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Coincidences and all Other Funny Things

After many painful hours Olivia waited in an animal hospital as they worked on Duke. Her father's loving embrace wrapped her up and kissed her head, "What happened Doll?" she shrugged and slumped into him. "Someone stabbed Duke Daddy. He woke me up barking and growling, Daddy something bad happens every time Laz leaves me, I think we need to talk." He nodded and looked around, "Where is he anyway?" She shrugged again and against her better judgment and told him the truth. "He left me alone, with Duke of course. No one was at the house, no one was left with me." He let out a heavy sigh as he stood up his fist balled up hitting the wall, "Let's go. He will be okay, they will let you know when you can get him."

Reluctantly she let him take her to the car where her father screamed out. "He's your fucking husband, how can he let you be alone unguarded? He let his best and most prized possession left in the open for someone else's taking? He's done this once before but you are his wife now! Give me your word Olivia, you will not let this go on. I want you to call me, whenever I will send MY men over there." Tears kept flowing from her eyes, her father hung his head and wiped her cheeks. His hand grabbed hers, as he drove her to his home. A large house similar to her own stood in front of them, he ushered her into the house as a smiling Jax greeted her with wet kisses. She leaned down and hugged him tightly, her father excused himself as he called Lazarus.
When Olivia returned to her father he was in a heated discussion. "Lazarus, I'm fucking warning you. I don't how much longer I will continue to put up with this. You left her alone! Don't-" He lowered his tone as he saw his daughter. "Can we talk later? Yeah. Olivia is with me. here." He handed the phone out to her, she took a deep breath. "Lazarus I don't want to come home tonight."
"Well, when do you think you will want to come home?"
"When I feel safe, and as of right now I don't know if I will ever want to go back. It's a lot to be in a house with bad memories. And I can't help but notice that whenever you are gone something bad happens to me. First, my house gets broken into, then I almost get raped by one of YOUR guys, now my dog gets stabbed? Funny in a coincidental kind of way." After a long pause, Lazarus broke the silence. "You think I'm setting you up? You think I want someone to hurt you! You're my wife! Why would I put you in a bad position?! Olivia are you fucking serious right now?"Lazarus was livid and screaming into the phone, Olivia took the phone away from her ear to avoid his loud screams in her ear. "I can't even stand you right now. Should I trust you? What happened to the man who told me he would do anything for me? I would do anything you ask of me. Remember that? You would move sun and stars if I asked you to?" Another long silence stood between them two. "So I'm asking you right now, in fact. No no, no. I am telling you Lazarus, if you'd like to keep me. You are going to do something about this, get to the bottom of this or I'm done." He breathed hard into the phone, "You're right. I love you more than anything, I'm going to make this right. Will you meet me?" She shook her head and looked to her father as he was pouring himself a drink, he raised the glass to her and took a drip. "It's up to you baby, whatever is going to make you happy... And if it doesn't you know where I am Doll." Her father leaned in and kissed her head and squeezed her shoulder softly. "Pick me up then, come alone." He was quiet and agreed, "I'm leaving now, I love you." She nodded into the phone and hung up.
Olivia got into the car and slammed it shut behind her as she did. She sat quietly as they drove down the driveway and took off, it was quiet for a long time until they hit the highway. "Where are we going?" Lazarus shook his shoulders before he turned to her. "Wherever you'd like my love, we can just take off for a while if you'd like. I know I have work, so I will have to send someone to stay with you. Or I could drop you off by your parents until we figure something better out." Olivia didn't say anything she sat with her arms crossing her chest, she didn't want to give him anything, she decided she would let him do all the talking. "Olivia, talk to me. I picked you up for us to talk about this, please don't shut me out. I'm here for you." She took a long breath before she spoke, calculating her words carefully. "Lazarus, I'm just so aggravated. Things fucking suck so bad right now, everything is so fine and great when it's just you and me. Whenever all this shit gets dragged into the mix it like water and oil." Lazarus turned to her and reached for her hand squeezing it tightly. "You knew this all wasn't going to be easy before we got married, you knew the lifestyle had risks and dangers. You married into this, I understand it's not easy for you." He pulled onto an exit leading them through backroads and farms.
"Liv, you are my life. I will do anything for you, I said that the day I married you and I stand by it firmly. You are always my first priority and I will make sure you are taken care of." They drove to a small cottage, it was rural and remote. It wasn't fancy and lavish like their home was but it was cozy, it was clean kept and felt like home. It was warm inside and you felt at ease and relaxed as soon as you looked at it. He helped Olivia out and opened the door for her, he walked her to the door with his arm around her waist. He ushered her inside and she took a spot on the small couch, he took a seat next to her placing a hand on her knee. "I promise you, it's not going to be like this forever." He got to his knees and placed his head on her lap, she would run her fingers through his thick dark hair. "I love you, I married you and now I want this to work out between us. So you need to step up and protect me now more than before, someone is trying to get their message across Laz." He looked up to her, his hands was on her thighs, looking into his eyes she noticed how pained he looked. His eyes were bloodshot, he looked like he hadn't slept in a long time, she looked down at the man that owned her heart. There had never been anyone that she had ever felt like this for before, he was her only one, and now he is her husband. As she sat there looking into his eyes, she thought maybe she hadn't been such a good wife to him. She brought his he up to her chest and hugged it hard, "Lazarus, I'm sorry if I'm being a bitch. If I'm hard to deal with, I love you and I trust you. I really do." His hands were around her waist and hugging her hard, suddenly his lips were crashing into hers.

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