Dangerously Beautiful

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Chapter 9

Asher’s POV

I have never been more excited or nervous to go to school in my entire life. I felt happier today than I have in a while, and it was all because of her. Kaia. I knew I’d see her today at school and I wanted to look my best. I yelled down the hallway for Hayden who was waiting on me for school. “Hey, do you think this looks okay?” I pointed towards my dark wash jeans and fitted white t-shirt.

“It’s a t-shirt and jeans. Why wouldn’t it look okay? Chill man, you’re not proposing to the girl.” Hayden chuckled and looked at me with an amused expression. “I never thought that I would see the day that Asher Lodge would look nervous.” He shook his head and said, “Come on Ash, you’re gonna make us late for school.”

I practically flew us to school with how fast I was driving. It would have just been easier to go in our wolf forms, but you know....bookbags....clothes. Yeah, it would have just caused more trouble than not. Plus, I do not want to have a repeat of last year where I showed up to math class in a size too small shorts and a t-shirt. Yeah, let’s just say I was suffocating....everywhere.

I glanced around the hallway on the way to chemistry to see if I could spot her anywhere. I would have asked around about her but I didn’t want to seem like a total stalker. I made my way into my personal hell. Mr. Smith’s class. I wasn’t the dumbest kid in the class, but I was in no way the smartest either. I walked down the aisle of the classroom and headed for my seat at the back table. I let out a big breath to calm myself down. I was just so anxious to see her again.

I was so deep in my thoughts that I hadn’t even noticed anyone walk up to the table until I saw someone sit down in my peripheral vision. I looked over and saw the most breathtaking girl...Kaia. I took a quiet, but deep breath and turned to her. “Hey, I’m Asher.” Oh, god. Did my voice shake? Am I sweating? Can she tell that I’m about to piss myself? I shook my insecurities off a gave her a warm smile.

She looked so calm that it was almost scary. And I’m the one who turns into a giant wolf, so that’s saying something. How can she be so calm all the time? Well, you know, when she’s not pummeling her fist into someone’s face. Just when I thought she would ignore, I heard the most angelic voice say, “I’m Kaia... And you’re the guy who shoulder checked me at the rich kid’s party.” She gave me a small smile that made me light-headed. Was I blushing? Dear God, please tell me that I’m not smiling like an idiot right now.

I laughed at her comment, immediately feeling embarrassed. “Yeah, sorry about that. It’s not every day that I get to see someone kick Hailey Collins’ ass.” Her smile slowly faded away and she turned back towards Mr. Smith and never looked at me again during the whole class time. Shit, did I say something wrong? Right as the bell rang, she got up so fast that I didn’t even get a chance to say bye. I sighed. I knew that this wouldn’t be easy. I mean, she’s human. She doesn’t even know what a mate is, let alone that I’m hers. I can’t just keep bumping into her and hoping that she’ll realize those little sparks actually mean something.

The last two classes dragged by slowly as I was patiently waiting for lunchtime. I headed towards the cafeteria to look for one of the guys. I looked around and finally spotted Easton who was sitting in the middle of a group of girls laughing. I rolled my eyes. Why did all the girls always fall for the pretty, but dumb ones? I approached the table and waited until Easton noticed me.

In 3...2....1. “Shit, hey Ash. I didn’t see you there.” Easton smiled up at me, with a....hickey on his neck? Really dude? That wasn’t even there in second period.

“Yeah, I wonder why.” I looked over at the two girls trying to feel Easton up. It’s actually pretty hilarious. Two girls trying to feel up the gay dude. Yup, that’s right. Although, Easton’s not your stereotypical gay guy. In fact, no one really even knows at school since he’s such a sports guy. And yet, somehow we can never guess which guy at this school he’s hooking up with. My bet is that it’s either Mathew Daughtry or Coach Keller, the football coach. “Hey, can we talk?”

Easton looked a little confused as he disentangled himself from the two leeches sitting next to him. We walked over to the corner of the cafeteria when Easton couldn’t hold his tongue anymore. “Dude, what’s up? You never ask if we can talk, especially alone.”

“I talked to Kaia this morning in chemistry.”

“Shit man, that’s great! Did you ask her out on a date yet? Shit, please say that you brought me over here to tell me that she has some hot, gay best friend and that we’re all going on double dates.” Easton looked at me excitedly with the biggest, boyish smile.

“Not exactly. I said maybe two things to her and then she completely ignored me for the rest of the period. I don’t know what to do man. I just sort of freeze up when I’m around her. I don’t even think she finds me attractive.” I tried not to sound frustrated or sad but I think Easton could read my facial expression.

“Aww come on man. It’s only the first day you’ve really talked to her. Just try to talk to her friends about her. You know, see what she’s into and likes. I saw her walk out of here a few minutes ago. I think she’s headed out towards where Sebastian and Hayden are.” I smiled at Easton.

He is truly one of the nicest guys. I know he doesn’t necessarily believe in the mate bond. I mean, he was the one who rejected his mate since...she’s a girl...and he’s not into girls. I mean, that was just a fucked up situation. I don’t blame him. You can’t tell a guy whose dick doesn’t get hard at the sight of women, that he will forever be bonded to one. Luckily, the girl already had a long-term boyfriend at the time, so she wasn’t as heartbroken as one might think.

“Thanks, man.” I clapped him on the back and headed towards the doors that lead outside. I was still a good distance away when I saw Kaia. She was lounging back, taking a drag on...I sniffed the air...yup. A joint. I smiled just looking at her as if she didn’t have a care in the world. I swear, I think I saw her look up at me as she stubbed out the joint. I trained my ears so I could hear their conversation.

“I’ll be ready around 10:00 tonight and then I’ll meet you around the side of the house.” Where the hell was she going? And with Finn? I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard fucking Greyson Wallace’s voice.

“Hey Kaia, so now that you’re sober and can tell if I was a good lay or not, do you think you’ll be up for it again?” What. The. Actual. Fuck. I’m not pissed at the fact that they had sex. I mean, I’m not happy about it either but it’s not like she knew that I existed at the time. I was pissed at the cocky attitude and smirk he had when he said it.

Nothing could prepare me for the look on his face when she responded back though. ”Now, Jason, they don’t call it a one-night stand for nothing.”

“My name’s Greyson.”

“Also... you’re not as good in bed as you think you are. I’ve seen bigger.” She just shrugged at him. I could die from laughter right here. This girl has got some balls, and I’m sure as hell going to make sure that she’s mine. Well, more than we’re supposed to be. She just turned around and walked off as if she didn’t just bruise Mr. Pretty Boy’s ego.

I walked toward the group of chuckling guys and the one, slightly pissed off Greyson. “Hey, what’s got you guys cracking up?” I couldn’t just comment on what I heard since there were two humans present.

“Well, Kaia not only told Hayden to grow a pair and ask Mia out himself but she practically told Greyson that he had a small dick also.” Sebastian was wheezing so hard from laughing that I thought his lungs might give out.

“Shit, she sure is one of a kind. I’ve never met a girl like her,” I said to the guys but was really talking more to myself. I looked at Hayden and Sebastian. “Hey, you guys ready to walk to class?” We didn’t even have the same class next period, I just wanted to talk about Kaia since they were just talking to her.

“Okay since when did we ever walk to class together when our classes are on opposite ends of the school?” Hayden looked at me confused.

“It’s about his girl, obviously.” Sebastian cut in, his accent deeper with the cigarette smoke he was exhaling. In case you haven’t noticed, no one at this school really cares about smoking on the school grounds. As long as you’re passing your classes, teachers don’t care much about what you do in your spare time.

“She’s not my girl...yet. Where is she going with Finn tonight?” I asked casually.

Sebastian just rolled his eyes at my attempt of acting as if I could care less. “You really do need to quit eavesdropping on other people’s conversations.” I glared at him in return. He scoffed, “Fine. At the party, I heard Finn ask her if she wanted to fight tonight at the underground club on Norton street. She said yes.”

With the look I was giving him, I was pretty sure my eyes were about to fall out of my head. “She can’t fight at that club. She’s going to get killed. You know what kind of people fight there.” I was quite literally, about two seconds away from flipping the fuck out.

“You mean werewolves? That’s the people you’re referring to. You know that doesn’t give us that much of an advantage when we’re in our human form.” It’s true, unlike in the books, werewolves are only stronger when we’re in our wolf form. The only reason we may seem stronger in our human form is from the muscles we get from training. But still, Kaia’s my mate. I can’t stand the thought of someone hurting her. The only reason I didn’t freak out when Hailey hit her was because...well...it was Hailey fucking Collins. She couldn’t do any real damage to someone like Kaia anyways.

I mumbled a fuck you and stalked off to fourth period. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going tonight as well.

The main focal point for this story is Kaia and Asher’s relationship but there will also be mentions of others along the way.

Are there any other character’s viewpoints that you would like to see later on in the story?

Also, who do you guys think Easton’s hooking up with? ;)

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