Dangerously Beautiful

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Chapter 1




The whole cafeteria seemed to quiet down as I walked in. The only sound throughout the whole room was the sound of my boots hitting the tiled flooring. This isn’t that unusual than any other day. People tended to avoid eye contact with me and girls usually would hold their boyfriends just a little tighter than necessary.

I swear these girls act as if I’m some predatory hawk ready to swoop down and steal their precious mice any second now. Do these girls really think that some 5′6 chick is going to forcibly take their men from them and shove their tongues down my throat?

Please, not to sound too narcissistic but I’m far from ugly. I have waist-length, long black hair, high cheekbones, perfectly arched eyebrows, electric blue eyes, and pouty lips. I know my strengths. My mother taught me at a young age to use my naturally curvy body and good looks as an advantage. Men will do almost anything if they think they’ll get lucky.

So, aside from that, the silence in the cafeteria isn’t anything out of the ordinary. The only thing that was off was the short blonde headed girl standing in my way of the lunch line.

“You have a lot of nerve Katarina,” the blonde girl exclaimed as she was looking my outfit up and down clearly disgusted with something. I was wearing my black boots, black ripped skinny jeans, and a black tank top showing off my midriff. Clearly, she must have found breast, shoulders, and belly buttons offending by the way she was glaring at me.

“Oh, hey Blondie,” I replied coolly. The only reason I even call her blondie was because I could not for the life of me bother to remember her name.

“Seriously? That’s all you have to say to me. I had to find out from some sophomore that my boyfriend was seen at Kelly Parker’s party last Saturday with you making out against the couch?!” shouted Blondie.

My face was completely blank as I told her, “If you’re referring to Jake, it was actually against the pool table, so your sources aren’t that reliable.”

“His name is James you slut! Who the hell do you think you are!”

I slowly began to walk towards her. Nobody dared to move as they were all staring at the boiling pot that was soon going to explode. As I stopped not even a foot or two away, I looked Blondie dead in the eye and said, “Do you hear how pathetic you sound right now? Calling me the slut? Do you not realize that it takes two to fuck Ms. Blondie?” I slowly started wrapping a piece of her blonde hair around one of my fingers. “If it makes you feel any better, he kisses like my neighbor’s golden retriever, so I wasn’t thoroughly enjoying my time.”

That’s what did it. The boiling point has been hit. Blondie looked like she was about to pop one of her eyes out by the way her face was straining. “I’m pathetic?! Well, at least I’m not some group home girl whose parents didn’t stick around to see just how big of a disappointment she is! You may act like your tough Katarina Jones, but really you’re just a scared..little..bitch...”

The room was deafeningly silent after Blondie spoke. No one dared to move a muscle in case they became the new punching bag of Blondie’s wrath.

With my face completely void of any emotions, I stepped to the side, grabbed the nearest kids’ lunch tray, dumped all the food out onto the table, and then proceeded to clock it into Blondie’s face. She was forcibly knocked onto the floor and was bleeding. Her perfectly plastic nose job was surely broken by the force of my hit. I bent down right at Blondie’s face, and smiled a sickeningly sweet smile and said, “My name is Kaia actually.”

Right at that moment, Principle Williams came barging through the cafeteria doors. “Ms. Jones, in my office now!” I wasn’t too concerned. This is actually the longest it’s taken for me to get into enough trouble for a visit to the principal’s office. I’ve been to eight different schools since starting high school, so moving to another one was the lease of my concerns.

As you can see, I’m not much of a talkative, vibrant girl who loves to gossip about boys and the newest fashion trends. Some things, believe it or not, are actually more important than that. I’ve learned to be a bitch that doesn’t take anyone’s shit. I mean, could you really blame a girl. Being moved from group home to group home doesn’t necessarily leave you with a warm and sweet interior. Instead, it leaves you with a bitter and hard exterior.

I entered Principle William’s office and casually lounged back in the chair across from his desk. Before he even sat down in his chair, I looked at him and said, “Look, Williams, me and you both know that I’m being expelled for that shit show back there, so let’s just cut to the chase and you tell me that you’re going to call my social worker and transfer me to another school.” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t purposely try to get expelled from every school I attend, but can you really blame me when it comes to girls like Blondie. God literally made punchable faces for a reason.

Principle Williams sighed, “Ms. Jones, you do realize that this is the eighth school that you’ve attended since freshman year. You’re a senior now, it’s time to start thinking about your future. It wouldn’t hurt for you to maybe go see a counselor at your new school or maybe even take some anger management classes. You realize that everyone just wants the best for you.” The words he said to me should have made me feel good, safe, and wanted. Instead, all I felt was numb and detached.

I got up from my seat and turned towards the door looking back right as I was about to leave. “You know that might have made me feel better if you weren’t staring at my breast the whole time,” and with that, I left without looking back.

Okay, so this is the first story that I have ever written and I know that it’s probably not up to standards with some of the other books on Wattpad. However, I really just wanted to do something fun to get my mind off of quarantine right now.

And yes, this is a werewolf book. It does take a little bit longer to get to that part. I wanted to build up the characters along the way without going into the werewolf plot immediately.

Let me know what you guys think about Kaia. I love to read about badass females in books, so I thought this was just the perfect character for this book.

I don’t know what days will be my upload schedule yet, but I have written 8 chapters so far but I don’t want to release them all just yet in case it takes me a while to write more. I know this chapter is short, but I do plan on maybe releasing at least two chapters a week.

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