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Nervous Glances

The warm air subsided as it grew colder. Olivia excused herself to the bathroom to wash up, she leaned over the cold porcelain sink drawing in deep breaths. She finally let out one big exhale, she repositioned her updo bun and let a few stray strands fall in her face. She dabbed at running eyeliner and retouched her soft pink lips, retying the tie between her breasts. Her hands trembled as her mind brought her back to spaghetti thoughts. Lazarus knocked softly, he was fully dressed except for his socks and shoes, his shirt hung out disheveled but his selves were rolled up once again, his shirt was buttoned. The blue fit his skin tone perfectly. "Are you feeling okay?" Olivia turned the doorknob slowly and came out, Lazarus' tall body hung in the door frame. He hung there so casually, he looked like he belonged there. "Are you still hungry?" Olivia shook her head and forced a smile, "I think I'll pass. I'm actually thirsty." She pushed passed him and headed for the kitchen. The little space between them made her stomach quake again, Olivia had a creepy fear of what an impulsive person Italy turned her into. Not as much Italy as Lazarus.

The kitchen was much cleaner than she had left it, nervous nerves must have reached their way to Lazarus as well. A cool glass of wine sat at the edge of Olivia's fingertips. "What's next?" Lazarus calmly asked tucking peices of hair out of her face. She stood silent thinking. "Why don't we just get this out of the way, put everything on the table." For the first time since they had talked Lazarus furrowed his brow and looked confused. "I don't have anything?" Olivia shook her head, "No. I mean, put everything in the open. Let's be honest with each other and talk about this." Trailing slowly behind the idea he pointed a finger at her, "You first." Taking a deep breath Olivia took the plunge, "Well for starters, I don't sleep around. I haven't before Italy, I actually had a boyfriend back home. I haven't slept with anyone in Italy, except for you, and before that, I had only slept with my ex." She exhaled a long breath as if that started to relieve the pressure on her chest. "You are the second guy in my book." Another bout of silence lingered, "I think we may have rushed into it. That was a very heated moment, and I think we should slow down before someone get's upset or hurt. Don't get me wrong, I had a nice time with you today, everything was so perfect." Lazarus raised an eyebrow at Olivia in question. Still, she continued taking another sip of wine. "I think the last thing I want, or need to get off my chest here is the obvious one. We didn't use a condom, and we're both young and that was," she paused and took another sip of wine. "Insane." She finished with another swig setting the empty wine glass on the table. She pointed a finger back at Lazarus as she exhaled sweetly. "Well, I have had girlfriends too. I will confess, I had more women than just two, but I was safe. I am safe, I make sure to do my doctor visits. I don't just sleep around with girls." He put his head in his hands and rubbed his temples before he spoke again. "I understand where you are coming from. We don't have to keep doing... This, if you don't want to. Of course," he stumbled to find the words a sudden rush of wine was washing over him. Olivia smiled at this, as she knew his nerves must be working up if it overtook him like this. Folding her arms she leaned back against the counter and watched as he explained. "I, uhm. Do." He cleared his throat loudly before choking out more words. "If you are not on the pill, and we just-- y'know." He waved a nervous hand, "I cut it way too close, and that wasn't smart." He exhaled heavily and met her gaze, seeing her smile he smiled back. "So what's next?" he asked raising his hands and walking towards her, Olivia shrugged and pulled herself onto the counter swinging her feet. "Let me make it up to you. I messed things up tonight." She looked at the clock on the stove, it was nearly midnight. "Go for it."
Lazarus held a finger up and dashed for the bathroom, clinking around and then Olivia heard footsteps on the hardwood floor. "Do you need help?" she called out down the hall. Lazarus emerged a little less buzzed, took her hand in his and led her down the hallway. His hands covered her eyes, "Should I be worried?" she giggled. "Ready?" he asked as he lifted his hands away, a large triangle-shaped bathtub was filled with bubbles. He had set out candles around the edges and set a towel and bathrobe out for her. "Take a nice, relaxing bath, then go to your bedroom and get comfortable and I will meet you there. 30 minutes?" He asked as it was getting later, reluctantly agreed. "Where will you be?"
"Here," he whispered softly as she rubbed his hands on her arms and kissed her forehead. "I'll just be in the kitchen for now." Olivia closed the bathroom door behind her and slipped out of her dress, she emerged herself in the water and soaked for a while closing her eyes before she washed up and wrapped towels and the robe around her small frame. She opened the door and went into her bedroom, on the bed sat a pair of shorts and a small t-shirt and on the floor sat a pair of fuzzy slippers. She laughed out loud and put them on anyways, putting her toes inside the fuzzy slippers and wiggling them around make her laugh again. Lazarus slowly opened the door and was smiling leaning in the doorway as beautiful as ever. "Thank you."

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