Dangerously Beautiful

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Chapter 25

Kaia’s POV

I looked down at my mother’s lifeless body crumpled on the floor at my feet. I exhaled, “Well, I can’t say that I expected for this to happen today,” I said before turning around to the audience I had in my old living room. “I guess you guys can tell I’m not completely human. You wouldn’t be able to be convinced that you’re on an acid trip right now would you?” I asked seriously at the guys in the room.

“Are you fucking serious love?” Sebastian doubled over laughing. “An acid trip? Fuck me, you’re a riot.” He stood up and wiped his tears as the other boys looked unimpressed at his outburst.

Asher exhaled, “Kaia, we know you’re a witch. We also know you killed Greyson and all those people on the bus.” He looked over at the corpse behind me. “And whoever the hell that is.”

I looked over and glared at Mia. She raised up her hands defensively. “Hey, I had to tell them. They’re a bunch of furries anyways so it’s not like we’re the only crazy ones here.” Which earned her a glare from the guys.

“Furries? Seriously babe? We’re werewolves.” Hayden looked at her completely offended by the name she gave them.

I stared as I made one, slow blink. “Umm, come again?”

Asher exhaled, “Baby…” I looked over at Asher’s anxious face. “Umm...well, you see...I’m a werewolf.” I just blinked at him. “And so is Hayden, Sebastian, and Easton.”

“Okay.” I nodded my head.

“Okay? You don’t have anything else to say?” He looked at me as if I just escaped the looney bin. Hell, maybe I have and I’m just stuck in my own imagination.

“Well, what else would I say Asher. I just made a barbecue with Greyson’s body with my own bare hands. I don’t think anything can really surprise me anymore. Hell, I just got stabbed and shot, and yet, I healed.” I pulled down the front of my dress to show my completely unblemished skin. “So nothing can really shock me anymore.”

He chuckled nervously, “Well, what if I told you that you’re my mate? Like as in my werewolf soulmate.”

I looked at him with a loss of words. “Well fuck. That’s a new one. What does that even mean?” I could vaguely see all the others walk out of the room to go into the kitchen as we talked.

Asher walked towards me with a shy smile. “It means that we’re destined to be together, Kaia.” He grabbed my hand in his. “You feel these sparks when we touch? Well, that’s what happens when you find your mate.”

I stood there shocked as he spoke to me. This is too much for a girl to handle in one day. But surprisingly, I believed everything that he was saying. Something in my heart was urging me to believe it.

“There’s nothing you could do that would push me away, so stop trying to.” He said with so much love and affection as he leaned over and kissed me gently.

Our moment was cut short when I heard a voice that I prayed I would never hear again but also prayed that I one day would. It was him. “Julie! What the hell happened to the front door?!” I slowly walked towards the front door and locked eyes with his cold, deadly ones.

He smiled evilly at me. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t you, sweetheart.” He looked me up and down not even disguising what he was doing. I heard Asher growl next to me. I glanced over, seeing Sebastian and Easton stand in a protective stance next to me, while Hayden and Mia stood off to the side of the entrance to the living room, no doubt trying to cover the dead body. “You look even better than the last time I saw you.” He licked his lips and winked at me.

“Kaia, who is this?” Asher said, sounding cautious and irritated at the looks he was giving to me.

Feeling numbness spread all throughout my body, I quietly said,“I guess he goes by Greg. He’s the one who raped me and killed my brother.”


Asher’s POV

“Kaia, who is this?” I asked Kaia while looking this scumbag up and down with disgust. I didn’t like the way that he was looking at my girl.

I heard Kaia’s soft voice speak next to me. “I guess he goes by Greg. He’s the one who raped me and killed my brother.” My ears felt like they were popping, my body feels like it’s going to explode, my eyes feel like they’re leaking blood from the amount of red fury that I saw in that moment.

I shift mid-air, tackling the scumbag who hurt my baby girl, and who hurt her brother. He yelled, eyes wide full of fear as I bit down onto his neck and pulled. Blood poured out of his open neck as the light from his eyes faded out in seconds. I was blind with rage looking down at the dead body until I felt gentle hands touch my back. I looked back as Kaia stroked my fur, trying to calm me down.

I shifted back as Kaia wrapped me into a warm hug. “Ash are you okay? You didn’t have to do that for me. I could have handled it.” She said with hurt and sadness in her voice.

“After hearing what he did and seeing him looking at you like that, I couldn’t control my wolf. It was out for blood. I’m sorry I did that. I just can’t stand the thought of someone hurting you.” I said, both of my palms holding her face in my hands. “I can promise you that, Kaia. I will never let someone hurt you, okay?”

She gave me a tired smile.“...okay. Your wolf is massive... and cute.” She smiled at me.

I scoffed, “Cute? I’m a literal beast babe.” I laughed as she rolled her eyes at me.

“Well, raincheck on the whole mate conversation until we leave here?” She looked around the small home and frowned. “Well, I guess I should clean this place up. Umm….what do we do with the bodies?” She asked, biting her bottom lip and looking around at the damage caused.

“Well, love. We eat it of course.” Sebastian said from behind me.

Kaia’s face looked utterly disgusted and I’m pretty sure she was two seconds away from throwing up. “What?! You’re going to eat them?”

Me, Hayden, Sebastian, and Easton doubled over laughing at her facial expression, while Mia looked unsure at who was telling the truth. “No baby. We’re werewolves but we’re not fucking cannibals.” I laughed, wiping away tears.

“While I understand that this whole situation is hilarious, we really do need to clean up these bodies.” Mia cut into our comedy special.

“Can’t we just abracadabra it out of here?” Kaia asked Mia.

“Uhhhh!” Mia groaned. “Kaia if you’re going to be a witch, first, you need to stop saying things like abracadabra, and second, we need to talk about controlling your magic.” She looked pointedly, yet with sympathy at Kaia who was covered in dried blood and a ripped up dress.

“Fine, what do we need to do?” Kaia walked over towards Mia.

“Hold my hand and repeat after me.” Mia said, grabbing Kaia’s hand in hers. “Almenutoste frillestel pubclistu efron.” Kaia repeated each word after Mia. The room grew so bright that I had to shield my eyes from the blinding magic. Just as fast as the light grew bright, it disappeared all together.

“Fucking hell! That’s incredible babe.” Hayden looked at Mia like a lovesick puppy while I looked at my girl with so much pride. The room was completely spotless, no blood or bodies in sight.

“Ummmmm….Asher….can you put some pants on or something?” Mia tried to look anywhere other than my exposed body. I saw Kaia looking at nothing but my exposed body while shrugging. Shit, guess I forgot to change after I shifted. Werewolf thing, you get used to being naked. Easton walked out to get me and Kaia extra clothes from the car.

“Why did you even come here, Kaia? It’s obvious you didn’t have a good relationship with your mom.” Mia asked, looking at the spot where Kaia’s mother was moments ago.

“Well you said we get our magic from one of our parents, so I want to find my dad. I mean, there’s obviously a reason why he sealed my magic and I don’t think she has all the facts straight.” Kaia exhales loudly. “Wait a minute! How the hell did you guys find me? I never told you where she even lived.”

“Simple, locator spell. Did you seriously forget the part where you left a trail of bodies leading to you as well?” Mia looked at her seriously.

I could hear Kaia mumbling about that breaking her code of privacy before she perked up a bit. “Hold on, does that mean we can track anyone?”

Mia looked lost in thought before responding, “Umm...maybe. But sometimes if the person doesn’t want to be found then you have to use a personal item of theirs. Why?”

Kaia looked at her in determination. “Because I’m going to find my dad, even if it’s damn near impossible. I’m gonna find him whether he likes it or not.”

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