Dangerously Beautiful

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Chapter 27

Well, this conversation could either go good or bad. It’s not like I wanted to meet my mate’s parents for the first time, just for them to find out that I murdered someone. Who knows though, maybe werewolves are less judgemental.

“Well, at least I know it wasn’t someone snooping on pack territory then.” Asher’s dad exhaled. “So you’re a witch huh? Well, that’ll make adjusting to the supernatural world a whole lot easier.” I sat there gaping at him while he continued eating as if this was a normal conversation. Hell, it probably was for them.

“Actually dad, Kaia just found out that she’s a witch and is having trouble controlling her magic. Her father locked it up when she was younger and we’re going to go track him down...if that’s alright.” Asher looked to his dad, the alpha, as he cut a piece of turkey.

“That’s fine, but you have to bring Hayden at least,” Dan said as Asher groaned. “Hey, don’t give me that shit boy. Just because you’re the future alpha, doesn’t mean you’re strong enough to fight off anything.” I swear you’d think his dad was always pissed by the way that he talks...until you look at his face which seems to always be in a teasing smile. I have a feeling that I would never want to get on his bad side though.

“Kaia, can you show us any of your magic?” Dan looked at me curiously.


Asher cut in before I could say anything. “Dad, that might not be such a good idea. She’s not in control of her magic yet and I don’t think any of us want the house to burn down.”

I would have been offended if it wasn’t for the teasing smile on his face. Or maybe it was the dirty thoughts that he was sending through our mind link. I keep forgetting that he can hear my thoughts since I haven’t been able to separate them from the mind link yet. Oh, but he sure does remind me, especially when I keep thinking about the next possible moment I can exit this family dinner, which he returns with a gentle kick to my leg underneath the table.

After dinner, Asher kept insisting on me and him helping his mother with the dishes. I smiled and acted like I would want nothing more than to scrub burnt food off a plate. I dramatically exhaled when his mother insisted on letting her do it instead. If I was forced to wash the dishes, I would have just tried to use my magic which probably would consist of me melting all the plates or busting out the kitchen windows, since that seems to be the extent of my magic so far.

“Finally, I thought my face was going to get stuck into a permanent smile from talking to your parents.” I groaned flying face-first onto the bed in Asher’s room.

He chuckled as he shut the door. “You are such a little liar Kaia Jones. Dare I say, you were actually laughing and having a good time?” He teased me, prowling towards me like I was dessert. God, I hope I am. “Now, what am I going to do with you, my little witch,” he asked as he pulled me forward by my shirt.

“I don’t know, alpha, what are you going to do?” I asked in a sultry, sex-laced voice. He growled at my use of alpha. Like actually growled, but in a sexy way that immediately soaked my panties.

He pulled my head forward for a passionate, yet demanding kiss which I eagerly returned. Our tongues tangled for dominance which elicited another low growl from Asher’s chest. He pushed me onto my back without breaking the kiss. Normally, this would have triggered flashbacks, but somehow, I trusted Asher enough, that I found his dominating behavior a turn on.

I kissed down his neck as he lifted my shirt over my head, which I soon returned by taking off his. He groaned as I nipped at the sensitive skin on his neck and behind his ear. He slowly pulled down both my bra straps as I unbuckled his belt. We quickly made work with removing our clothes as we kissed each available area of exposed skin on our bodies. I was so caught up with Asher’s mouth on my hardened nipple, that I didn’t even notice him reaching and putting on a condom.

Before he could position himself to my opening, I quickly turned us over so that I was on top. I normally don’t go for this position because let’s face it, I like the guy to do all the work during sex. You know, you’re usually one of the people that either like driving the car or riding in the car. Well tonight, I was driving this car hard and fast.

I raised up onto my knees and positioned myself over him before slamming down with a low moan. Asher moved both of his hands to rest on my hips. “Oh, fuck.” Asher groaned, leaning his head back while closing his eyes in pure bliss. I pushed myself up and down onto him with my hands resting on his bare chest, leaving claw marks in the process. We both groaned as I picked up the pace, meeting every thrust of Asher’s hips. He reached between us, to my throbbing clit, and rubbed two fingers in a tight circle, eliciting an orgasm from me.

He leaned forward so that I was straddling his lap, our naked chests rubbing against each other in the process. He kissed me with so much hunger and affection. “Ash.” I moaned his name through our kiss as he hit my g-spot with slow but deep thrusts.

He leaned back and looked into my eyes and I swear, I’ve never seen someone look at me that way. “I think I’m in love with you, Kaia Jones.”

That’s usually the deal breaker for me when a guy says that, but instead of being turned off, I was turned on even more. I quickly thought about all the feelings that I’ve been having of Asher and wondered if I was in love. I mean, I’ve never really been in love so how would I know? But looking into his eyes, I knew that I was. Hell, I was too deep in love if that was possible. The kind of love that could destroy you.

I pushed away my panicking thoughts of what that would entail later on and said the one thing that I’m sure I’ll never regret. “I think I’m in love with you too Asher Lodge,” I said as I leaned forward and captured his lips with mine.

I felt him kiss down where my neck meets my shoulder and sucked, which drawed out a painfully loud moan from me. I could feel his teeth elongate before he pulled away slightly to breathe in. “Ash, it’s okay. I want you to.” He didn’t need to be told twice as he kissed back down my neck and sunk his canines in deep.

I screamed out, but not in pain, but pleasure. He retracted his teeth as he licked the blood that was coming out of his mark. It doesn’t sound too pleasing, but oh hell, it was. I came just from the contact of his teeth grazing my skin. Every time he kissed my mark, sparks shot through my body and to my core. He came with a sexy groan as he held my body to his as we both struggled to breathe.

He pulled back and held my face in his hands. “I promise you, Kaia, that I will always protect you. Even if it means, risking my own life for yours,” he said before bringing me in for a searing kiss.

“I promise you, Ash, that I will always protect you. And if someone ever tried to take you away from me, I will destroy everything in my path.”

Finally! Kaia and Asher are now fully mated!

Warning: There are only three chapters left of this book before I begin releasing my new book. I will let you know that this book leaves off on a cliff hanger. That means that book #2 of this duology will most likely continue some time in late May after I completed my new three mate story. So be prepared. I didn’t want to get bored with this story so that’s why I decided to write it in two books instead of one.

It’s hard updating daily and I know it will get difficult in a month when my online nursing classes for college begin. So, please be patient with me if updates begin to come out every other day for the next book. I will keep you guys posted on the news of my upcoming books.

But for the rest of Dangerously Beautiful, it will come out daily so leave me your predictions!

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