Dangerously Beautiful

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Chapter 24

Kaia’s POV

I looked at the coked-out version of the mother that I used to adore standing in front of me in the living room. “Where the fuck is he?” I bit out, stepping forward.

“I told you, he was a bad man Katarina. I was just trying to protect you and your brother.” She tilted her chin up at me in disgust.

I let out a humorless laugh. “Protect me and my brother? You must be even more fucked up than a girl on her 21st birthday if you think I’d believe that load of bullshit.” I walked closer to her. “I won’t hesitate to hurt you, mother.” I spit the words at her, taking another step forward.

Now you’d think that she’d be relatively harmless in the condition that she was in, not to mention she’s practically skin and bones. But holy shit, she was definitely not the same woman I left behind. As I took that last step forward, she pulled a knife out of gods nowhere and stabbed me in the chest with it.

I looked down at the barely noticeable pain in my chest and saw that the knife is quite literally stabbing through my chest. I frowned at the big piece of metal protruding through my ripped dress. “Seriously mother? I’ve been gone for four years and this is how you say welcome home?” I looked at her dryly while she was blinking profusely at me and the calm state that I was in. I groaned, “Fuck, I just bought this damn dress. I could have taken the tags off if I knew I wouldn’t be able to return it.”

I pulled the knife out of my chest while blood dripped out of the slowly healing wound. “You better say you’re sorry before I really regret not killing you first.” I looked at her, pissed off at her lack of hospitality. I mean, I wasn’t expecting her to serve me fucking tea or anything but at least not a knife to the chest.

I heard the front door bust open which caused me to whip my head over to the right as I heard footsteps approach. “Asher?” I looked at him confused and shocked. He wasn’t looking at me though as he turned his gaze to my mother as I watched his eyes go wide. I heard a gunshot go off right as I felt a stinging pain enter my chest, or more specifically, my heart.


Asher’s POV

I bust through the front door upon smelling blood. “Asher?” Kaia looked at me confused with blood on her chest. I looked over at the woman standing in front of Kaia whose face was filled with awe and terror. I saw a glimpse of metal as she reached behind her back and slowly pulled out a gun. I didn’t think twice before I threw myself at her and tackled her to the ground. As I pushed her down, I heard the horrifying sound of a gunshot.

“MOTHERFUCKER!” I heard Kaia scream and grunt uncomfortably. I whipped my head over in Kaia’s direction as I saw her fall to the ground holding her chest with her hands. Blood pooling out of her and falling onto the floor.

“Hold this bitch down,” I yelled to Sebastian and Easton. “Hayden, Mia, go secure the exits. Make sure no one comes snooping.”

I ran over to Kaia as she looked at me in a pissed off and confused expression. “Why are you guys here?”

“Seriously Kaia? You just got shot and you’re wondering why we’re here? How about a thank you for coming to rescue your crazy ass.” I looked at her with my own pissed off facial expression.

“Umm, well I didn’t get shot until your dumb as got here. So, no fucking thank you.” She met my angry gaze with one of her own. I watch as she reaches down towards her gunshot wound and pulls out the bullet.

I looked at her with wide eyes. “Wait! You can’t remove those, we have to keep pressure on it and bring you to a hospital.”

She rolled her eyes at me as if what I just said was the stupidest thing she’s ever heard. “I’m a really fast healer, just take my word for it.” She said before she stood up, completely unaffected.

Our conversation was interrupted when we heard Kaia’s mother yell from across the room, “Hey! Get your hands off of me!”

Kaia’s eyes immediately grew dark and angry when she looked over. “You fucking shot me!” She got up and walked over to her mother on the floor. “Sebastian, Easton, let her go” They got off of her and backed away.

“That’s right. I knew you wouldn’t hurt your mot…” Kaia raised up her arm and opened her hand, propelling her mother in the air and against the wall. We all stared wide-eyed at the power that was coming from Kaia. Werewolves could still sense other magic around them. And fuck me, this was a lot of it. Most witches have to cast a spell to even do what Kaia was doing right now.

“Now I was being very nice to you which is the opposite of what you deserve. So tell me where the fuck he is and why he left.” Kaia said in a deathly calm tone.

“You promise you won’t kill me?” Kaia’s mother looked fearful in that moment, looking at her daughter, while held in the air by an invisible force.

“Promise.” Kaia smiled evilly at her.

“You’re just like him. He was a powerful man, but people were after him for it. I knew that he would pass his magic onto our kids, that was the only reason that I agreed to have any.” I saw hurt flash in Kaia’s eyes before she masked it. “Milo didn’t receive any powers so we tried again, and that’s when we had you. We could feel your magic from when you were only just a baby. But your father had people looking for him, looking to use his powers for evil. So he locked your powers up tight so no one could detect them. Your powers were weaker then, so no one would be able to tell that you were a witch.”

Her mother looked at Kaia hesitantly before speaking again, “I didn’t like the fact that he locked your magic up. He left soon after that to keep us safe. But I envied the amount of power you and your father had. It made life easier. I could pay bills, control other people, I was basically invincible with your father around. So I tried to break your powers out…”

Kaia visibly stiffened. “What the hell are you talking about?” Her jaw clenched in anger.

“The night I sent Greg to break you.” Her mother smiled cruelly.

“W-What? He said you owed him. W-Why would you do that? Milo is dead because of you!” Kaia yelled, choking on a sob as angry tears rolled down her cheeks. She started closing her hand into a mid-fist, while her mother started choking, clawing at her throat.

“I-I was trying to break you so your powers would emerge to try and protect you…”

“And look what that did?! I still didn’t have any magic!” Kaia screamed, making air and wind swirl around the room, rustling papers and bills off the coffee table and into the current. “You let some sick fucker into my room and raped me! I was only fourteen!” She continued yelling, closing her fist a little more, causing her mother’s face to turn purple and red. “Milo is dead because of you! HE’S FUCKING DEAD!” Kaia screamed, making the windows shatter throughout the living room. “Tell me where dad is!”

Kaia’s mother’s voice could barely be heard throughout the storm that was being called into the living room. “I don’t know! I haven’t seen him in 10 years! Don’t kill me, Kaia. You promised.”

Kaia looked straight into her mother’s eyes and closed her fist fully. I watched as Kaia snapped her mother’s neck and dropped her onto the floor. “Well, you should know. I never keep my promises.”

***Okay so I’m starting to write another book right now and need help coming up with some character names. It’s a three mate story, so I need help or opinions on some of the names. I like names where you can shorten it to use as a nickname***

Ex: Conrad (con), Copper (cop), Emmett (em), Rose (rue, roe, rosie), Violet (vi, v, ultraviolet), Asher (ash).

I also like the names River, Atticus, and Everett but I can’t figure out cute nicknames for them yet.

***HELP ME lol. I need suggestions and feedback. I don’t like very generic names but I am open to anything. But the name does depend on the personality and supernatural species of the character so I won’t know for sure until I develop them first***

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