Dangerously Beautiful

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Chapter 21

Kaia’s POV

I walked out of the backdoor searching for Finn. I looked around in the backyard that was brightened by the moonlight above. I sighed, not seeing him anywhere but looked up as I heard something in the woods just outside the bounds of the backyard. Curiosity got the best of me as I walked towards the rustling noise of footsteps. Just as I came around the corner of a tree, I saw the back of someone who turned around just as I approached.

“Shit, Greyson! You scared the fuck out of me. What the hell are you doing walking around the woods at night?” I asked, holding a hand over my heart.

He laughed, “Hey trouble. I came out to take a piss, obviously. The line for the bathroom was way too long so I came out here. What’re you doing out?” He looked at me, eyes moving up and down my body. The way he was looking at me would have not bothered me a few weeks ago, but now it just felt wrong when I thought about Asher waiting for me inside.

I kept a blank face, not letting him know that I see what he’s doing. “I came out to find Finn, but I guess he’s not out here. I’m heading back inside.” I turn to walk away but feel his hand on my shoulder, stopping me from moving.

“Hey, why don’t we talk a little bit before you go?” I could smell the alcohol on his breath, knowing he was drunk right now.

I pulled his hand off of me. “Sorry, Greyson, I’m kind of seeing someone right now.”

Well, that was the wrong answer apparently. Greyson pushed my back up against a tree while leaning into my face. “You know, you really embarrassed me that day at lunch when you said I wasn’t that good at sex. Like what the fuck was that about? You seemed to enjoy it at the party. Do you just like belittling men because you can? Well, let me tell you, Princess, you’re not that great either. You’re just a hole to be used by men that are above you,” he said angrily in my face, spit flying with each word.

I pushed him back and kneed him where the sun doesn’t shine making him groan and fall to the floor. “You fucking bitch!” I turned to walk away when I felt his hand reach out and grab my ankle. I fell hard to the ground, hitting my chin against the cold and muddy forest floor. He pulled me back by the ankles, rolling me over so that my back was to the ground.

“What’s wrong, Princess? I thought you liked a man to be on top? You sure did like it last time,” he smiled cruelly at me. I truly did not expect that Greyson Wallace out of everyone, would be capable of this.

I tried pushing him off, but he was a strong guy. I mean he wasn’t the best wrestler at school for nothing. “Get the fuck off of me Greyson.” I pushed and kicked at him, trying to buck him off, but he wouldn’t budge. He put one of his hands around my throat, constricting my airflow, while his other hand slid underneath my dress.

I tried to scream, but no sound would come out. I tried to breathe in some oxygen but his grip was too tight around my throat. I felt myself growing hotter and hotter, angrier and angrier. I felt like my skin was about to burst into flames. I have been through too damn much in my life. From being belittled to being degraded, I was sick and tired of being a victim to the hands of a man.

I felt a scream tear out of my throat as I aimed both of my hands at Greyson’s chest, releasing all of the pent up energy that has been inside of me all these years. It felt like a blast had gone through my body into Greyson’s as I felt myself relax into a state of pure bliss. I almost felt high on the feeling of relaxation.

I would have basked in this feeling if I didn’t realize that a weight was being lifted off of me. I looked up into Greyson’s scared eyes as my hands released the energy, throwing Greyson through the air and landing hard against the base of a tree….30 feet away. I stared wide-eyed at the place where Greyson now laid, and back to my hands that looked completely normal again.

I was shaking as I crawled to Greyson’s still body. I rolled him over, seeing as his eyes were still wide open in fear and his chest…”Oh, god,” I choked out around a sob as tears fell down my cheeks. His chest….well, what was left of it, was charred and burnt. The smell of burnt skin filled the air of the forest as I stared in horror at what I had done.

I dropped his body and crawled away. I couldn’t scream for help. What would I say? Sorry, but I’m a witch and I accidentally killed him? I didn’t even know how I did it. What if I hurt someone else? What if I hurt Asher?

My thoughts were swirling around inside my head, causing me to panic. I looked back towards the house where I could still hear the music blasting. I have to leave. I can’t be here when they find the body. I got to my feet, shaking on my legs as I stood. I was breathing fast and hard, trying to think of where I’ll go.

I pulled off my heels as I took off running around the side of the house and back along the main road, heading towards the bus stop in town. Planning on going to a place that I never thought that I would go to again…. My mother’s house.


Asher’s POV

I looked around at the pack members and kids from school as I waited for Kaia to come back. I saw Kaia’s friend, Daisy, and Sebastian talking really close together. Huh. Now that’s an interesting combo, I thought to myself. I looked at my watch, seeing as Kaia’s been gone for 20 minutes already. I would have gone out back to check on her, but I didn’t want to seem too clingy right after we had just had sex a couple of days ago.

I looked over towards the hallway as I saw...Easton and Finn? I furrowed my brows, confused because I didn’t even know they were friends. Holy shit. Finn is the one Easton has been hooking up with? Well, shit. I did not see that one coming.

Wait a minute, I thought Kaia had been talking to Finn this whole time. My eyes went wide as I headed to the backdoor in a rush. I opened it and looked around the backyard for any sign of my raven-haired girl. Panic started to set in as I followed her scent to the woods beyond the yard. I also smelt...blood. But it wasn’t Kaia’s blood. I rushed through the trees, shifting into my dark brown wolf and followed the smell of blood and my mate.

I stopped at the sight of Greyson on the ground. He reeked of blood and burnt skin. I walked closer, my paws stopping right next to his body. His eyes were wide open, staring at the leaves of the trees above. I looked down at his chest and saw a massive hole burned through. I couldn’t put together what I saw in front of me and how it was connected to Kaia. Her scent was all over the forest floor. What if someone took her? What do I do?

I mind linked Hayden inside of the house, already feeling bad for ruining his birthday and time with Mia. “Hayden, Kaia is missing. I’m in the woods, there’s a dead body out here.”

“Alright, I’m coming.” He sounded as panicked as me. Do we call the police about this? What would we tell them? He was on pack property and his death was questionable.

I heard Hayden running up behind me through the forest. “Holy fuck, man. Is that Greyson? What happened?”

“I don’t know, but Kaia is missing. We gotta find her. What if she’s…”

“Of course you’d both be werewolves. You both did always seem to be a little hairier than other guys.” Both of us turned our heads quickly to see Mia leaning against a tree behind us. “What are you guys even doing out here?” She started walking closer.

“Mia. Don’t get any closer. I don’t want you to have to see this.” Hayden tried to block her path but she just sidestepped him and continued getting closer.

She gasped and whispered, “Oh, shit. Kaia, what’d you do?” She looked horrified at Greyson’s burnt body.

I immediately shifted back into my human form, not caring if I was naked in front of my best friend’s mate. “What’d you just say? Kaia?... What makes you think she did this? What, did she bring a blow torch out in the woods with her?” I asked breathing hard, trying to wrap my head around the situation.

She sighed, looking at Hayden and then at me with pitying eyes. “She’s a witch Asher, just like me.” Hayden’s eyes went wide at her statement.

“You’re a witch?” He asked her in shock. She smiled at him and nodded.

“And you’re my mate. I realized it when you hugged me inside, but I couldn’t get a read on your aura so I couldn’t tell if you were human or not.” She smiled shyly at him as he stood in awe looking at her.

They both seemed to forget that there was a dead body on the ground and my missing mate was on the loose. I cleared my throat, “Hey guys. Do you mind if we find my mate first, then you two can fuck it out later?” I asked, my temper getting worse by the second. My wolf’s possessiveness was getting out of control with my mate getting further and further away from me.

Mia blushed looking at me. “Oh, right. Sorry. Kaia just found out that she was a witch yesterday. Someone locked up her magic a long time ago because of the amount of power that she possesses. She hasn’t used them yet because she hasn’t felt them inside of her up until now I guess.” Her gaze moved back towards Greyson’s lifeless body.

I exhaled loudly, “We have to find her. Where would she have run off to?” I started moving towards her scent, following it around the house and to the main road. I shifted into my wolf and started following her scent while staying in the cover of the forest. I followed her scent for about a mile until I approached the bus station. I looked around with wide, scared eyes trying to catch sight of my little mate. But she was already gone...

So Kaia finally used her magic. Do you think Greyson deserved it? Let me know your thoughts!

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