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The Recipe Calls for Roommates.

Olivia stayed home that day, even against better judgment. She stayed in comfortable silence and set up her new computer and facetimed her parents back home and told them about a budding relationship. "Tell me the truth, your Dad's gone downstairs. Liv, tell me is he cute?" Olivia laughed out loud, "Of course he's gorgeous! He's tall and has dark hair and eyes. He took me on a date sightseeing, he cooks... Very well may I add." Olivia was popping pieces of popcorn in her mouth. "How is school?" her mother asked casually as Olivia's father popped back on the screen. "School, it's the same no matter where you go. Some just have better views."
"And we miss you so much, we're going to have to come and stay with you. I heard you fired your driver this morning." Her father placed his face onto his hands sweetly before he took the phone over. "Would you explain to me, why you fired him and you don't even have your license there?" She shrugged and popped another piece into her mouth. "Depends." He shook his head in disbelief. "Want the truth? Or the G-Rated version?" His patients were growing thin as he pinched his nose. "Whichever one is quicker." Olivia shrugged, "I met a guy, we're kind of dating... Casually. We fell asleep last night watching tv, my sweet, sweet driver unlocked my front door--with keys! Even after I changed my locks when I got here. He freaked out when he saw a guy here and acted as if he was my boyfriend. It was so ridiculous." Olivia's father turned a deep red as he screamed and ranted until that was followed with a dial tone. "Oh well, nice talking. I'm fine. I love you guys too. Kisses." She spoke out loud to no one, she rose to her feet and wandered the house for a while before she found a blanket and fell asleep on the couch.

When Olivia woke up it was after 10 o'clock and she reached for her phone, she scrolled as she walked in darkness towards her large bathroom. She didn't bother turning on any lights since it was late and she was about to go back to her room to continue sleeping for the night. A loud crash came from the courtyard by the front door to her home. She quickly and quietly tiptoed to her bedroom and locked the door behind her, stood in silence as she turned the ringer off on her phone. Her hands shook as she texted Lazarus. "Laz, I need your help. Someone's inside my house." she quickly hit send and didn't wait long before she texted again. "Bring help. Glass is broken. Door Code is 8845." The longest second passed before there was a response. "On my way! Call me and don't say anything." Nervous fingers hit dial. "Are you hurt? I am on my way." Lazarus tried to keep his voice steady, he was in a red car giving directions to someone in the driver seat. "Okay. Still here." Lazarus made an awful groan and put his hand up over his mouth. "They're still in there right now?" He listened closely for any sounds in the background. "Put anything heavy infront of the door, hurry. And don't hang up." He could hear her nervous breathing and then sounds of moving sounds. "Are you there?" No text message. Before the car was even stopped Lazarus was jumping out and heading for the door, Olivia's large kitchen window was shattered. Lazarus pointed three large men in all different directions of the house as he took the wing closest to her bedroom. He turned corners fast flicking on lights and looking for someone. They gathered in the living room after everything was cleared, Lazarus still instructed them to check around the outside of the house as he knocked on Olivia's bedroom door. "Olivia." No response, he pushed against the barricaded door. "Olivia." He called out louder as he squeezed himself through the small crack. Lazarus flicked on the light and searched around the room until he opened the closet door. Olivia was sitting curled into a ball sitting beneath dresses in between shoe boxes on the floor, Lazarus reached down and scooped her into a hug and kissed her blonde hair.
"Olivia," he held her in his arms and headed towards the door shoving it open. He called out the broken window to the men. He yelled something to them and they broke off into a loud riot as they all left. The loud engines and yelling came from the quiet driveway. Olivia's tears fell onto Lazarus' soft cotton shirt, he continued to hold onto her and walked her into the far left bedroom and sat down on the bed with her still in his lap. He stroked her hair and ran his fingers over the soft skin on her legs. He closed his eyes as he breathed in the scent of vanilla from her hair. "Are you hurt?" She shook her head in response and reached her arms up around his neck to hug him tightly, the way she hugged him reminded her when she was little and asked her father to scare away monsters hidden under her bed and in her closet. "We'll be here tonight. You aren't alone." More men came over and helped clean the mess, they brought Italian foods and coffees, and cheeses and lunchmeats. They all shook hands with Lazarus and nodded to him, they offered kind and gentle smiles when they would catch a glimpse of Olivia. Lazarus ran a shower for her in the spare bathroom and transferred clothes and objects from one bedroom to the new one. He set out a pajama set this time, they sat in the bathroom on the toilet, towels and a robe hung over the shower curtain rod. He knocked every so often to check-in, they didn't do much talking. A lot of holding and silence filled the air.

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