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Delayed Wedding Presents & All Other Unexpected Gifts

They pulled up to a large house that looked like it was something Olivia would have picked back home. It was a white stone house with a winding driveway and large bay windows, it stood two stories high and further from their neighbors giving them some sense of privacy. She exited the car and looked up at the house, it was definitely something would have chosen on the outside but the inside was a different story. Lazarus took her hand in his and wrapped his arms around her shoulders hugging her before he spoke up. "Olivia, I know you're upset and you have a lot going on inside that little head of yours, but I need you to hear me out. I wanted this to be a surprise, this is and was my wedding gift to you. I have been working on this house ever since we went to the states to meet your parents. I wanted you to have a home that is truly yours, I tried to make it something you'd love so the inside is finished and redone but if you don't like it I will have it redone. So please don't judge me on the inside, I tried to imagine something you'd love and want in your own home." She laughed and turned to him kissing his lips softly. "You're so full of surprises." She smiled as she pulled away, "I hate you right now." despite her words she was giggling like a schoolgirl and was rushing inside. Inside was light-colored walls and dark wooden floors, the kitchen was dark marble counters and stainless steel appliances, the house was big but it felt warm inside like the cabin. You could feel the warmth of love inside of it, she wrapped her arms around herself and smiled brightly. Lazarus certainly knew what she would love, and she was pleasantly surprised at how well he did, clearly, someone had to of helped him. She wandered around the house and found five bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs, there were a couple of smaller rooms on the main floor with another bathroom, she just took it all in. There wasn't any furniture but she could imagine where things would go, she reached a hand down on her stomach and closed her eyes imagining herself a mother with children filling up the house and a silent smile appeared on her face.
"Tell me you don't hate it," Lazarus said wrapping his arms around her as his hands slid ontop of hers. He looked down and realized they were holding her stomach and his head rested on top of hers, "Are you still feeling sick today?" she shook her head and turned around to face Lazarus. Her eyes met his and locked onto them. "I know it sounds crazy but I know when I'm home. This was a wonderful choice Laz, I love it. Thank you." He leaned down and kissed her forehead, "I would do anything for you."
It was only a matter of a few days and they were moved into their new house, it felt nice for them to have somewhere to call home again. After they were settled in Olivia took a deep breath and went to the bathroom to take the somewhat nerve-wracking pregnancy test. Olivia gave herself a pep talk in the mirror, Lazarus was still outside with a few friends and his trusted men, they were having drinks and it gave her time to do this alone, although Lazarus would have happily done this alongside her she felt like it would be easiest if he wasn't watching her every move right now. 'You got this, whatever it says it's fine. It's okay to not be pregnant, but you're married. It's not like he's going anywhere, just do it.' She said to herself as she began to unwrap the test tearing the foil with her mouth, as she peed on the stick she started thinking how funny it was that if you don't start sex by tearing foil it still ends in tearing the foil of a pregnancy test. She silently vowed to herself that if she was not pregnant she was going to go on some sort of birth control. She capped it up and placed it onto the counter as she cleaned herself up, she decided it was best not to look at it until it was time. She sat with her back against the sink on the floor and scrolled through her phone until a timer went off.
"It's time, do, or die." She took a breath as she stood to her feet and looked down at the test, it was a dark pink plus sign. Feelings of anxiety began to creep into her mind as her hand covered her mouth. "Holy shit." She couldn't help but smile, the longer she looked at it the more real it became to her. She was smiling as she shoved it in the pocket of her sweater, she headed out to the side door and shouted out to Lazarus who was out by the garage having a drink. "Laz, can you come in here for a second." He waved her to come out and she waved a hand back for him to come inside, after a few minutes of battling back and forth he caved and went to his wife. He said something and then set his drink down as he jogged over, she stepped out and stood on the porch admiring him and all his beauty. When he finally stopped in front of her she waved him up, reluctantly he shook his head and climbed the stairs. "This better be good woman!" He laughed, "It's only two stairs don't be lazy because I really can't handle you being lazy right now." he looked up at her confused, "Baby are you upset with me?" she nodded her head. "I am very upset that you aren't hugging me right now!" She pouted as he gave her a small hug still confused, "I just don't know what you want from me sometimes." she shrugged and held out the test to him. "I need to soak it up before all the love goes to someone else." He took one look at it and smiled up to her, "Really!?!" he shouted as she nodded her head biting her lip. He lifted her up and kissed her lips deeply, "Is it a secret?" shrugging and giggling she shook her head. "I'm pregnant Laz!" He lifted her bridal style and dashed down the stairs and around the yard before he set her down by the garage. "We're having a baby!" Niccoli stepped out of a large black SUV and watched as Lazarus paraded around and celebrated. "What's going on?" Olivia giggled and put a hand over her mouth Lazarus stopped in his tracks. "Oh, uh. Livvy has something to tell you." He walked over to his daughter and kissed her forehead. "Tell me Doll?" Lazarus stood behind Olivia and wrapped his arms around her as she spoke, "Well Daddy, I love you very much-" the excitement was killing Lazarus and he was like a child because he interrupted with "How do you like being called Grandpa?" Niccoli looked like he was going to have a heart attack, Olivia's arms wrapped around her father. "Daddy, I'm pregnant!" He collapsed into her arms and squeezed her tightly, he kissed her head and her cheek. "I'm not surprised, it was only a matter of time. You are going to be the best mother, congratulations."

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