Dangerously Beautiful

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Chapter 5

After I walked out on my one-night stand, I walked past a mirror in the hallway upstairs and could tell that I looked thoroughly fucked. I looked from my sated eyes to my tousled, but sexy hair, then down to my lips that were swollen from kissing. I wiped away some of my lipstick that had smudged and continued walking down the hall and back downstairs. Right as I was walking out towards the backyard, I heard yelling. I walked outside to see a group of people surrounding two girls. One being Veronica, the crying girl who can’t hold in her emotions, and some girl with long blonde hair reaching almost to her waist.

“Fuck you, Hailey! I know you’ve been in love with Landon ever since we started dating. You just couldn’t wait until we split up so you could get your manicured hands on him,” screamed Veronica.

“You know it wasn’t like that V, we’re meant to be together. It’s fate. I’m sorry, I really am, but you gotta grow up and move on,” said the girl who I’m assuming is Hailey, the one now dating Veronica’s ex.

I knew the argument was getting heated up, but I was not expecting things to escalate into a full-on fistfight. Next thing I know Veronica punches Hailey right in the jaw causing her head to move with the motion. On the outside, I was cool, calm, and collected. But on the inside, I was kind of proud of the emotional wreck that is Veronica Watters. Things were really escalating when Hailey stood up and swung a fist and hit Veronica, right square in the face. I’m usually not one to interfere in another chick’s fight, but sue me if I felt bad for the poor, heartbroken girl.

“Maybe he left you because you always love to make everyone feel bad for you V. Maybe he just couldn’t stand to see your pathetic little freak face anymore.” Once she swung and hit Veronica again, I couldn’t stand back any longer.

I walked right up to Hailey from behind and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around slightly confused and that’s when I punched her right in the nose. Hard. She stumbled back but surprisingly stayed standing despite her bleeding nose. I stood strong and watched her as she came right at me and punched me across my jaw making my head turn to the side. I touched my lip area and found blood on my fingers when I pulled away. This only left me smiling like a maniac back at her. She looked a little frightened at the evil look I was giving her. Little does she know that this is the shit that I live for.

I turned around and roundhouse kicked her right in the stomach earning a groan from her. I didn’t take a break though, I came right up to her and pulled her head back by her hair with one hand while using the other to punch her two more times in the face until she fell with a cry on the ground.

I looked over at Veronica still sitting on the ground holding her hand up to her busted face. I held out a hand to help her up to which she replied with a thank you. We turned around and the crowd was already dispersing. The rest of the people that were left were either staring at me in fear or in awe at what I did. As I was walking by a group of people, someone accidentally hit me in the shoulder with their massive body.

I noticed right when we touched, I felt some kind of spark go through my shoulder to the rest of my body. I looked up at the dude with a “what the fuck” look before saying, “Dude, watch where you’re fucking going,” and stalking off around the house to the front with Veronica in tow. Before I walked away though, I had noticed that the guy was extremely attractive. Like, next-level hot. He was tall, maybe around 6′3, with dark brown hair that was longer on top and shorter on the sides, with forest green eyes.

However hot he may be though, I was still pretty riled up and pissed off at that fight. The girl, Hailey not only humiliated Veronica, but she punched her knowing she would win. That’s just pathetic in my rule book. I didn’t look back at the guy and instead continued walking until we met up with the rest of the girls and headed back to the house. To say that my first day in a new town was anything but boring, would be an understatement.

Okayyyy. So next chapter will finally be in Asher’s POV. So you will all be able to meet him and his other werewolf friends. This is basically where we are going to get to see things that go more along with the plot of the story.

Also, sorry for the very short chapter, it just wouldn’t fit in with the next chapter.

Any prediction on what’s to come? Let me know your thoughts!

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