Dangerously Beautiful

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Chapter 11

Asher’s POV

I walked into gym class already dressed out for today because have you seen the guys locker room? Well, let me tell you, it’s disgusting. I walked towards Hayden, Sebastian, and Easton who were warming up with weights. I heard the door to one of the locker rooms open but ignored it as I picked up my own weights. “Damn, she just keeps surprising the hell out of me.” Hayden chuckled looking over towards the punching bag. I looked over and saw Kaia pull on some gloves. Holy shit. I knew she had a nice body, but I didn’t realize just how toned she actually was. She looked like she was in her own little world as she punched and kicked the hell out of that bag. I know for sure that I wouldn’t want to be her fighting partner.

An annoying, high-pitched voice pulled me out of my thoughts. “Hey there Asher.” I glanced over to see Ivy twirling a piece of her bleach blonde hair around one of her manicured fingers. I sighed and looked back over at Kaia. God, she was beautiful. So strong, so independent, I bet she would look so nice sitting right on top of my co...

“Asherrrrr. What the hell are you looking at?” Ivy looked to see where I’ve been staring for the past five minutes. “Seriously? You’re looking at her? Asher, I thought we talked about this. I said I was sorry, it was an accident. You don’t have to stare at other girls to make me jealous.”

If I still felt anything for this girl then I would be fuming, but instead, I calmly replied, “Ivy, it’s not an accident when some lower rank wolf sticks his dick in you on multiple occasions. I’m over you, we broke up over a year ago. Let it go.” I moved around her and walked towards the circle where we’ll be fighting in partners.

Coach Keller blew his whistle and yelled, “All right class, listen up! We’re going to get in pairs to wrestle. There are no rules as long as I don’t find a dead student here when we’re done at the end of the day.” I looked over at Kaia who had the biggest smile on her face, that would make you think that she had just won the lottery. We all listened as Coach called out the partners. “Ivy Greene. You’re paired up with Kaia Jones.” Her smile was gone so fast that I almost thought it was never there.

“Excuse me.” Kaia’s voice spoke over the coach’s. “Yeah. I was kind of hoping for a guy partner.” Some of the guys in the room started chuckling.

“I can’t allow you to fight with a guy. I can’t be having a guy beat up a girl in my gym class. It doesn’t look good on me.”

“With all due respect coach, the only one who will be getting their ass kicked today...is going to be a guy.” The serious look on her face made everyone in the room blink a few times. I mean, I know she’s strong but I highly doubt that she could kick me or one of my friend’s assess.

Coach shook his head and sighed. “Sorry kid. Look at it this way, it’ll be a fair fight. Just show me what you got.”

Kaia looked Ivy up and down and scoffed. I don’t think that Kaia realizes that even though Ivy looks weak, she does train with other pack members. Kaia didn’t seem too concerned though as she got into position. Ivy looked beyond pissed at Kaia. Either from Kaia basically calling Ivy weak in front of other pack members and classmates, or for the fact that I was definitely checking Kaia out earlier in front of Ivy.

To say that the fight didn’t last long is the biggest understatement of the year. Ivy literally lasted a solid 45 seconds till she was screaming at the top of her lungs. Kaia didn’t even need to be told she won before she was calmly climbing off of Ivy and walking over the rest of the class. “And you really thought some guy would hit me?” Kaia looked at the coach with a cocky smirk. All the guys in the room looked at her with wide eyes and mouths gaping. I swear I even saw a few boners in the room.

My turn was next which also didn’t last too long, but it definitely wasn’t as fast as Kaia’s fight had been. After class had ended, I watched Kaia walk back towards the locker rooms. I headed over towards the guys. “She is fucking incredible.” I smiled and rubbed the back of my neck. A nervous habit of mine. And let me tell you, that girl makes me nervous....in a good way.

“Yup. She was definitely made for your crazy ass.” Easton laughed looking over towards Dawson Creeds’ shirtless chest. I shook my head and smiled. I don’t know how no one at this school realizes that Easton is gay by now. The dude literally stares at other guy’s junk...while he’s talking to them.

“Bloody hell.” I looked at Sebastian and followed his eyes over to...Holy. Fucking. Shit. Kaia. She was prowling towards Ivy in only a black, lace push-up bra and thong. She had the most sinister smirk on her face which somehow, only made her look sexier. I could feel my eyes go wide with lust. I knew that if we touched right now, I’d probably blow a load right here. Mate bonds are pretty fucking strong.

“That’s what you get for almost breaking my nose, you little tramp.” I looked over at Ivy only to realize that she was holding a gym bag that was definitely not hers. I put two and two together and realized that she was holding Kaia’s gym bag. That fucking bitch. This is another reason why me and Ivy didn’t work out. She’s just a terrible person.

I watched as Kaia took slow steps, my eyes trailing down towards her hips that were swinging side to side. “You know Poison Ivy, this little trick might have worked on someone who actually hates how their body looks. But, you see, I’m not ashamed of who I am.” Kaia leaned towards Ivy’s ear and whispered in the sexiest voice that went straight towards my cock, “In fact, if you had wanted me to get undressed so bad, all you had to do was ask. I’m not opposed to a little female-on-female action.” Ivy’s face flushed in embarrassment and I knew that this conversation was over.

Kaia smiled at Ivy as if she had just asked her out for brunch. I fully expected Kaia to pull on her clothes right when she grabbed her bag. But I guess I should never expect anything when it comes to Kaia Jones. She turned around, with her round, tight ass on display. I’ll admit I was getting a boner just looking at her as she started to walk away. She turned her head slightly and caught my eye. I knew what she probably saw in them. Lust. Awe. Maybe even a little bit of something more. I definitely did not expect the wink that she gave me as she walked away though.

As I was watching her walk away, I thought to myself, I have never seen a more confident, beautiful, badass woman in my entire life.

“She is a hot mess.” Sebastian looked after her in a way that should have made me mad, but hell I couldn’t blame him.

“Yeah. But she’s going to be my hot mess.”

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