent and hugged it to her chest, the gun pointed to the door. Flashes on the night she had been alone went through her head, scenes of a bleeding man in her hallway flooded her mind. She silently cried out to Lazarus, then there was a lot of yelling and banging and she stood silent ready to pull the trigger. "Olivia baby! It's me! If you can hear me it's safe to come out now!" Olivia stood frozen until she heard his voice calling out to her. She reluctantly stood to her feet as he pulled her into his arms and hugged her hard pulling her off of her feet. "Olivia, it's okay. I'm here now." She incredibly relaxed until she snapped, "Where the fuck were you? Where was my protection did you send anyone to watch the house?" He shook his head, "I left to go to a meeting, I was called in. I told someone to check on you." She pushed away from his embrace hard, "Wait-where's Duke?" He pulled her in hard cradling her head. "Get the fuck off of me! Duke!" She called out and felt a pain deep in her gut as he didn't appear, her knees suddenly felt weak. Lazarus tried to keep her in the room and pushed her back, men were gathering in the front room and hallway as they made loud noises and bangs. They sounded hurried, Olivia eventually broke free.
She fell to her knees and slumped into the couch as punched hard into the pillows screaming and crying. "Are you fucking kidding me?" She was suddenly out the door and running after the men ripping the dog out of their arms and on the ground cradling and rocking him. His head lifted as he whimpered out, she rubbed his face and kissed him. "Hey boy, it's me." He fought against her trying to get to his feet, "It's alright boy. I'm here now." She looked down at the blood-stained fur as lumps in her throat grew larger, she tried her best to force them down as tears fell. "We're going to fix you up boy. I'm going too." She struggled to carry his body as she climbed into the SUV as she was driven away Lazarus stood there alone to watched her leave him behind. She held him tightly rubbing his ears as she did earlier on the couch. "Hang in there buddy. Drive fucking faster!" She leaned down to kiss him softly on the face, she lifted a paw to her lips and kissed them too. She rested her head onto his as she softly sobbed into him.

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