Dangerously Beautiful

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Chapter 14

Asher’s POV

What the hell did I just do? I’m still sitting on my bed hours after Kaia left. I keep thinking back to that kiss. How great it felt, how happy I was to have her in my arms. Only for it to all be ruined by what I said. I knew that she must have had a hard life and has trouble talking about it, but I did not expect her to blow up like that.

“It’s your turn. Ask me anything,” she had said smiling.

I thought about it for a second and realized that I didn’t know a single thing about my mate. So I asked the only logical thing I could think of, “Tell me something real about you. Like, where are your parents? Do you have any siblings? Give me something that shows me who the real Kaia Jones is. I hardly know a single thing about you, and yet, I’ve been telling you everything about me.”

I looked as her face went from smiling to a blank expression in under a second. I watched in confusion as she got up and started pulling her shoes on. I quickly grabbed her shoulder to stop her. “Hey, look. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry. Just lay back down and we can keep talking okay?” She just stared at me and shrugged my hand off.

As she walked towards the door, she turned around at the last second and looked me straight in the eyes with no emotion. “You want to know who the real Kaia Jones is? She’s a bitch. She screws around with guys who could care less about her other than her body. She definitely doesn’t date. And you know what? She likes it that way. She hates that just because she shares a meaningless kiss with someone, doesn’t mean that he gets to ask her, her whole fucking life story.”

With that, she opened the door and walked off as I stared at the place she was just standing moments prior with hurt written all over my face. How could I possibly fuck everything up in a matter of minutes? And more importantly, how am I going to make things right again?


Kaia’s POV

I woke up the next morning feeling like absolute shit. I knew right away that I was not going to be up for seeing Asher today. Not after the way I left things yesterday. I know I make decisions without thinking things through but it was my fault for letting him get too close in the first place. I looked at my phone and pulled up Finn’s contact and sent him a quick text.

Me: Hey. I’m ditching today. You up for a couple of drinks?

Finn: Instead of listening to Mrs. Bruster talk about the revolutionary war? Count me in.

Me: Meet me outside in 20. I gotta at least pretend I’m going to school.

I get up from bed to take a quick shower and get ready. I walk outside to Mia, Veronica, and Daisy who are waiting on me. I pass Mia a note that I forged to look like it came from Meredith saying that I will be absent today from a stomach virus. “Hey, can you give this to the front office when you get to school? I have some things that I have to do today.”

Mia looked at me with a raised brow. “Do I want to know what you’re up to?”

I shrugged. “Nothing too special. Just not feeling up for it today.”

I walked over towards Finn who was waiting for me by the road. “Well, firecracker. I was wondering how long it would take you to skip school. It has now been a solid three days since you started, and I gotta say, I was thinking it would be quicker.” He teased me with a smile.

I pushed his shoulder playfully. “Just shut up and show me where in this shitty town, can we get some drinks.”


Asher’s POV

I’m sitting in chemistry bouncing my leg up and down waiting for Kaia to walk through the door. As the clock starts ticking down, I realize that she isn’t going to show up. Is she ignoring me now? Are we back to square one?

I couldn’t sit still throughout all my classes leading up to lunch. I’ve been waiting till I can talk to one of her friends, mainly Finn, since she seems to talk to him the most. I practically ran down the hallway towards the cafeteria, searching through the crowds of faces. With no luck, I headed outside where I know I’m bound to find someone. Ah, there they are. Hayden, Easton, and Sebastian are sitting underneath one of the trees in the schoolyard.

Hayden looked up as I approached. “Hey, man! How did the study session go yesterday,” Hayden said with a wink. The look on my face must have been an answer enough. “Shit, man. I’m sorry. Have you talked to her today?”

“No. She didn’t even show up today. I think she’s ignoring me now,” I said with a sigh as I sat down next to them.

“Oh, she’s with Finn. He texted me and said he wasn’t coming in today because Kaia asked him to hang out,” Sebastian said casually.

My mind immediately went to every bad scenario that could happen with the two alone.

“Come on man. Finn and her are not a thing. They’re just friends. That’s all. Quit imaging every bad thing that could possibly happen.” Easton reassured me.

I looked over at Sebastian since he knows Finn and Kaia the best. “Is she fighting tonight?”

I watched him as he thought. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure she is. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are her schedule.”

I guess I’m going to another one of her fights tonight. Maybe then I can ask if we could start over again.


Kaia’s POV

I’m looking at the distorted reflection of myself in the bathroom mirror of the fight club warehouse. To say that I’m drunk is an understatement. I am beyond fucked out of my mind. After ditching school, me and Finn went bar hopping around town with the fake I.D. I always carry around with me. We have been non-stop drinking and smoking since earlier in the day. Daisy covered for me and told Meredith that I had already gone to bed with a headache. Well, at least I won’t be lying tomorrow with the hangover I’m sure I’ll have.

I have to be on stage in a few minutes, so I head out of the bathroom with bloodshot eyes and swaying to the music as I walk. Every guy in the room is watching me as I sway my hips to the music as I walk. I feel a tap on my arm and look over to see a very drunk Finn. “You sure you’re up for this? I don’t want to see you get hurt up there, with the condition you’re in.”

I frowned at his words. “You know, you don’t have to treat me like I’m some fragile doll, Finn. I can do this.” I slurred the last words a little as I spoke. I hear the announcers’ voices ring out through the speakers, introducing me and some brunette girl who is easily half my size. But, I’ve learned by now, not to let size fool you when it comes to fighting.

I swerve a little as I walk up towards the ring and look at my opponent. The bell goes off signaling the start. I stumble a little walking around in a circle opposite from her. I didn’t even see her come up and hit me right across the cheek. With the alcohol in my system, I stumbled more than I should have from that hit. After all the shit that I have been feeling lately, I embraced the pain, wanting more of it. I stood there and let her hit me across the eye, knowing good and well, I would have a bruise there tomorrow.

She hits me again across my jaw making my teeth rattle together and causing me to fall to the floor. Blood began to fill my mouth and trickle down my chin as I lay looking up at the girl towering over me. She straddles my waist and gets right up towards my face with a cocky smirk, and says with a voice loud enough to be heard in the building, “Got anything to say before I pummel your pretty little face in?”

I looked up at her cocky smirk and spit blood right into her face. “Fuck you.” I pulled my fist back and threw it as hard as I could right into her nose. She fell off of me with a thud as I straddled her waist and began to throw fist after fist towards her. I felt someone pull me off of her and off the stage not realizing that the bell had already gone off, declaring me the winner.

I looked over at the person leading me towards one of the walls in the back of the room, and saw the last person that I wanted to see at that moment...Asher. I pulled my arm from his grip and spun around on him. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing here?” I asked him, slurring a little as I talked.

“You’re fucking drunk! I was worried about you all damn day, and I came to see you. What the hell Kaia? You just left yesterday after you blew up on me...and...fuck!” He pulled his hair with both hands and took a deep breath. “I really like you, Kaia!” He practically yelled at me.

I stood there frozen, knowing that I probably look like a fucking mess right now. “You don’t even know me, Asher. How could you possibly like me?” I asked him seriously. He looked conflicted with what to say so I cut in before he could. “Listen, I’m sorry. But we’re just two different types of people. It’s never going to happen,” I practically spit out. I do what I normally do in situations that make me uncomfortable. I turned around and left.

What do you guys think about how Kaia reacted in the situation? Or what about Asher? Do you think he freaked out for no reason or was it justified?

The next chapter may be a little heavy for some readers so beware.

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