DIVINE - A Persephone and Hades Retelling

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FOUR - I'm Yours


WARNING: This chapter contains sexual references. light some candles, pour some wine, and read while within the arms of a handsome man. you have been warned.


Within the second it took Persephone to blink her surroundings changed from the shadow-filled gardens into the great room of Hades castle. She had no need to look around to know where she was, the smell of the wooden floors quickly registered to her letting her know where she was. In fact, she didn’t move at all, she simply stood where she was, studying her still outreached hand. Not quite grasping for something but definitely empty.

She had done it. She had stood up to her mother. She had left.

She was free. Free. Free.

Never in her life had she been free from the guiding hand of her mother. Demeter was ever the watchful goddess. She had expected to feel a weightlessness and not the heavy guilt she now carried as she lowered her hand back to her side. A small and hesitant part of her whispered she could not be an important goddess without her mother’s watchful eyes and guiding hands. But a much larger part of her allowed a smile to stretch itself across her face. A smile. A foolish smile no goddess would ever be caught wearing. But still, she smiled and relished in it.

She turned around to find Hades. To hold onto him, to kiss him, to do everything she had always dreamt of doing. This time it would have no end, this time she would not have to go back. She was already home. She found him watching her carefully. Looking for any clue of regret or that she wanted it to be undone. His kingly and calculating face studied her every movement.

He should have already known there was no doubt to be found.

Only ever love.

The moment her eyes met his, he reached out to hold onto her chin lightly, turning her face up towards his. Again he studied her. “Are you okay?” he asked. The question cracked his hard exterior open and allowed his softer side to show. With her small hands, she smoothed away the worry lines that had gathered in between his eyebrows. They always seemed to appear no matter how often she kissed them away.

“Yes, I am,” she answered him instantly. She had asked him to bring her here knowing her mother would never happily let her go. It was difficult to see her mother so angry with her but this was her only viable solution. Though he was worried about her, he had saved her.

“Are you sure?” he asked, concerned. He always seemed to be so concerned about her, as if she could break at any moment. He was always waiting for their end to come. If she had it her way the unspeakableness would never happen. He would never experience the pain he always expected. Never from her. “It’s ok to be upset about what has happened.”

A sigh surprised her as it escaped her lips. She was surprised to find herself saddened, much more than she had thought, but of course, he had known. Her mother was the only one, besides Hades, she had ever loved. And now she was gone. She had traded one love for another.

It had physically hurt to see her mother so upset. Persephone feared this night had done real and unfixable damage to their relationship. But this was not something that could be changed. Not now. Maybe someday but not tonight.

Although she found herself to be upset it did not change how it felt to finally be with Hades. She could feel happiness waiting just underneath the surface, about to bubble over. This was what she had dreamt of every night for years. She did not know what to think now that she had everything she had ever wanted standing right in front of her.

“I know it is. It was hard seeing her so angry. But truthfully, i don’t want to worry about her right now.” She shook her head while also wrapping her arms around his neck; he immediately pulled her hips closer to him. It was an instinct their bodies had come to learn. “Tonight is all about us. We should be celebrating.” She said before kissing him. This was years of wishing come to fruition; Something she never thought would happen. She never thought small goddesses like her were allowed this kind of divine happiness. “Right now I want..” she looked up at him only meeting his eyes for a second before glancing away, unable to finish her sentence. Still, her cheeks blushed with meaning.

His eyes burned and she knew he had understood what she could not say. “What is it you want, Persephone?” he taunted, pulling her wish from her.

Still, she remained silent. Scared of what her divine blushing cheeks must have looked like. She turned away, hiding until she could recollect herself. Instead, he grabbed her arm to spin her around, holding her closer to him.

“Say it.” his deep voice demanded.

“Say What?” she asked him knowing full well there would be no escaping him now. But she enjoyed making him wait. Making a chaise out of it. Denying him had been torture, yet being with him never came easy, nothing about their relationship ever did.

“You know what. Say it.” he breathed heavily. “Tell me what you want.” She had seen his eyes burn that way many times before; as if they would consume her. It seemed to warm her, temperature rising, starting from where his hands rested and reaching onward.

“I want you.” she whispered her wish to him, “Make love to me.” with her words something immediately changed in him as if her words had hit him physically. The sight of his smile that evening would always be one she would never forget no matter how long her eternity lasted.

“With fuckin pleasure,” he replied, his voice was husky with want before finally kissing her. The kiss burned her lips in the best possible way. Their mouths moved in unison, their lips slanted over each other, fighting for more and more entry each and every time. It seemed they could not be close enough to each other.

It was a miracle the pair had made it up the spiral staircase during their heated make-out session. At one point halfway up the stairs, Persephone had lost her footing and had almost landed on one of the steps before Hades caught her, softening her landing. She hadn’t even attempted to stand up, instead, she had desperately pulled Hades down over her body, surprising him when she had started to tug at his belt.

“Not here,” he told her painfully between heavy kisses on her neck. He growled as if the words themselves brought him pain. “Not like this.” his words shook her from her trance and she knew he was right. No matter how badly she had wanted to argue with him; this night could not be rushed.

He picked her up and carried her through the rest of the castle, suddenly in much more of a hurry. Finally, they stumbled through his bedroom door. He kicked the door shut behind him, refusing to let go of her now that he finally had her. He groaned against her lips, at the sound of her small whimper. She had learned that he loved to hear the little sounds she would make.

“I want you.” He groaned against her lips as his fingers trailed over her dress. His prying hands pulled down the zipper allowing the dress to drop around her waist.

“I’m Yours,” she promised. She knew it was all she ever wanted to tell him and now she could. Boldly, Persephone began quick work on his tie then his shirt buttons, forcing them roughly through the loops as if she were racing against time.

“Darling.” He captured her hands with his, bringing a stop to her shaking fingers. She had been working so fast she had not noticed her hands begin to tremble. He took each hand and kissed her knuckles softly. “We have all night. We can take this slow.” he reminded her with a gentle reassuring smile. He always allowed her to be herself around him and to go at whatever pace she was comfortable with. This only reinforced how lucky and thankful she was to be with him.

Following her nod, he took it as a sign to continue. He strode forward guiding her back towards the bed. Their lips locked together once more as he continued to guide her until the back of her knees clashed against the foot of the bed, finally reaching their destination. Their hands remained frantic, sliding into each other’s hair, her hands tugged at the roots. His hands gently twisted her head at different angles in an attempt to explore more of her.

Persephone settled her palm on Hades chest, she pushed him back only an inch making their lips detached. He whined not ready for the separation as she breathed in some much-required oxygen. “My love…” she panted.

Taking a brave breath in she took the right side of her bottom lip between her teeth with a slight twinkle in her eye. Finding the courage deep inside of her she took the zipper and slowly pulled it the rest of the way down. While she guided it inch by inch she kept her eyes directly on him. She smiled when she noticed the way he held his breath as he remained hypnotized by her.

As the dress pulled around her feet she watched as his heated gaze dropped to the ground. Slowly his eyes began to trace back up her body. Starting from the edge of her ankle which remained trapped within the heaped material. She watched him as the tip of his tongue darted out to trace his lower lip. If she could not already see how much he was enjoying the view she imagined she would have been nervous, but instead, she felt empowered by his heated gaze, loving that she could do this to him.

In one swift hurried movement, he placed both hands behind her thighs lifting her up and into his arms. When he flipped her onto her back and into the soft bedding a protesting squeal left her lips. He must have used the seconds he was away from her body to have hastily undressed because when she looked back up at him he was tossing his shirt aside and now stood shirtless. She watched helplessly as he crawled up her body, in the most seductive way. Keeping eye contact with her the entire time.

“Hades…” She groaned, not even sure why she was suddenly turned into a whining mess. Whimpering beneath him she tried to keep calm as he kissed his way up to her navel, between her breasts then sensually allowed his tongue to lick the length between her collarbone and her neck before reaching her left earlobe and taking it between his teeth. While one of his hands worked around the length of her back unhooking her bra he continued to whisper seductive promises in her ear.

With a flick of his hand, he released the bra and threw it to some far corner of the room. He shifted his weight onto his forearms looking down on her, taking in her Beauty. In their intimate space, she could make out only his golden eyes illuminated in a hazy sort of desire that only fueled her internal fire. Suddenly her breathing became uneven and ragged under his gaze, waiting for him to make the next move.

“Goddess, you are perfection,” Hades uttered, turning his hand over and lightly caressing the side of Persephone’s face with his knuckles. He moved his caress downward first to her neck then to her chest. Persephone blushed and bit her lip to suppress a moan as his hand began to pinch and tease at the peaks of her breasts. He lowered his head slightly and brushed his lips over her nipple making his hot breath fan across her skin. Persephone shut her lips tight trying helplessly not to let out an embarrassingly loud reaction from this maneuver. Embarrassed by what else would come.

Hades’ gaze immediately snapped up to her face, his eyes pitch black. He looked positively enraged. “Don’t you dare, ” he growled, pinning both of her wrists above her head. “Every whimper, every moan, every gasp of pleasure that escapes you are mine.” Persephone let out a gasp and her lips parted for no reason at all.

“Hades,” she whined at the loss of his touch. Hades gently pressed the tip of his hardness against Persephone’s core. Learning her lesson she let out a pathetic sounding whimper. Her back formed in a positively delicious arch. Her entire body throbbed and ached in need. He locked eyes with her desire filled ones and slowly sank himself inside of her inch by inch. Letting her warmth blanket him.

They remain silent for the next few seconds, taking in their newly joined position, finally after all this time becoming one.

Taking his lead Persephone wrapped her legs around him, hooking them right around his waist letting out a gasp once he began to grind into her. At this angle, his pelvis was in direct contact with her most sensitive spot allowing him to stimulate and work her over ever so slowly. His thrusts were slow, yet deep and absolutely maddening. Persephone cried out and clawed at the sheets beneath her. Convinced it would be nothing but shreds by the time they finished.

“I love you.” He told her between thrusts while leaning down to kiss her. He was everything she wanted, exactly how she imagined him. Her head sank into the soft cloud-like pillow. Her dark hair cascading around her while her bare breasts rose and fell with the painting of her heavy breathing.

“Hades... I love you…” Her breathy voice whispered to him. Even though it was not the first time, he had heard the words they still seemed to stun him, making him stall for a second then pound into her even harder.

“I love you too Persephone. So fucking much.” he cursed into her neck. “oh God, you feel so good.” He grunted, sliding his full-length out then sliding back to the hilt. Her fingers traced the curve of his muscles on his back, digging her nails in as the pleasure intensified between them.

“Yes.” she gasped. She held onto him hard gripping his shoulders as he moved his hips against her, drilling into places so deep inside she hadn’t realized they existed.

“F*** yes Persephone, just like that…” Keeping himself joined to her he ground harder, deeper, slower until she became a panting mess.

“Oh God… Hades... I…” Silencing her with his mouth he swallowed her cries before whispering words of love and encouragement against the shell of her ear.

“Tell me what you want…” he asked her.

“You.” Her response came quickly. She did not have to think hard about it. It was a fact ground into her bones. “I want you.” Their lips claimed the others as their bodies began to mold into each other’s touch.

Slowly her feet began to slide up towards her body lifting off the sheet until her feet were planted flush against the mattress. She lifted her hips to grind her entrance against him making him groan at the new sensation. She began to moan and groan against his lips and whispered everything she wanted him to do to her, encouraging him to take her to a place they had not yet visited.

“I Love the way you feel.” He groaned, setting a new pace inside her. Pulling out before pressing back home over and over again being sure to drill back to the hilt with each long thrust. It was only a matter of seconds before he had her back to the intense place deep inside her. Walls contracting around him once again. “I want you to feel me.” He drew out his words with each pulsing thrust.

“I feel you…” Persephone responded by wrapping her thighs tightly around him, trapping him there between her legs.

“Even after we’re done…” He pushed deeper, this time moving with such force the headboard was crashing against the wall. “I want you to feel me.”

“Please!” She begged, needing him to get her there one final time. She needed to feel him there with her. He continued his punishing rhythm.

Pulling out, slamming back, rocking, pulling out, slamming back, rocking.

His final stroke in, he pounded his pelvis straight against her sensitive bud, this time pressing her oh trigger. While his eyes fused with her own, a shattering scream left her lips as her body convulsed around him. It was just what he so desperately needed before he let go spilling himself deep inside her.

His movements slowed after he pumped into her hard four more times before he slumped over her glistening body slowly rocking, riding the current of pleasure back to shore.

Hades withdrew and immediately pulled Persephone into him. They laid wrapped in each other’s arms for quite some time. Hades’ body was all that covered her own, but she did not seem to care. He reached to grab the blanket off the end of the bed and covered them both with it. Under there, it felt as if she could stay in bed forever.

Persephone was thoroughly exhausted, Her eyes already fluttering shut as she rested her head against Hades’ chest. She felt him pull away ever so slightly to turn off the light.

“I’m cold now,” she complained to him. Hades smirked and climbed back into his bed, pulling the covers over her while also pulling her back into him.

“I can help with that,” he whispered huskily into her ear, his hands running up and down her waist. He effortlessly brushed a strand of hair away from her face and Persephone made a sound in response as she drifted to sleep, her breathing already steady.

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