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All Those Lovely Pink Things

After several hours after being rushed to the hospital, it was time to welcome their first child into the world. Olivia was screaming and refused to get an epidural against Lazarus' suggestions, she was spread open in an uncomfortable position, and doctor's kept walking in and looking at her progress. Lazarus was irritated at the fact that doctor's were always touching her and looking between her legs at her most intimate bits. "Well, you are ready to push." Lazarus crept up to her side and held her hand, "We're in this together okay my love?" He leaned down to kiss her eyebrow as she nodded already out of breath. The pain as well as contractions were coming in waves and a clear indication of this baby's want and need to meet everyone that had loved them from a far the past nine months. "Okay momma, I need you to start pushing." Lazarus held her as she pushed, he along with another nurse counted out loud before telling her to rest and take a breath. "I think you could do this in a few pushes, Olivia, the baby will be here before you know it." The doctor was at least trying to give her a peptalk as she felt very tired, and breathless and they had only just begun. "Let's push again." Lazarus nodded down to Olivia and kissed her lips, "You can do this babe." Olivia took another deep breath as she pushed harder and yelled out. "We have the head, you just need one big push, Olivia. You're doing so well!" The words of encouragement worked because Olivia pushed her hardest as a baby's cry could be heard. For the first time, Lazarus left Olivia's side and rushed to the doctor as he delivered their daughter. "It's a girl!" Lazarus screamed as they cleaned her up.

The nurses quickly scooped her up and began to check her our and continued cleaning her. "5lbs 10oz." The baby began to scream loudly as the nurses wrapped her in a blanket Lazarus, not wanting a daughter was standing there with eagar arms and grabbed her as soon as he could. He held her tight to his chest, she looked like a small doll against his large stature, he walked to Olivia slowly and placed her gently on her chest. Olivia wept as she kissed her head and cheeks, the baby instantly calmed and cooed as she felt her mother's embrace. "Do you have a name?" Lazarus looked to Olivia as she nodded, her finger would rub the baby's eyebrow softly as she spoke. "Yes, this is Arianna Aurellia De Stefano." Lazarus kissed her lips softly, "A beautiful name for my beautiful daughter." Olivia sat up and brought the baby to her breast as she took a deep breath of relief that it was all over.
One Year Later........
They lived a beautiful life with very little action considering the lifestyle they lived, of course, Lazarus was away for most of the time despite his constant attention being torn to his daughter. Olivia had grown to accept his absence and overcame it with little effort. She had the car loaded up to meet Lazarus for lunch at their favorite spot on the yacht as they were about to start a mini-vacation to celebrate Ari's first birthday weekend. They wanted a peaceful two-day trip just the three of them, Olivia reached down and buckled Ari into the car seat before placing a soft and gentle kiss on her head. She was pulling onto the highway when her phone went off, she let it ring but it kept ringing and the phone wouldn't stop. Olivia answered it against her better judgement, she hate answering the phone while she was driving with her daughter. "It better be good Tony!" She answered, but she was only answered with the words "I'm sorry, Olivia there has been an accident." Tears flew out of her eyes as she struggled to keep the car in it's lane. "Niccoli and Lazarus have been shot." The words echoed loudly in her ears as if the words were too loud, she was sobbing so hard and loudly the baby didn't budge as she had fallen asleep. Everything was so silent after she found out about Ari how could they all change so quickly? She was just turning one, they had only been married for two years. Why? She screamed and yelled as she drove, her foot was steadily on the gas pressing it harder and harder without realizing it. Her mind was spinning as she suddenly realized a car was braking in front of her, she was going to fast to stop it wouldn't do anything. She jerked the wheel in a desperate attempted to swirve and avoid the car altogether. The car spun violently jerking Olivia and crashing her head against the window, another passing car slammed on their brakes to avoid the sedan. She was hit from the side and hit the guard rail head on stopping her car, the baby cried and screamed even as the paramedics opened the door and brought them to safety. Olivia's limp body was transported to a nearby hospital.
At the hospital Olivia was hooked up to all sorts of machines and tubes, some of them dinged and beeped accompanying Aurelli's cries and pleads for her only daughter to wake up. "Olivia Ari needs you, she's okay. You can't leave her, you can't leave me, you're supposed to be here." She wrapped her hand around her daughter's and cried silently. Olivia could see her mother and hear her cries, she placed a hand on her mother's shoulder and squeezed softly, she felt the pain in her heart as she was stuck there watching her mother. Her soul lingered and watched as estranged family members of her family came to visit her lifeless body, she would hug and kiss and wipe away tears with a gentle touch. Her heart only weighed the heaviest when Aurelli brought Arianna into her room, she was asleep but she brought her to the head of the bed. She cradled her granddaughter and sang softly to her, Olivia's heart could feel it break all around her. She forced her eyes shut and cried, she kissed her daughter's full cheeks, her blonde curls peaked out of a headband. "Ari, I love you." Was all she could manage before he mother looked up to the window and said through tears. "Daughter, wherever you are... I know you are tired, I will never be ready for that day to come, but I accept it. If love could keep you here, you would wake up right now... But it's not enough, all I can do is tell you I love you with my whole soul." Tears filled her eyes as she swallowed hard, "My sweet girl, if it is your time... Go be with your love, give your daddy a kiss for me when you see him." Aurelli disappeared for a few hours and returned with Ari. Olivia stood to her feet and placed a soft kiss on her mother's cheek, "I would never be prepared to leave you, but it's time. I love you Mom, I know you will watch over Ari." With that the room felt warm as machines slowly stopped beeping, Aurelli broke down as she grabbed her daughter's hand. Olivia turned to the hallway and passed all the doctors as they rushed inside the crowded room. She turned and seen Lazarus as he greeted her with a soft smile, he took her hand as they walked off until they disappeared.

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