Dangerously Beautiful

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Kaia Jones starts mid-senior year of high school in a town known as Forestwood. Pretty fitting right? With trees surrounding the small town, and oh, let's not forget about the beasts that lurk within these same forests. What happens when one of these beasts is none other than Asher Lodge? And why does Kaia suddenly feel so attracted to this one guy? I mean, she's used to one-night stands and fighting in underground fight clubs. So what happens when you mix werewolves, witches, and past struggles that come back to bite you in the ass? Well, you get a dangerously beautiful story of course. ---------------------------------------------------- "Tell me something real about you. Like, where are your parents? Do you have any siblings? Give me something that shows me who the real Kaia Jones is. I hardly know a single thing about you, and yet, I've been telling you everything about me." • "You want to know who the real Kaia Jones is? She's a bitch. She screws around with guys who could care less about her other than her body. She definitely doesn't date. And you know what? She likes it that way. She hates that just because she shares a meaningless kiss with someone, doesn't mean that he gets to ask her, her whole fucking life story." • Yup, I've been told that I'm self-destructive and tend to fuck things up... • Warning: This book is rated mature and will have mature-themed content.

Romance / Fantasy
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Thanks for checking out my first ever story I've written! It would mean a lot if you shared it with others and left comments/feedback to tell me your thoughts on it.

It is a werewolf book with other magic aspects later on in the story. This book's main focus couple will be Kaia and Asher. However, I do plan on putting in little bonus chapters for other couples I'll write about in the book. I'll make it to where you don't have to read about them if you don't want to in case you're only reading this story for Kaia and Asher.

This book will focus on tough and serious topics so beware if some things may be a trigger for you. I hope you enjoy the story, and I plan on writing another one very shortly as well.

If you would like to see aesthetic boards for each character, you can head over to my Wattpad account and look at this story on there. Enjoy reading!

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