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Do You Like Spaghetti? (Continued)

The night brought them to cooking messy spaghetti, his arm wrapped around her waist kissing her neck softly teasing her as he would reach a hand over her's to stir the pasta together. He stuck a long wooden spoon into the sauce and would blow on it softly cupping a hand under it as he ushered it to her pink lips. She sipped it slowly and nodded, "That's fantastic." His lips lowered onto her bottom lip and sucked it softly. She found her hands cupped around his neck and his hands found their way around her hips, then to her ribs until they reached her breasts. She tilted her head back and let out a soft moan, the wine had taken her onto a dizzy spin. He pulled away softly and she shut eyes tight as the moment slipped away from them, "Mi scuzi." he whispered into her ear, his wine dipped breath sent shivers up and down her arms. "Uh," Olivia searched for the words through her racing mind. "No. Mi disiace. Sto bene." She barely managed as she straightened herself, "Italian wine is much stronger." Lazarus reached for the knob on the stove and turned it until it clicked and covered the pots and pushed them to the back burners. He reached for the bottle of wine and poured two glasses slowly.

  • "I will admit," he began to confess. "It takes me back too, sometimes." The words made him smile as he handed her a small glass, "I find," he took a moment to take a deep sip. "That red wine has the strongest effect." Olivia let the wine slip down her throat in one swift sip and set the glass on the kitchen counter. Lazarus raised an eyebrow, silently asking as if he dared him to do the same. He lifted his glass and took a quick swallow, he lifted the bottle again and poured a bit more steadily in each glass. They lifted in unison, clinked glasses and took another sip. Olivia set the glass down and inched closer to Lazarus' hard body. She let her hands wander up to his arms and tilted her head into his and kissed a small section just above his jawline and below his earlobe. His hands found their way onto her body again, only eager to find the places they had been just moments before. Their heavy wine scented breath filled the small space between them as they kissed and nibbled each other's lips and necks. Lazarus pushed back at Olivia trapping her against the kitchen counter, his finger played with the tie closure between her breasts, with one swift motion he pulled at the string and kept tugging until it loosened and let her breasts fall out of her dress. His large tanned hands reaching up to catch them, his mouth leaned down to take her hard nipples into his mouth kissing and sucking them softly. Olivia brave off the buzz, reached her hand up to unbutton his shirt, kissing his chest and pulling his tucked-in shirt out. She undid the buttons until there wasn't any left, she turned her hand to his pants and stuck a finger inside hooking his pants around her finger. As if that one finger could gather the strength to pull his body closer onto hers, he obediently followed along, lips more desperate for the taste of hers. One hand slid up her dress and squeezed her ass as the other hooked her neck as he kissed her lips passionately. Olivia undid the button to his pants and slowly unzipped the zipper, they were both out of breath yet they continued on. Lazarus reached to the top of lacey panties and slide them down as he took her in his arms as he pulled his cock out of soft boxers and positioned it to her entrance. He rubbed himself against her and whispered: "Are you sure?" his words lit a fire in her stomach as reached down to stroke his eager member. A swift motion he was inching inside her walls as she gasped he was inside her, her walls stretched accommodating him as his cock throbbed.
  • He lifted her up as she shifted her weight to rock and grind against him. His hands locked on her ass, her legs cradled him as they both moaned. "Oh my God," she pulled the top of her dress down the body heat between them both was boiling. He pulled out and kicking his shoes off and pulling his jeans and boxers off his shirt hung around his broad shoulders. Olivia lifted her dress higher and sprung herself up onto the counter opening her legs he slid between them and placed his hands around her face bringing it up for her lips to meet his. His tongue dived into her mouth searching for her tongue. They kissed for a while until he pulled away and lifted her up he carried her through the house while his body retraced steps to the kitchen table. He sat her down softly as his fingers traced paths up and down her exposed back, the cold wooden table shocked warm body and her nipples grew harder. His cock entered her once more as he pushed deep strokes in and out of her. Her breath hitched as he entered her, desperate hands reached out to feel the ripples of his toned abs. Her soft legs wrapped around his hips, a cold heel dug its way into his perfectly shaped ass. She gasped loudly as he would thrust hard and quickly gaining speed, the feeling of ecstasy began to build. She let out a loud moan as she felt her walls close around him hard bringing her to climax. "Oh, fuck." he let out softly as he pulled out against her tight grip, he stroked his cock as he came on her soft mound. He rested his head on her chest taking loud and hard breaths.
  • They sat like this in silence for a long moment before either of them spoke. His large hand reached up to her ribcage cradling her side softly, he squeezed firmly and stood up slowly. "Did I do something wrong?" She stood stuck for a minute, her brain trying to process everything that just happened. "What?" she choked out, "I, uhm. No I'm fine." He took a step back and ran his hands through his hair, the look on his face was concerning. Olivia pulled up the top of her dress covering her self as if he hadn't already seen her most bare parts. Sitting up she placed her hands at the edge of the table scooting herself to stand up, Lazarus raced and lifted her to her feet. She nodded a silent thank you as she quickly dressed herself up, "I really messed this up, didn't I?" The concern on his face drew back up again, when Olivia finally grew the courage to look up at him she cleared her throat. "No, I'm fine... Really." He walked to the kitchen and gathered his boxers and slid them on quickly. He grabbed a napkin and walked it over to her, she reluctantly took it and lifted her dress to wipe his seed off of her. "Then why do you look really freaked out?" he asked quietly as if he was talking to himself. Lazarus paced back to the kitchen to pick up his pants and found Olivia's lacy black thong tangled inside. She walked into the kitchen and leaned against the counter tying her hair up and fanning the back of her neck. "I don't know, I just don't do this kind of thing." He squinted really hard at her, "And I do?" he sounded hurt for a moment. She smiled to herself, "A hot, sexy, fit Italian guy meets you in a nightclub. Finds you at school to take you sightseeing, and he's oddly charming and beautiful in every sense... A guy like you doesn't see a lot of action?" He chuckled and tossed her panties over to her, he shook his head. "Oh sure, I've seen a lot... But a blonde foreign girl walks into Italy, stays out late at night, in beautiful dresses, in a huge home..." He steadily approached her stopping just inches away from her, "Is always alone? She isn't sought after?" He bit his lower lip. "That doesn't mean-- I haven't slept with anyone." Her deep blue eyes stared at his hard, "I can tell..." His lips hovered over the spot below her earlobe. "So you should be able to tell neither have I." He kissed her softly and reached a hand up to caress her cheek. "I have no regrets, even if we never have another moment together. I don't regret it, because I asked." He winked as he brought her chin up with a finger for his gaze to meet his. "A thousand women in this country couldn't have given me a better time than I had today, tonight, with you." His words, although she was a bit angry melted everything. The butterflies returned and fluttered around in her stomach. "If it was too fast, I apologize. I'll say it, I'm sorry. If you give me the chance, I will take it as painfully slow as you'd like."

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