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Surprise, I Hate Surprises

Olivia slept soundly on the sofa Duke nestled his head on her hip curled behind her legs. It was late as the Gotti's home was dimly lit and the house was nearly silent, Lazarus slipped inside quietly and looked down at his sleeping wife. For the first time she seemed so peaceful, he reached a hand down to caress her cheek softly before kissing her forehead. Duke opened one eye and gave out a little breath as he lifted his sleepy head to lick one of Lazarus' hands, he sushed him quickly as he sat by Olivia's feet taking one out from under the covers and rubbing it gently. Duke turned his head to rest it in Lazarus' lap, he stroked his head and ears softly as he shook his head wondering how it all got so messed up so quickly. Olivia sat up slowly as she rubbed her eyes, "Laz?" she yawned as she rolled over to face the back of the couch settling in and patting Duke's butt. "What are you doing here?" He shurged his shoulders and looked down at the dog, "I ran later than expected. I just figured I should see you before anything else, I think we should talk."Olivia moved only her head to look at him. "About what? It's late, I just want to sleep." His hand found Olivia's foot and continued to rub it as he took a deep breath. "Well, you refuse to come home and for a good reason. So I was wondering if you wanted any input in the new house?" She sighed and took Lazarus' face into her hands as she kissed his cheek softly. "I would like some input, but as long as I am with you, I am home. You're my husband, and I love you." He smiled as he wrapped her into a hug, "How are you feeling? Are you still sick?" he asked putting a hand to her forehead. Olivia shook her head and leaned it against his shoulder as she pulled Duke into her lap and rubbed him. "Yeah it was so weird it was like I couldn't stop throwing up, I was dizzy and had a headache it was awful, but I laid down with Duke as soon as I got here and I fell asleep. Now I'm fine, it was probably just stress or something, there's been a lot going on y'know?" He nodded back to her and stood to his feet, he outstretched a hand and ushered her upstairs as she took his hand. Duke trailed behind them as they turned in for the night.

Olivia was in the guest room where they had all slept in as she tried to get dressed when Lazarus popped his head in and watched her. She was going through a bag and was pulling out clothes and sorting them. "What are you doing love?" She shook her head as Duke grabbed a shirt and started to take off on the wooden floors, he slid around the room as he did. "Duke!" She was dashing behind him chasing him when Lazarus laughed and stood in front of him, he stopped and sat down releasing the now wet fabric onto the floor and panted happily like he had done a good job. "This dog, Duke bad boy! Go lay down!" She yelled as he laid his head down as his body slid down to the floor, her hands went up to her face in frustration. Lazarus went to her and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, "What's wrong?" she didn't answer just shook her head crying. "Love, what's going on?" Olivia looked up to him with tear-filled eyes as if she couldn't help but become emotional. "I can't fit into my clothes anymore, I'm getting fat." Lazarus tried to hold back a laugh as he wrapped his arms around her, "Liv, I love you and there's nothing wrong with you. You're probably getting your period." She slumped into his embrace and sobbed harder, "You're starting to scare me. What's wrong now?" when she could finally catch her breath and steadied herself she looked up to him. "Lazarus, I'm late." He lowered himself to the bed and sat at the edge, "Huh?" her hands wiped away the tears and knelt between his legs. "Baby, I'm late. I was sick yesterday, I'm bloated and I'm a mess... I'm angry, I'm crying, then I can't keep my hands off of you. I think I'm pregnant." His hand pulled her head to his chest as he kissed her head. "Say something Laz, now you're worrying me." He shook his head as he pulled away and lifted her head so his eyes could meet hers as they spoke. "I'm just shocked, I can't say I didn't see it. I mean, I knew we would have kids, I accepted that fact when I asked you to marry me. I guess I didn't expect it so soon..." She stood to her feet as she pulled his hand up taking it in hers, he was facing her stomach and kissed it softly. "I'm not upset about it though, I always wanted to see you pregnant." They both laughed as he pulled her shirt up to reveal her stomach. She was still skinny and flat, bloated, and fat was all in her head because she was even more perfect than when they had first met. "Why don't we wait a few days, we will have our new home by then and we can get a test." She nodded in agreement yet Lazarus still stared at her stomach and kissed it softly before whispering. "If you're in there I won't be upset." After several more pieces of clothing and Lazarus convincing Olivia, she looked good in anything she finally was able to get dressed and join everyone downstairs in the kitchen.
Niccoli was already at the table drinking a cup of coffee and eating breakfast while Lazarus sat across from him and was deep in discussion. Aurelli smiled brightly as she was dishing out plates, "Good morning love! You look well-rested, better than yesterday." Olivia smiled in response, she decided on a light pink sundress and a simple pair of wedges. Her blonde hair curled and hung loosely over her shoulders, she went natural with no makeup as she just didn't feel she had the energy to get through it without another random outburst of crying and would most likely mess it up anyways. "Thanks Mom, I guess I just feel better having Duke back with me, Lazarus came in late last night and I had him by my side. Plus sleeping in my old bed always just makes me feel so much more at home." Aurelli handed Olivia a plate and a glass of orange juice and ushered her to the kitchen table. "What's on the agenda today?" Olivia turned to Lazarus, "Well I was just talking with your dad and he has someone we're going to meet up with. There's a house not far from here, so it's like, more Suburban." He rolled his eyes as he took a bite of toast. "What's wrong with that? I like suburban." He looked down at his food and didn't say anything, "Lazarus we can at least go and see it and then decide if it's good for us or not." he lifted his hands in surrender as Niccoli let out a laugh. "Whatever my doll wants, I told you. Doll, you will love it there's plenty of bedrooms a big backyard for Duke. A pool of course, it's beautiful I would have moved there myself." Olivia took a drink of juice before she swallowed and responded. "Daddy, it sounds like you already bought it." He smiled and nodded as he waved a hand. "Oh I didn't buy you anything this time, you have a husband now. That's his job Liv." She faced Lazarus quickly as she narrowed her eyes to him, he lowered his head down. "Did you do something without consulting me?" His hands shot up in defense, he quickly glanced at Niccoli and mouthed the words 'thank you.' "Sweetheart, it was supposed to be a surprise. Your father forgets how fast you catch on. See it and then decide if I did something wrong."

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