DIVINE - A Persephone and Hades Retelling

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NINETEEN - Early Morning Distractions


Persephone woke to the feeling of soft fingertips tracing the sides of her face and following a path down her neck. She was not yet fully awake but she did not have to be to know who had woken her. Hades. Her love. He often woke her up with gentle kisses covering her face, soft caressing, and his ever traveling hands. It seemed like he was always impatient for her to wake up. She smiled sleepily when the featherlight feeling began to tickle. In response a deep and rich chuckle filled the room, clearly, he was enjoying her reaction. A squeal made its way out of her mouth as his attack persisted.

“Must you always wake me like this?” She pouted, trying to snuggle deeper into the blankets, a feat Hades made impossible when he threw the blankets off of her. She was suddenly exposed to the colder air but Hades did not waste a second and pulled her onto his hard chest. Suddenly she was no longer cold, now she was burning.

“Yes, in fact, I must,” he replied. His smile spread across his face. She traced his lips with one finger, loving the sight of his carefree smile. “I might consider stopping if it wasn’t for how much you obviously love it.”

“Oh really? What makes you so certain?” She asked, playing along. When she finally had to return to her mother she knew she would miss these private mornings, so she treasured each one, counting them amongst her greatest possessions. But she certainly would never tell this to Hades, it would only grow his already humongous ego.

“Because Persephone, you are glowing,” he whispered in her ear before he continued to kiss her, placing soft kisses into the curve of her neck. Where it had tickled her only moments before, now it made her toes curl. His lips finally made their way to hers coaxing a moan from her. For a moment he only watched her before he spoke, “You are so beautiful.” He looked down at her with a smile that could have blinded the sun, that could have stopped death, that could have dried the oceans. In simplest terms, it was a lightning bolt to her heart. His smile was purely divine.

“I have just woken up. At least wait until I have brushed my hair for you to say such wonderful lies.” She laughed but he saw no humor in her joke.

Taking a stray piece of her hair in between his fingers, he tucked it behind her ear, “this, here, moments after we wake up; you in the morning light, sleep still in your eyes, a smile on your lips, and your hair a mess reminding me of the delicious things we did last night. You could never be more beautiful.” he told her, his eyes darkening with memories of the night before. “There was a time when I thought all my life would attain to was a prison sentence from my father. I could have never dreamed my life would be filled with such beauty. Every morning I am struck by how lucky I am to be able to wake up with you for the rest of eternity.”

She watched as his smile faded slightly. She knew what he was thinking without him having to tell her. It was the same thought that had crossed her mind as well. Mornings like this would not last forever. Soon she would have to return to her mother and then there would be no more cozy morning glow, no more soft kisses, and no more wandering hands. She had quickly become accustomed to them and the thought of waking up any other way broke her heart. The trial had effectively cut their eternity into six-month pieces. The clock had started making both Hades and Persephone treasure each and every day.

Finding herself unable to say the words she was thinking she quickly changed the subject. In need of a distraction, Persephone asked curiously, “What are your plans for the day?”

“I purposely cleared the day of all meetings so I could spend it with you,” he told her, leaning up to kiss her.

Hearing him she quickly leaned away, an action that made him frown, but she could not be distracted. “With me? No, my first act as the queen of the Underworld cannot be to distract the king from pressing matters.” she objected, sitting up to get a better look at him, still straddling his waist. The only thing she could read was his clear enjoyment of the view.

“I wasn’t planning on spending our day stuck in my office under a mountain of reports,” he confessed, his hands running up and down her hips, distracting her.

“And how were you planning on spending it?” she asked him.

“Locked in this room,” he told her. “Underneath you,” he added. Immediately the image of Hades sweat-covered body underneath hers, just as they were now, made its way into her mind. The dangerous thought made her almost moan.

“You and your sinful mind.” she laughed, leaning down to kiss him just as she knew he wanted.

“Don’t act so holy. You, my dear goddess, are just as sinful as i.” he said with an evil look in his eyes.

Seizing her opportunity she leaned down to whisper seductively into his ear, “You are the one who makes me want to sin.”

Immediately he flipped her over so he was now the one leaning over her, “you, my dear Persephone, will never leave this room.” he told her before kissing her breath away. The kiss was heated as she found herself unable to form a single thought while his lips were moving the way they were.

Sometime after, Persephone placed her hand onto Hades’ bare chest to push him back only slightly. “Hades.” She breathed heavily after breaking their kiss, her mind coming back to her slowly. “While I would love to stay here forever we simply cannot.”

“Why not?” he asked, “You seem very comfortable here,” he said, studying her as she lay underneath him.

“Ruling over a realm is a tasking job, I do not wish to distract you,” Persephone explained. She knew they were not alone in the Underworld, no matter how hard Hades wished them to be. Everyone on Olympus and the Underworld had heard of the trial and would now be keeping a close eye on her. If word were to spread that she had trapped Hades in their room for days on end it would only make her out to be the temptress everyone had already imagined her to be. And besides, she knew Hades worked tirelessly on the operations of his realm, she did not think he often took days off. She saw no reason for him to start today

The striking smile on his face turned into a troublesome smirk, “I love it when you distract me.”

“I know how seriously you take your job,” Persephone pushed further, as her hands traced down his chest as if they had a mind of their own. “I only wish to be your equal as your queen.”

She watched as her words registered with him. Leaving a kiss on her bare shoulder he smiled once again. “You are far greater than my equal.” A sigh left his lips as he understood there would be no changing her mind, “There are only a few items in need of my attention today. If you give me an hour or so I will be back and we can do whatever you wish.”

“I wish to come with you, Hades,” she told him. She dreaded becoming hera who sat around her palaces while others did work for her.

“You do?” he asked, surprised by her certainty.

“I want to be involved and help you wherever I can. Do not expect me to simply sit back and work on my garden while you rule. I wish to help you as your wife and queen.” she told him.

A surprised lopsided smile found its way onto his face only for a second before he regained his composure, clearly, he had not expected this response from her. How could he have expected anything less? He had made her his equal when he had made her his queen, how could he expect her to not equally split the workload.

“A normal day for me is a mixture of paperwork, meetings, and judgment sentencing. That simply won’t do, not today. Not on your first morning.” he decided jumping up from the bed, suddenly excited for the day.

“Then what? I don’t wish to get in the way.” Persephone asked while sitting on the edge of the bed. Although everything in her was screaming to let him keep her under the sheets she knew they couldn’t stay, the castle would talk.

“This is our realm Persephone,” Hades said, turning back to her from the closet. His eyes seemed to read her mind and see her insecurities and worries. “If I want to spend the morning with my wife then I simply will and no soul that does not wish to spend the night in Tartarus will whisper a word. I take security very seriously in the Underworld. Secrets and anything else of worth do not leave the Underworld without my say so.” he explained as he began to tie his tie. “But I can see not even this is impressing you, so let me show you something that will.”

“Like what?” she asked him as she too got up to get dressed. When he did not reply she glanced back to see his heated eyes following her bear figure from across the room.

When he saw he had been caught he finally spoke, this time his voice was rougher than before. “You are my queen now, at least allow me to give you a proper tour of the Underworld.”

“A tour?” she asked. “Have you forgotten the many times I’ve visited you here Hades?”

“What you have seen is only a fraction of the Underworld in its entirety,” Hades explained. While she wanted to argue with him even she had to confess that most of what she had seen was in either the gardens or the castle. Anything else she might have seen on the way to Hades was a burl of grey as she had always rushed to visit him. “Trust me,” Hades said, a suggestion of a laugh at the cusp of his tongue, his eyes dancing as they watched her. “And wear something red,” he added before leaving their room to give her time to dress.

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