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Countrysides & Cabins

They were a mixture of fire and ice, hold and cold and neither of them could wrap their heads around it. They wrestled on the floor as they were ripping at each other's clothes. She was on top of him kissing and sucking at his neck leaving hickeys. For the first time they didn't speak, they just kissed and touched each other. They didn't waste any time in the small quiet cottage, they were naked fast, and even faster was he holding his cock in his hand positioning it inside of her. She wrapped her legs around him as he slid inside of her wet core, she was always so easily ready and turned on for him. He pressed his whole body into her small one in comparison, he thrust into her as his head reached down to suck on her breasts. He sucked harder until she let out soft moans, Olivia's moans fueled him to fuck her harder. She reached down to cup his ass, she urged him to keep on pace, eventually, he would press her leg up to her ear. He pushed and pumped into her moving his body like a snake, he bit his lip as he did. His hand cupped her neck forcing her to look into his eyes, his head fell to her forehead their gaze locking. She felt a familiar feeling building in her core, Lazarus must have known what she was feeling too because he grunted and snarled to her. "Look at me when you cum." He pounded into her hard, her muscles tensed around his member and squeezed him tightly begging to milk him of his seed. Olivia screamed out as she began to orgasm sweetly, she was cumming so hard her body was jerked and convulsed beneath his, he slowed down as he released at the feeling of her grip. Her juices were soaking his cock and ran to his balls, her body begged to feel him to cum, it was like she commanded him and his body only obeyed her fully belonging to her now. His hands wrapped around her, placing his head on her chest, the beads of sweat falling onto her before he placed soft kisses on her breasts. Lazarus carried her to bed and wrapped her up in the blanket and nestled into her as he too fell asleep.

In the morning they were awoken with beams of sunlight and birds chirping, the house was quiet as Olivia turned to Lazarus and pushed his hair back before she kissed him softly. She laid there looking at him so peaceful, she wanted so badly to stay with him under the warmth of the blanket. But she felt a stirring in her stomach that sent her swirling, she got up with urgency to purge all the contents in her stomach. She ran to the bathroom throwing up, Lazarus stood behind her and was pulling her hair back rubbing her back gently. "Feeling sick?" He would ask after she wiped her mouth and flushed the toilet. "Yeah, I don't feel good today Laz. The room feels like it's spinning." He nodded to her softly, they were still sitting on the floor and he wrapped her into a hug. "Did you drink last night?" She shook her head and it made everything worse, she leaned against him squeezing his thigh. "I didn't drink, but I feel hungover." He lifted her gently to her feet as her hand clung to her clenching stomach. "I'm not leaving you like this today, are you up to going home?" She tried shaking her head again and felt herself feeling worse again. "Laz, I think I need you to take me to my dad's. They can watch over me, let me just rest maybe I can sleep it off."
After a few hours, Lazarus was dressed in his usual button-up shirt and dress pants. He woke Olivia gently, "Sweetheart. I need you to wake up, your dad is on his way. He will be here soon." She sat up in the bed and stretched out. "Oh, okay? Will you pick me up later?" He kissed her forehead and handed her a glass of water and urged her to drink up. "Yeah, I shouldn't be long. How do you feel?" Olivia sat on the edge of the bed, "I feel better. Just tired." Lazarus had her clothes on the bed ready for her. She stood to her feet slowly and got herself dressed. Her father was already outside when Lazarus's phone rang, "It's your dad, I think he's here already. Are you okay?" She nodded as she pulled to her clothes and gave him a shy smile. "Yeah, let's head out." They hugged and kissed goodbye as he loaded her in the car. The whole ride back to her parents' home Olivia could hardly hold a conversation, between the churning and cramping in her stomach or to the fact that she was lost in thought. How could she love someone so much, yet at the same time be so worried about his intentions? Part of her wanted to believe that Lazarus was who he said he was, who he used to be for her but another part of her was still thinking about how he fits into that very confusing picture that had become her life. She would eventually settle her mind and body by rolling down the window and watching the passing cars and signs on the highway, she allowed herself to sit back and at least try to relax.
Olivia woke up to her phone going off, it was the animal hospital she took a deep breath as she prepared herself for the worse. "Hello? Yes, this is she." She listened intently as she turned the radio in the car down, "Oh he is? That's great." She felt hot tears swell up in her eyes as she struggled to wipe them away, only more fell as she did. "Yes, I would. I am on my way, thank you." She pointed towards the exit ushering her father to pull off of the highway. "Duke's okay, get off here. I can see him now." The car couldn't have gotten there fast enough, as soon as they pulled up into a spot before the car was even in park Olivia jumped out of the car. She flew into the animal hospital and was greeted by a wagging tail and some wet kisses, she couldn't help but fall onto the floor and wrapped herself around Duke's body. "Hi baby boy, I missed you like crazy." She kissed his face and grabbed handfuls of wrinkled skin, her face resting on his. "You're going to come home with me today Duke. Wanna go home buddy?"

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