Dangerously Beautiful

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Chapter 26

Kaia’s POV

“Well besides a meth lab and loads of guns, there’s basically nothing else in this house.” I sighed while closing the door to the basement. “She has to have something of his in here. There’s no way she would have gotten rid of everything.”

“Well, maybe she was worried that someone else would have the same idea. I mean, there was a reason why he left.” Mia looked at me in thought.

I chewed on my lip thinking while the rest of the guys searched the surrounding area of the house to make sure there were no witnesses to the killing spree we just had. “Does it technically have to be something of his? Can’t we just use a picture of him?”

Mia sighed pointing to the picture of my dad and Julie, “If he was really trying to run from someone, he would have used a spell to change his appearance. So as far as we know, he probably doesn’t even look like that now.”

“Shit, so it can be an article of clothing too, right?” She nodded. “I still have one of his flannels he left from when I was younger. I wondered why Julie insisted on me getting rid of all of his stuff but I kept it anyway. It was a sort of ‘fuck you’ from me as a kid.”

“Okay, so we just need to retrieve the item and then begin the spell. Since he probably ran halfway across the world by now, we’ll both need to do the spell since it’ll require a lot more magic. And no offense, but we don’t need you to use so much at the moment since someone ends up dead every time you do.”

I grumbled and ‘fuck you’ and a ‘sorry’ before getting back on topic. “Okay let’s do it then.”

Mia grimaced. “Umm, did you forget the part where we’re both high school students and Meredith hasn’t heard from you in a day. What are we going to do about the group home? We can’t just say we’re going to visit family, since, you know, we don’t have any.”

“Well, technically I don’t actually have to live there. I’m 18 and so are you. The only reason we even live there is because they allow us to until we graduate high school. It’s not required. So we’ll just find another place to live in the meantime.”

“You can just live with me. We are mates after all, and I’m sure Hayden is dying for Mia to stay at his place.” I turned and looked at a shy Asher.

“What? Are we like married now or something?” I teased him, arching an eyebrow.

“Uh..well no..I mean, we have to complete the mating bond first...but I don’t want to rush you into anything though! Asher said, his cheeks slightly reddening from embarrassment.

“Well, how do we complete the bond then?” I asked, confused about why he looked nervous.

“He has to bite you and leave a mark on your neck and since he’s an alpha, it’s going to be HUGE,” Hayden replied unhelpfully as he strolled back into the house.

My eyes widened but before I could complain about being a steak in a room full of wolves, Asher cut in. “It’s not as bad as it sounds Kaia. I promise. It hurts for maybe three seconds before the pleasure takes over….It’s also done in an intimate setting too,” Asher said, chewing on his lip and shifting from foot to foot nervously.

I blew out a breath before replying. “Okayyyyy. Well, I guess we’ll do it as soon as possible then.” I looked at Asher and smiled, hoping I don’t look as freaked out as I am inside. I know that I shouldn’t be nervous about this. It’s not the bite that I’m worried about. It’s the commitment involved in it. For fucks sake, I haven’t even had a boyfriend before and now I’ve come to find out, I’ll be bonded to someone for the rest of my life.

I stopped my internal battle when I saw a wide smile breaking out on Asher’s face. Oh god, he got me. I can’t deny what that smile does to me. Great, now those stupid butterflies are back. I don’t even understand why people call them that. It feels like a fucking tornado full of hornets is moving around in my stomach. But I’ve learned to not mind it. As long as I can keep that smile on Asher’s face, I could care less.


Is it bad that I’ve had worse days than today? I mean, I did just kill eleven people and watch my somewhat boyfriend turn into a wolf and kill my rapist. And yet, I’m excited to see what else this quest has in store.

We return back to the group home so I can get the old red and black flannel I took from my dad years ago. I never wore it when I was younger since I feared Julie would take it from me and throw it out with the rest of his stuff. I look down at the worn-out fabric in my hands, wondering if it will contain all the answers I’m looking for.

Mia popped her head in through the cracked door of my temporary bedroom. “You ready Kaia? I already talked to Meredith and we’re cleared by both of our social workers. Go ahead and pack the rest of your stuff, we’re bringing it over towards pack territory.”

I blinked in surprise. “Pack territory? That’s actually a thing? Wait a minute, Asher’s the future alpha. Does that make me…”

“The future luna? Yeah, I don’t know what the moon goddess thought when putting you in charge of a wolf pack but hey, I ain’t judging.” Mia raised her hands in defense.

I rolled my eyes and mumbled, “whatever.” as I pulled my small duffle bag down the stairs and outside to Asher’s car.

“You ready?” Asher gave me one of his panty-dropping smiles as he grabbed my bag for me and held my door open. I love being an independent woman but I think I could get used to this.

We drive to Asher’s house where he leads me up the stairs and to his room. “Umm, is it okay if you stay in here with me? I mean, you don’t have to...I just would like it if you did.” He looked down at his feet while pushing the carpet back and forth with the heel of his foot.

I grinned at his nervousness. “No, that’s okay. I want to stay in here with you.” How does a guy as big as Asher get so nervous around a girl? Normally, I would hate guys like him but I can’t help but find him adorable. Ha! The fact that I find a guy who turns into a literal beast adorable is hilarious to me.

“Great. Well, dinner is almost ready so I guess you can finally meet my parents.” I froze at his statement. Remember when I said I wasn’t afraid of anything. Well, I lied. I’m terrified of relationships AND meeting parents. No one can judge you as much as someone else’s parents. He must have been able to pick up on my body language or maybe for the fact that I looked like I had just been told that bootcut jeans were coming back in style because he sighed and grabbed my hand in his. “Kaia, don’t worry about it. They know you’re my mate and they have been dying to meet you. Plus, I might have already told them just how much of a badass you are.” He smirked.

“Okay. I’ve just...Ash, I’ve never had a boyfriend...or whatever we are.” I sighed looking anywhere but at him.

He grabbed my chin gently and lifted my head so my eyes would meet his. “Hey, baby. We can be whatever you want. Boyfriend is just the human term for mates basically. So don’t sweat.” He laughed at my obvious discomfort. I felt the tension in my body relax a bit as I let his words comfort me. “Come on, I really wasn’t kidding about them wanting to meet you.”

We walked downstairs to the kitchen that was connected to the dining room. Asher lives in a BIG house. I thought his dad must work in business or something but I guess running an entire wolf pack will do that too.

A smaller woman was pulling out a casserole from the oven as we walked in. “Oh! Hi, you must be Kaia!” the woman smiled brightly at me. She was pretty and looked very young to be Ash’s mom. She had curly dark brown hair and bright green eyes. “I’m Susan, Asher’s mother.” I looked at her and couldn’t help thinking, “Well yeah. Who the hell else would you be?” But I let my inner bitchy remarks stay silent and out of the way. “He has told me so much about you.” She smiled warmly at me while Asher looked like he wanted to jump off the roof.

“Hi, nice to meet you. I hope they were all good things at least.” I looked back at Asher nervously because, well, let’s face it. I did run out on him on our first kiss, I’ve made it clear I didn’t want him around me on multiple occasions... and, oh yeah! How about the fact that I have turned into a serial killer in the past 48 hours.

He put his arm around my waist and pulled me to his side. “Always good things babe,” he said as he kissed my forehead and smiled at me. I’ve never had someone treat me in such an affectionate way before. But I’ve grown to not mind it. Dare I say, I might actually enjoy it.

“Well, you two look like you could be soulmates.” She winked at both of us as she carried the food to the table in the dining room.

“Mom, you don’t have to say it like that. Kaia knows we’re mates. She knows we’re all werewolves.” His mother almost dropped the glass bowl she was carrying to the table upon hearing what Asher just said.

“Asher! You didn’t tell me she already knew! Well, why are we ignoring the obvious here? When are we going to discuss pups!” His mother all but screamed in delight.

Asher’s face grew hot in embarrassment at his mother’s comment on kids, while I just found the whole situation amusing. “Moooooom. Seriously? I haven’t even finished high school yet. Also, we kind of have some stuff to talk about with you and dad first.”

“Well, I would ask if she was pregnant but obviously you don’t plan on making me a grandma anytime soon so fine. Mind link your father that dinner is ready.” His mother said as she went to grab plates in the kitchen.

I watched as Asher’s eyes glazed over and seemed to zone out for a second. “Uhhh, what the hell is wrong with you?” I asked, looking confused.

“I just mind linked my dad.” The look on my face must have said that I had no clue what the hell he was talking about. “It’s like when you talk in someone else’s mind, only pack members can do it to each other and to their mates. I did it to you when you, er, left Hayden’s birthday party.”

I thought back to when I was on the bus before it crashed and my eyes widened. “Holy shit! That was you? I thought I lost my fucking mind and was hearing voices!”

Asher laughed at my lack of knowledge on werewolves and then looked into my eyes intensely. “Nope, that was all me. And can I just say how good you look right now? My wolf is going crazy seeing you in my shirt.” Asher’s voice said in my mind as he looked at me with lust-filled eyes while he was licking his lips. I felt myself blushing at the way his eyes were devouring me. Hell, I definitely wanted him to devour something, and it is not that turkey sitting on the dining room table. Realizing what Asher just said, I looked down at the shirt I was wearing. Sure enough, I was wearing his shirt since they didn’t bring any girl clothes with them when they rescued me on my killing spree from earlier.

Our heated stare was cut off when a tall man walked into the room. “Hey darling.” I heard his deep voice say as he leaned in and kissed Susan’s cheek. He turned around and looked straight at me, making me shift uncomfortably because...damn, he is a huge fucking guy. “You must be Kaia.” He gave me a surprisingly warm smile.

“Nice to meet you, sir.” I politely replied to him, offering my best smile. Which is basically a half tilt of my lips.

We all sat down at the table where I was wringing my hands in the bottom of Asher’s shirt as I sat there nervously. “Calm down baby. I can feel your nervousness from here.” I looked up seeing Ash trying to hold in a laugh. I cursed him in my mind, not realizing that he would be able to hear me as he cracked a big smile before covering it up again.

“Dan, sweetie. Asher says that Kaia already knows about us. Isn’t that great?” Susan smiled at her husband who was sitting at the head of the table.

“Good. Well in that case, who the hell was going to tell me about the young boy’s body in the woods?” Asher’s dad looked right at Ash.

“Uhh, well you see...that’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you guys about. See, Kaia’s a witch.” You could hear a pin drop in the silence of the dining room. “And, she may have accidentally killed him.” Well, fuck, thanks for outing me, Asher.

Where do you guys think Kaia’s dad is? Any predictions on what may go down when she finds him?

Also, I think some people may be happy about the next chapter :)

P.S. I’ve never written anything, especially having to do with werewolves so some things may not be the same as you see in other books. Like when I talk about mind linking or mates or even marking so don’t judge me please lol.

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