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Filling These Empty Rooms

Seven Months Later.....

Olivia struggled to move around as the weeks seemed to near her due date, she sat with her legs propped up on the sofa Duke sitting on the floor since he could no longer fit on the couch unless she curled her legs up and that was simply no longer comfortable to her any longer. She rubbed her large stomach as she watched tv, it was getting late and she would like to go to bed but she simply couldn't move without having to pee. The amount of effort it took to get herself up and then to the bedroom was more than her want to go to sleep in the bed, the door opened and Lazarus came through in his button-up shirt looking as handsome as ever. Duke's head would pop up and barked as he got up stretching out his legs as he walked up to Lazarus, "You're still up?" Olivia nodded her head as she began to sit up on the couch slowly. "Well, it's getting harder to move around when I don't have to." She laughed as he walked over to her side and bent down to kiss her lips, as he rubbed her stomach. "Hi princess, I can't wait to hold you and kiss you." Olivia smiled down at him, he was kneeling at her feet now and talking to her large bump. "It's getting close soon, I need you to take time off of work to stay with us. I need you to set up the crib still, and I finished off some more stuff today." He shook his head, "You know you need to take it easy, it's not good for either of you." she reached out for his hands and lifted herself off the couch. "It wasn't much, besides, it could be any day now. I just want her out of me already! I want to be able to see my toes again." They laughed as Lazarus followed her upstairs, he stopped at the baby's room and looked inside. "Are you sure it will be a girl?" She nodded her head and took his hand into hers as she flicked on the light in the nursery. "I am positive, it's just a strong feeling. I can't even begin to explain it, it's in my gut y'know? Like the love I already feel for her. I just know it." He nodded as he sat down in the small rocking chair, he moved a stuffed dog and looked at it closely. "I know, I just still wish I had a boy." She rubbed his shoulders and patted him firmly, "There's always going to be time for more babies my love, once she's out we have plenty of empty rooms to fill. Besides," she leaned down and began to nibbling at his neck. "It's always so much fun making babies." A devilish smile grew across his face as he stood to take her into his arms. "Olivia, what have you really been doing this whole time here, in this big empty house?" The corners of her mouth perked up as she began to undo her silk robe revealing her naked body beneath. "Oh, just thinking about you." He wrapped his mouth around her nipple and sucked and kissed it softly.

Soon enough they were fumbling in the dark hallway leading to their bedroom. Being pregnant and married to a man who had a stressful job and lifestyle took it's toll on them a lot. They didn't see each other as often as they'd like and with her pregnancy wreaking havoc on her hormones she was constantly craving him in more ways than one. She was like a constant animal and couldn't have enough whenever they were intimate, he was pressing her chest down on the bed as he lowered his mouth to her slick wetness. He lapped and sucked vigorously as she moaned out, "Oh God!" he would find her clit and sucked it generously. The feeling would push her closer climax, he withdrew his mouth and pushed two fingers into her core. She was so hot she could feel the fire he had ignited within her, she shifted her weight against his fingers as he growled into her ear. He was tracing a trail of hot kisses from her neck, her spine, all the way down to her ass where he bit down softly. He took his shirt off and then unzipped his pants, he fumbled for a moment as he kicked out of his pants. Lazarus reached down to take hold of his throbbing member as he rubbed it against her pussy, he used her juices to lubricate it, he would rub against her clit teasing her before he shoved himself inside of her roughly. She was so turned on she didn't flinch, her body shuddered with pleasure. He pumped and thrust into her gripping her hips and pulling her into him as he filled her up, he paused for a moment and fumbled with something in the darkness, faint whispers of vibrations could be heard as he brought it around placed it on her clit. Olivia's body would accept the feelings of him thrusting into her harder but the feeling of vibrations against her clit was driving her insane. She moaned out loud as she continued to back up against him using her weight to push her harder. They continued until she was shaking and screaming out his name, she squeezed her eyes shut as she was climaxing all around him. He pushed into her deeper and kept his rhythm and pace as she squirmed underneath him, her lovely sounds had him at his edge as he came into her. He held onto her hips to stable himself, beads of sweat dripped onto her back as he kissed her shoulder softly.
Both of them were tired and panting as they both climbed into bed ready for bed. They had drifted off for a few hours before Olivia shot up out of her sleep and gripped her stomach, she let out soft yelps. Duke laying on the floor nearby started barking waking Lazarus, "Olivia! If you don't shut your fucking dog up!" He yelled out, at no response from her and the dog continuing to bark he reached up to turn on the bedside lamp to see her doubled over at the edge of the bed. Duke jumped furiously around her before he laid down by her side licking her leg, "Liv what's wrong?" he crawled over to her side before he stood to his feet wrapping his arms around her waist. "Laz, I think this is it." Another loud yell and Olivia's feet were wet, liquid ran down her leg and she squeezed her thighs together. "My water just broke, get the bags. The baby is coming!"

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