Verona In a Day

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They're All Staring at You

The days passed as men walked in and out of Olivia's home. She'd begin her days woke up to scents of warm foods being wafted through to her bedroom. Her new bedroom was much larger and included an attached bathroom. The walls were light shades of grey, the wall behind the cream-colored headboard and frame was a light brown color with light cream designs. The sheets were a light beige, the comforter was a brown color. Another faux fur rug was white covering up dark hardwood beneath it, the room hand brown and sheer curtains, the room was so large it had a small sofa, loveseat and chaise lounger, all matching in white with a small brown ottoman. Decorative pillows sat with perfection on the loveseat and sofa. Olivia stood before a mirror covered wall, two small doors peaked out on either side of the mirror. She opened the door and flicked on the light, a new walk-in closet much larger than her previous one. Inside was all her clothes hung up already, shelves of shoes lined one half the closet. A gathering of cabinets stood in the middle of the hidden room, opening drawers she found lingerie tucked in carefully, bras in long horizontal drawers, panties, and sheer teddy nighties sat in large square drawers. She felt like she was in a high-end store as she stepped out and reached for her own personal bathroom. Across the room stood another door, she opened it to reveal white marble tiles on the floor painting their way to a large open bathroom. The tub was square and looked like something out of a spa, adjacent was a black counter where white towels hid under shelves. Turning around was a large glass standing shower with seating available inside, she looked at her face in the mirror. She was growing bags under her eyes even though all she did was rest and sleep. She showered every night as Lazarus ran showers and baths and picked out pajamas and dressed her in warm fluffy robes. A voice broke into her thoughts, "Liv?" the bathroom door cracked open just a sliver. "Can I come in?"
"Yeah," she sighed softly. "There's food in the kitchen if you're hungry." Olivia nodded and placed her hands on the cool black counter. A warm hand touched the exposed skin between her shoulder blades, "you need to eat something. Take a nice shower, get dressed, eat and we can do something nice."
"Are you moved in then?" She asked to the counter, a hug was wrapping up her arms, his head leaning on her shoulder. "For two days."
"Is it just you that moved in?" Lazarus pulled away slowly, "Are the guys bothering you?" She shook her head, "I'm not comfortable. Strange men are coming and going, I didn't ask questions and I won't ask questions. But I don't like it."
"I'll figure it out, but for now it's safe." he jotted back. His head returned to her shoulder, "where did you sleep last night?" Laughter filled the large room, "in my bedroom... Next door." Lazarus had been treating Olivia with kid gloves, getting baths and showers ready, checking in on her, setting out pajamas, cooking her meals and including putting her to bed. He would slip inside the bedroom and switching on the tv and either sat near her on the sofa and propped up his feet. Sometimes he would lay back in the bed and rub her back, pull her into his arms and let her fall asleep on his chest but whenever she woke up in the morning he wasn't there. The large kingsized bed left untouched on the other side. "Get dressed beautiful, I want beautiful dresses, heels, and makeup. I want to take you out today, some time away will do you good. I have some surprises." With that, he kissed the top of her head and closed the door behind him.

An hour later she emerged in a black floral skirt dashed with pink flowers, she wore a black lace shirt that only covered her breasts glimpses of her stomach would show and hide again as she moved around. She wore a nude color heel that snapped around her thin ankles, Olivia's lips pursed in a soft nude pout as blonde curls framed her face. Silver earrings fell from her ears, she tucked a black clutch beneath her arm, she stood there in the living room before all the men and Lazarus. Nobody spoke, all the chatter and conversations in Italian ceased. "Bella" a soft voice whispered barely audible, a tough hand slapped Lazarus on the side as he half sat on the kitchen table. He was dressed in a business casual way per his usual. White button-up shirt, sleeves rolled up and black semi-formal pants. He stood silent as he gazed at her when he finally stood he smiled and approaching her slowly. His hand opened to accept hers, as she slipped her hand into his he leaned in to tuck a curl behind her ear. "You look beautiful." he would whisper before placing a small kiss on her cheek, he took a key out of his pocket and raised a hand goodbye as they made their way for the garden. "I am excited to see you looking alive today." Olivia shrugged as they continued to walk to the driveway, "I feel better. I know I look better." Lazarus turned a curious eye to her, "What do you mean?" She actually let a smile out, "Nevermind. Where are we off to?" The driveway was littered with beautiful cars lined up and down Lazarus' key let out a chirp, a red two-door car lit up, he sped up to open the door ushering her in and closing it behind her. He got in and adjusted the seat and fired up the engine, it let out a loud roar before he shifted in drive and drove slowly down the drive. "It's a beautiful surprise." She sat back buckling herself in, Lazarus didn't fasten his and she noted that. It made a large lump form in her throat. When they reached the street he sped off switching gears.
When they hit the expressway he switched gears furiously speeding and weaving in and out, he lowered his window halfway to lean a hand out the window. Olivia turned to take in his beauty, he was always so beautiful and sexy so casually as if he didn't even need to try. Like it all came naturally to him, he drove off the exit ramp and took back gravel roads slowly. "Where are we going? Can you at least tell me that much?" His smile gleamed again, "it's a surprise, but I am taking you to see the country." as it took them some time to arrive he shut off the car when they reached a large farm. He turned to her and smiled as he leaned and kissed her cheek again before he dipped out and opened her door. He lowered a hand for her to step out, while it was hard to walk in heels he offered her his arm. His hand would casually fall over hers and he would give it a soft squeeze, her insides quaked. He was so gorgeous and sweet, and oddly romantic. She thought for a moment, remembering their encounter and conversation that followed. Did he remember taking it slow? Because they were everything else minus the passionate, hot sex.

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