Dangerously Beautiful

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Chapter 28

Kaia's POV

“Bloody hell mate, this isn’t a dick measuring contest,” Sebastian said, staring wide-eyed at my mate’s mark on my neck.

“Funny, Sebastian,” Asher said sarcastically at his friend’s comment.

“Does it hurt?” Mia asked, looking a bit terrified at the size of Asher’s mark.

“No, not at all.” I laughed at the expression on her face as she looked relieved. “So, are we ready to do this locator spell yet?”

“Yup. But after this, we really need to work on your pronunciation because you could really mess up a spell with the way that you talk.” To which I replied with a glare. Geez, I’m not that bad.

“Well, let’s get on our brooms and go then.” I gave Mia a teasing smile as she leveled me with an unamusing gaze.


Asher’s POV

I could hardly contain my grin as I watched Kaia helping Mia set up the candles and map for the locator spell. I could clearly see my mark on her neck. I mean, it’d be hard not to see it. The thing is fucking huge and something tells me that we can’t pass it off as some kinky biting to a human. That shit looks animalistic as hell.

I’m really hoping this spell works and that we can find her dad. Mia admitted that she can’t help much with Kaia’s magic since it’s so powerful and unpredictable. So, that’s the main reason for finding him as soon as possible. Also, I can tell that Kaia wants to reconnect with him. I think she just wants to know that someone else cares for her, other than me of course.

“Okay, it’s ready guys,” Kaia said with a hint of uncertainty in her voice.

I squeezed her hand and gave her a reassuring smile. “Don’t sweat it, you got this.”

“Let’s get this over with. Just repeat after me.” Mia said, lighting the candles one by one as she began to chant. “Teformestid etucamero afestono,” Mia chanted before placing a cut-up piece of Kaia’s dad’s flannel onto one of the open candle flames. It burned in an instant, almost as if someone poured gasoline on it. Mia pulled out a knife and cut diagonally across her palm and then again on the other one as well. She then proceeded to drip the blood onto the map of the United States.

She signaled Kaia to begin the spell. “Teformestid etucamero afestono,” Kaia repeated the same phrase as Mia before cutting both of her palms with the knife as well.

“Petuleonum estrocantuna lemunota” Mia grabbed both of Kaia’s hands in hers, mixing both their blood to create a swirl of magic. The candles began to flicker as a wind of magic pooled and swirled around the room, causing papers and debris to move with it. Their chanting got louder and louder, creating sparks through the contact of their hands until Mia recited the last phrase of the spell. “Locatenum Abraham Jones.”

The magic disappeared as did the blood. Mia looked shocked at her uncut hands as Kaia looked impressed. “Shit, I’m a fucking badass. I just healed both of us. Although, I don’t know how.” Kaia looked at her hands confused.

“Well, maybe your dad will be able to help you figure it out. Did you find a location?” I asked, trying to get Kaia to focus on the mission at hand.

“Yeah, it looks like he’s in….Salem? Seriously? That’s fucking cliche.” Mia scrunched up her nose looking at the map.

“Why would he only run five hours away from our old house? And that’s what?...Three hours from here? If he was in danger, why wouldn’t he at least move to the west coast?” Kaia looked confused and I think a little hurt at the fact that he’s been so close to her this whole time.

“That sounds bloody fishy if you ask me,” Sebastian said leaning against the door lighting a ‘spliff’ as he calls it. I sighed, fucking brits man.

“I hate to say it, but I think he’s right,” Hayden said looking pained at hurting Kaia’s feelings, but if she was offended, then she hid it pretty well.

“Well, if he’s up to something, then I sure as hell want to find out,” Kaia responded while rolling the map up and stuffing it in a duffle bag. “So what’s the plan? Are you guys coming with?” She said as she was biting her lip nervously.

“You can’t just bring us into your drama and kick us to the curb, Kaia. You’re stuck with us, or at least me anyway.” Mia said, shrugging. Obviously Hayden was going to come because even though he’s a nice guy, he would quite literally kill someone if they hurt his mate. I’d do the same but something tells me that Kaia has herself handled.

“Well, I do love a good road trip. I guess I’ll be fifth wheeling since Easton will be staying behind with his human lover.” Sebastian said with a smirk.

“How the hell did you find out?” I looked at Sebastian surprised.

“Mate, I’ve known since I caught them fucking over a month ago. Lots of dick and ass, I was out of that room faster than a cheetah.” Sebastian dramatically shuddered.

“Are you guys just not going to tell us who it is? Come on, spill the tea.” Mia said, wiggling her eyebrows playfully.

“I don’t think we should be spreading their secrets..” I began before Sebastian cut me off.

“Finn. They’ve been shagging for months.” Sebastian said, flicking his spliff into the ashtray.

“Holy fuck! Damn, I should have known he was into dudes. It’s always the hot ones.” Mia said as Hayden growled with jealousy. Mia just rolled her eyes at his dramatics before she packed the rest of the spell supplies into her bag.

“Let’s hit the road wolf boys,” Mia said, carrying her bags to the door with Kaia following behind. Something told me that this road trip was going to take forever with this lot.


Kaia’s POV

Kill me, please. I know that I said that I hate shopping the most in this world., but that’s a fucking lie. I guess it turns out that I hate road trips. Correction. Road trips with five people in a five-seater car. Doesn’t sound too bad? Well, add to the fact that there’s hardly any room for luggage and that Hayden forgot that his air conditioning wasn’t working.

Meanwhile, I’m in the back glaring at the spacious foot and ass room Mia has in the passenger seat upfront. The bitch doesn’t even have the decency to look apologetic. I’m sandwiched between two guys in the back seat. Now usually I don’t mind being sandwiched between two guys if you know what I mean. But this is pure hell. For one, Sebastian keeps leaning his head onto my shoulder. Cute right? Wrong. He’s drooling all over me while his sweaty thighs are pressed up against mine.

Asher looked amused watching me suffer in my own personal hell, while he stuck his head out the window like the fucking dog that he is. I grumbled obscenities as we continued driving.

“Uhhhh, how much longer till we’re there?” I groaned for the millionth time during the car ride. I know, I’m one of those people that always ask, ‘are we there yet’ on a road trip. But hell, couldn’t I just portal there or something? But Mia said that you have to have a lot of practice to do that spell. Apparently the consequences could range from losing all my hair to dying in a portal system. So, I stuck for the torturing three-hour car ride instead, but now I’m wondering if it would have just been better to have taken a chance with the portal.

“We’re about to enter Salem and then I’d say maybe another fifteen minutes until we get to his location,” Mia said, looking down at the map to give Hayden directions.

We drove past the welcome sign and continued driving until we pulled on a road filled with bars and shops. “Okay, well it looks like he should be in there,” Mia said pointing to a bar. “Let’s go team wicked wolves,” Mia said, climbing out of Hayden’s car.

“Bloody hell, she gave us a fucking team name?” Sebastian mumbled as he wiped the excess drool off his mouth before climbing out also.

We walked to the bar across the street before entering. I didn’t even know if he would look the same as he did in the photos. I mean, it has been a while since it was taken. He also could have cast a spell to hide his identity as well. I started getting nervous as we walked further into the far, searching through the crowd of people. What if he didn’t want to see me? What if he didn’t even have magic and he thought that I was crazy?

“Quit freaking out baby. You’re fine, we’re all here for you.” Asher whispered in my ear, placing his hand on the small of my back while rubbing soothing circles with his thumb.

I took a deep breath before turning around and stumbling into a man next to me. “Sorry, I didn’t see you there,” I said before I looked up into the face of the man that tucked me into bed every night. The man who cut the crust off of my sandwiches for school. The man who I’ve been on the hunt for. “Dad?”

Ahhhhh! Kaia finally finds her dad! What do you guys think will happen? Do you think Kaia will be disappointed?

Also, if any of you use Wattpad, my username on there is Kaylee_rae_23. I post songs on each of the chapters of this book as a playlist of sorts. There are also collages of what I picture the characters to look like if you’re interested.

I also posted a short story for one of the Wattpad contests and I would really appreciate it if you guys would check it out. It’s called Innocently Convicted. I’m not 100% loving it since it could only be 500 words or less but I’d still love some feedback on it.

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