DIVINE - A Persephone and Hades Retelling

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- A retelling of Hades and Persephone - “I've told you, Hades, i can not become your mistress.” she sadly told him. She had always lived in her mother's shadow and if she followed Hades she would once again be living in another's shadow. “I do not want you to be my mistress, Persephone, I want you to be my queen,” he confessed to her. She snapped her head up to meet his eyes searching for any sign he wanted to take his words back but there was no remorse. “Your queen?” she asked, she had to be sure. “Yes, marry me and become my queen,” he told her once again, taking back the step she had taken. “Rule besides me as the goddess of spring and the Underworld.” The words don't seem to make sense in her mind. How could this be real? ---- Persephone, the goddess of spring has a secret, one that not even her mother knows. She is deeply and madly in love with Hades, the god of the underworld. Although it is an unlikely parring the two gods have much more in common then others might think. Being afraid of her mother’s wrath the lovers hide their love from watchful eyes for centuries. That is until one night at an olympian party. Ever since that night in the gardens both their fates have begun to change irreversibly. This is the myth of Persephone and Hades, not the myth that has been twisted over time. She was never kidnapped but instead found power and love in the Underworld.

Romance / Fantasy
Ebony Clarke
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Streams of light seemed to be dancing through the open window, just beginning their descent to earth with the early morning. And there they laid, wrapped together in the early morning darkness. There is nowhere else they could think to be. Her fingers lightly traced patterns on his chest, he reveled in the contact.

"Our story started how every great epic or love story starts; with a girl and a boy." She smiled up at him through the darkness, as all pretty girls do. The faintest suggestion of morning light coming from their open bedroom window.

He knew he would never see anything as beautiful as this. "Just one boy and just one girl," he whispered kisses across her rosy shoulder, traveling up to her neck. "If only it was that simple."

"A girl who was nothing more than a fragile little thing who grew into a queen." her smile lightly touched her eyes but her words stung him. He stopped to look at her. Her eyes closed giving him a moment to count the freckles dotting her nose.

"And a boy who saw that she needed no crown to be powerful." he corrected her. He watched her eyes flutter open and again she smiled up at him the color of the sun. "So tell me, our great epic, how does it end?" her knowing eyes twinkled with the allowance of the morning light.

"How all epics should but never do." She whispered the truth that they both knew well. “With a girl and a boy, separated by a tragedy only to overcome all else to be together.” there was no humor in her words yet still a small laugh made its way to her lips. With it, his heart leaped to its beat. “To live out this tragic life, a little less tragically. To love, To live, To laugh, To stumble, But to always do it together. Our story has yet to finish, my king. But oh am I looking forward to the journey.” he could no longer resist the urge to kiss her beautiful lips. Attraction too tame a word for her.

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