Verona In a Day

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Do You Like Spaghetti?

Classes dragged on and on. Olivia swore she was never going to get out of there in enough time, and it was getting warm, her thighs were beginning to stick to the wooden seats. She ran to the courtyard and found Lazarus waiting on a bench with a flower in his large hand. She couldn't help but smile as she flung her bag over her shoulder and approached him. "Ready?" She asked happily. He raised his camera in response, "Do you mind?" She turned red again but shrugged. "Are we making a movie?" He shook his head, "No. Memories. We can do a photo shoot." He handed her a white rose and snapped a few pictures. He put his camera strap around his neck as he reached down for her hand leading the way.

He led her down the bridge overlooking the water and had her stand in various poses snapping shots of her standing with her back to him stray strands of blonde fluttering in the breeze. He took her to town and let her pose next to and on fountains until he stood next to her capturing selfies. She reached her arm around his neck and stuck her tongue out at the camera, they each made funny faces and giggled at the results. "One more, smile nice."
"Okay, okay I'll try." She fixed a stray hair and placed a hand on his cheek and smiled brightly. Before he snapped the picture he turned and kissed her cheek, she smiled brighter and leaning her head on his shoulder. "I have one last place, it'll take us awhile to get there though. Did you have other plans?" She shook her head no and slipped her hand into his as they walked down the streets. He stopped periodically to snap photos of buildings and people, and her. He would explain the history and give her tales of lovers and stories of when he grew up. He led her down to a pier, the sun was going to set soon, he edged her to a rock nearby and told her to sit down.
"The city is overwhelming sometimes. It's so busy it's easy to get lost in the rush of it, I like this place because it's quiet. I would always come here to escape, when I was little I imagined sailing away on one of those boats." He pointed over to the docking boats in the distance, snap, snap. He clicked the shutter on the camera, the sun began to set the sky turning shades of pink and golds as the sun began to set. Snap, snap. "Take your hair down," Olivia obeyed as he directed, he stood and plucked a little red flower and slipped it into her hair above her ear. He placed her hands in her lap and stood to take her profile. Snap, snap. "That's beautiful," he took the camera away from his eye and turned to her, "You photograph beautifully... I think you took the wrong major." He smiled, the smile sent butterflies whirling through her stomach. She could feel the heat radiate off of his arms, she found her hand resting on his arm as she leaned over peaking at the photo of herself. The woman in the photo looked so beautiful, it was insane that it was even her. "It is beautiful," she finally managed as he turned to her. She leaned in slowly as her lips reached his kissing him softly. He pulled away slowly, "I'm sorry." she whispered as his hand reached behind her head softly, "I'm not." His lips kissed hers softly, his hand rested on her neck, she felt so small under his hand. She reached her hands out to his sides and was shocked when she felt his rippling muscles beneath his shirt. He took a step closer reaching his free hand cupping her face, they stood like this for a while until she pulled back taking a deep breath. "It's been a wonderful day with you. The most I've seen of Italy this whole summer." He nodded, "I would like to get you a copy of these photos." She smiled brightly, "I'd love that Lazarus." Her hand slipped into his, the warm breeze kissed her bare shoulders. "Are you busy tonight?"
"Drinks?" She shrugged, "I suppose, but I want to get home." Lazarus looked down the corners of his mouth fell down as well, "So, goodnight?" She shook her head and wrapped her arms around his long torso again. "Not yet, do you like spaghetti?" He laughed and looked down at her tucking the hair behind her ear again. "Yeah. I do."
"Would you like to come to my house and have dinner with me?"
"I'd like that." She smiled back up at him, "Me too."

Olivia had the hardest time deciding what to wear for a date. Was this a date? Earlier was definitely a date, so this had to be a date too. She danced back and forth in front of the mirror trying to decide to go casual or not. What was Lazarus going to wear? Try to imagine what he would wear and match him. Okay, go. Olivia sorted through dresses in her closet and finally chose a black coral dress that was short, casual and flowy. Spaghetti straps, with a closure that tied up in the front to reveal a little cleavage, she skipped the bra altogether and slid on a small lace thong, she slipped on small black heels. She wore her hair straight and left it down tonight, she experimented with bronzes and golds on her face as her skin had tanned a bit since the Italian sun had been so loving to her this summer. Her soft blonde hair touched her back as she did spins in the mirror. Her phone pinged loudly breaking her thoughts. Leo's name popped up, "Did you eat Ms. Liv?" she rolled her eyes, "Not yet. Having dinner soon. Don't worry." She texted back and tossed her phone onto the bed as she applied a soft lipstick. Her phone began to ring and she picked it up and answered softly, "Where are you? I'm starving."
"I thought you were having dinner soon?" Leo's voice responded. "Shit. Leo- I am eating soon. What's up?" She put a hand up to her face in annoyance. "I didn't pick anything up, did you order?"
"I'm making dinner."
"You can cook?" He snorted with a laugh. "You haven't cooked anything that you couldn't put inside a toaster." She rolled her eyes again, "Leo, I have a date tonight. He's coming over."
"Oh." Leonardo paused for a long moment and they sat in silence. "Sorry, I'll let you go. See you in the morning?"
"Mhmm," she called out as she put him on speaker to fix her hair again. "I'll call you when to come and get me tomorrow morning."
"Don't make it late, don't you have classes tomorrow?"
"Actually I don't, but thanks, Dad. Talk to you tomorrow, byyeeee." She said hanging up quickly. She felt an awful feeling in her stomach, Leonardo was a good guy, a very sweet one. But she was not interested in him hanging around anymore. It was nice to have a friend when she didn't have anyone but she didn't want him hanging around her house waiting around for her like a puppy. She knew how awful it was because her stomach was starting to churn. She shook her head and headed towards the kitchen and grabbing a bottle of red wine and pouring herself a glass. She took a quick drink and set it down again. The doorbell chimed and she took a deep breath and then walked to the door. She met Lazarus at the garden gate and ushered him inside.
He took a step back to admire her beauty. "Wow, you look beautiful." He leaned forward to kiss her below her earlobe which made her heart beat faster. "Thank you, come inside." He looked around the garden, "We aren't inside yet?" She laughed and grabbed his hand leading him inside the house, "I'm afraid not. It's a big house." He took in the house and watched her as she led him around. "How many roommates do you have?" She laughed again and headed towards the kitchen, "It's just me. My Dad bought me this house as my graduation gift. It's mine." He lifted a hand to rub his jaw, "I got a camera for graduation...I got robbed." His eyes fell down to his hand, "I brought you an Italian wine. Red. Do you like red?" Olivia smiled at Lazarus' nervous speech. She brought out a wine opener and handed it to him, "Do the honor?" He reached his muscular arm out, he wore a blue button-up with the sleeves rolled up, his top button exposed just a glimpse of his toned pecs. This guy was like an Italian love God, the chiseled muscles and jawline. It was like they carved him from stone in some faraway time.

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