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Not a Chance

Warm sun poured through the large open windows of Olivia's bedroom. The thick heat already was filling the house already as she kicked off the covers and snuggled deeper into Lazarus. They had fallen asleep last night with Olivia's head on his chest and her legs wrapped around him. "Olivia?!" Yelled a loud voice, she groaned back "WHAT?" she rested her head back down and her hand reached up and touched Lazarus' bare chest. He at somepoint must have taken his shirt off last night. Olivia almost panicked when she remembered she lived alone, Lazarus sat up holding his head and moaned. "My head." Olivia still had her arms wrapped around Lazarus' toned stomach her mouth was upturned in a smirk as her bedroom door opened. "Olivia you have-" Leo burst her bedroom door. The look on Leonardo's face was one that make her stomach turn into acid. Lazarus put a hand on her shoulder and inched her away slowly and stood to his feet, he said something in Italian that was too quick to Leo. Leo said something even faster before he walked away slamming the front door. "That's... Not your ex-boyfriend right?" Olivia gripped her head, it was too early for this. "No, that would be my very friendly driver."
"What do you mean friendly?" Olivia stood to her feet and stretched out her T-shirt lifting up a bit as she did. "Not that kind of friendly, he's a friend. My Dad always had someone drive me around, they're usually just old guys that tell my Dad everything." She shook her head and laid back in bed. "And? He has keys to your house, Olivia. Does that sound safe to you? You know he has the hots for you. Has he done this before?" She shook her head again. "No..." she yawned and closed her eyes, "He called me last night and asked what I was doing for dinner. He sounded upset when I told him he couldn't come over that I had company. He takes me to classes and gets me coffee... Picks me up when I'm too drunk to find my way home, he's a good guy." Lazarus' face turned red and shook Olivia by the arm, "Please get dressed, I'll be back." Olivia stubbornly got up and went through her closet with one eye open, "Where are you going?"
Lazarus pulled on his jeans and pulled his shirt on buttoning it as he walked, his sleeves were already rolled up before he got to the front gate. Lazarus shouted something in Italian that sounded like "Stay away," and "she's not interested." Leo shouted back even louder something that Olivia couldn't understand. Olivia opened up the front door still in a small pair of short and a t-shirt that clung to her breasts, her nipples and their outline was clearly visible. "What the fuck is wrong with you two?" No one spoke but Lazarus was not backing down, he stood taller than before. "Can someone clue me in?" No one responded to Olivia until she stood in the middle her arms crossed. "Hello? Leonardo, answer me. Why are you here and why do you have keys to my house?" A nervous Leo responded, "I have keys for your safety and yours alone. I am supposed to keep an eye out for you and make sure you are okay." Olivia held her face in her hands and sighed out loud exasperated. "Jesus fucking christ- Leo, I don't know who told you that you need to look after me like some inexperienced teenager. I'm not a kid. You knew I was having someone over." Leo said something under his breath in Italian and by Lazarus' response, it wasn't something nice. Olivia reached her hands out and laid them on his chest, "Relax." she whispered softly. She turned to Leo, "I don't need your services anymore, I don't want your services anymore. If you have any issues direct my father or whoever your boss is and I will handle it. I do not want you near my home or school again. Just leave." Olivia took Lazarus' face into her hands, his hand reached down to grab her arm and stood in front of her as the car sped away from her gates. She tiptoed and kissed his lips softly.

"That was a wild morning," Olivia said over cold cereal, she had one hand on her spoon the other was busy scrolling through her phone. Lazarus took a spot across from her and poured a bowl of cereal for himself before he took her phone away from her. "Please, we need to talk." The look of concern was written all over his face, "let's talk then." She nodded as she took another spoonful into her mouth. "I think you need a roommate. You shouldn't be here alone." Olivia responded through a full mouth with a wag of her finger, "Nh-mm. Absolutely not, I don't know anyone well enough. Besides, why would I have a whole house to myself only to share it with roommates?" She shook her head in protest. "Get a dog." She shook her head again, "I have one back home. Great dog. He chews a lot and loves to bark." She scooped another bite into her mouth. "That's the point, deter the jackass."
"I live in a good area, my Dad made sure of it." Lazarus shook his head, "Then I'll move in." Olivia spit her cereal out. "Whoa, remember we talked about taking it slow? Did you forget?" Lazarus dropped his spoon in the bowl angrily. "There's a difference, you have two spare rooms. I can take the one on the other end of the house, you could benefit from some extra income." Olivia shook her head again and put her bowl in the sink. "Not a chance." She stormed off into her bedroom.

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