Dangerously Beautiful

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Chapter 3

Going through yet another move to a new group home isn’t all that nerve-wracking the more you do it. I’ve moved so many times over the years that I’ve lost count. However, it sort of gives me a thrill to see where I’ll end up next. Some of us hit the lottery when we move, while others end up in the shittiest towns you could imagine. As me and my social worker were driving to my new home, for the time being, I look out the window to see hundreds of trees surrounding the road as we drive by. I sigh, seeing as how there’s literally no stores in sight. I bet there’s not even cell service out here. I know that I probably shouldn’t be worried about that, hell I could care less about my phone. But this place just screams, “keep out, we don’t like people,” so I knew I’d probably like it.

Finally driving into a populated area, we pull into a driveway to a light grey, two-story house. As I get out of the car, I also notice a matching house right across the street from it. I figured it’s probably another group home. Walking up the stairs right behind my social worker, we are met with a woman who is probably mid-50s with a warm, genuine smile.

The woman shook my social worker’s hand, and then turned to me, “Hi, you must be Katarina Jones. My name is Meredith, but most of the girls here call me their group home mom.”

Meredith looked like a real nice lady, one I could easily manipulate if needed. However, if she thinks for one second that I’m going to call her my group home mom, she might as well put a bullet through my head. I already have one mother, and I sure as hell don’t need another. However bitter I am though, I did at least give her a small smile back and shook her hand. “The name’s actually Kaia, it’s nice to meet you”

After going over the rules of the house, which is surprisingly not that many as my previous group homes, Meredith showed me to the room that I would be staying in. The room itself was actually pretty nice. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s still small compared to most people’s bedrooms but it’s bigger than I’m used to. I quickly unpacked the few things that I owned, which almost half were definitely things that go against the rules for the house. I headed back downstairs to where all the other girls were. Meredith had told me that all the people that live in this house are girls ranging from 14 to 18. While the house across the street housed boys ranging from 14 to 18.

Now in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t make friends that easily. It could be because of my temper or because I usually want to throat punch anyone who’s around me for more than ten minutes. But I actually, usually distance myself from people on purpose. There’s no use in making friends when eventually either I’ll leave, or they’ll leave in the end. However, some of these girls obviously didn’t get the memo. A short girl with curly red hair and pale green eyes came bouncing over to me and gave me the brightest smile that I’m surprised I didn’t need sunglasses to look at.

“Hi, you must be Katarina! I’m Daisy! Where did you move from? How are you liking the new house so far? Do you have a boyfriend? A girlfriend? Hey, I don’t judge, I thought I might be a lesbian until I kissed Becky Riders during spin the bottle, and let me tell you, I can’t do pussy, no way, no how.” I just continued staring at the little girl like she was some sort of alien sent here to assassinate me or talk my head off one.

Being the decent human being that I am, I sidestepped her and walked around her while saying, “My names Kaia, not Katarina.”

Daisy being the oblivious girl that she is, follows me into the living room even as I already sat down in one of the chairs and continues on with the conversation.

“Oh, I like the name, Kaia! I wish I could go by some nickname, but I like my name Daisy and no my favorite flowers are not Daisy’s, they’re actually sunflowers.” I continued to let her ramble on, and I found out that she’s 16, and lucky me! My new roommate. There is nothing more that I would love to do at that moment than stick my head between an open doorway and bang the door onto my head repeatedly.

As Daisy rambled on, a new voice broke through the chatter. “Dear god Daisy shut the fuck up. No one gives a shit what your favorite Ariana Grande song is. Leave the new girl alone.” The voice belonged to a girl on the opposite side of the living room. She looked to be my age, and she had pale freckled skin with caramel brown eyes and pastel pink hair. “Hey, the name’s Mia.” I replied, “Kaia” with a chin tilt her way. I can already tell that she may be the closest girl here that I could see myself maybe calling a friend. I mean her voice definitely doesn’t sound like nails on a chalkboard like Daisy’s voice does.

I looked at Mia and asked, “So what do you guys do for fun around here?” The look she gave me in return already confirmed my suspicions. We will definitely get along together.

“There’s actually a party tonight over in the rich people side of town if you’re up for it. We just have to wait until Meredith goes to bed later and sneak out. You think you’re up for it?”

The look that I gave her was one of pure mischief and trouble. “Hell yeah.”

This chapter gives you a little insight into some of the girl characters that will appear in the book. The next two chapters is going to show a lot more important characters that I’m excited for you to see. Also, it’s going to be all about the party the girls are going to ;)

What do you guys think about Daisy and Mia?

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