Dangerously Beautiful

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Chapter 6

Asher’s POV

To say that I’ve been in a cheerful mood today would be a lie. I’m completely pissed off. Not only did I fail my last chemistry test, but my lab partner isn’t coming back because she decided it would be a good idea to fuck one of the teachers that work at the middle school. And he wasn’t even one of the better-looking ones either. Also, on top of that, I’m helping my dad, who’s also the Alpha of our pack, deal with rogue problems. No high school senior should have to worry about doing homework right after killing rogue werewolves. And now one of my closest friends, Hayden, the beta’s son, is trying to convince me to go to a party tonight. Hayden is tall like me. He has chestnut brown hair and honey brown eyes. He is definitely what one might call, a ladies’ man.

I turned to Hayden, “I don’t even know why we’re going to Mathew Daughtry’s party tonight. We don’t even like the kid, so why are we going?”

Hayden looked at me with pleading eyes, “Come on man, you know Mia is going to be there tonight. You told me you’d help me try to get with her.”

I responded by rolling my eyes, “Really? Still pining after Mia Reynolds after all these years? You really think that she could possibly be your mate?”

The word mate for us wolves means our other half. It quite literally means soulmate. The only way that we know when we meet our mate is through physical contact. No, we can’t smell them when they walk into a room, that’s only in the books. However, once the mating bond is complete, we’ll be able to track each other through scent. I’ve been waiting since my eighteenth birthday to find my mate with no luck so far. I’ve “accidentally” bumped arms with every single girl that goes to my school. Nothing. That’s what I found.

I was pushed out of my thoughts when I heard Hayden speak, “I don’t know man, but I’m going to try to win her over either way.” Hayden has been in love with Mia since our sophomore year of high school. He hasn’t turned eighteen yet, so he doesn’t know if she’ll be his mate, but he sure as hell is hoping. “Also, Ivy is going to be there...”

If looks could kill, then Hayden would be six feet under right now. Ivy Greene. Beautiful. Charming. A completely selfish, cheating, lying, bitch. Yup. That’s what I think of my ex-girlfriend. She cheated on me in junior year with another wolf in my pack. She’s tried to talk to me since then, but I can’t even stomach looking at her.

I wiped my angry look away before asking Hayden, “Sebastian there yet?”

“Yeah, he’s there with his stoner, human friends. You know how Bash is.” I chuckled. Sebastian was always one of those wolves who enjoyed the company of humans over other wolves. It makes him feel like he’s living a normal life. Sebastian is also one of my closest friends and also the gamma’s son.

We took Hayden’s car to the party since I was not planning on being the designated driver tonight. I was looking to let off a little steam and get so drunk that I wouldn’t even remember my own name. Being an alpha’s son is not as easy or fun as you would think.

We walked in through Mathew Daughtry’s front door. God, I hate that kid. But he does know how to throw a good party. Although the house was extremely crowded, we could see throughout the whole party. That’s the good thing about being 6′4. You can see over everyone’s heads in a crowded room. I made a beeline for the booze. Me, Hayden, our other friend, Easton, and a few kids we share classes with all lined up to take shots. Afterward, me and Hayden headed out back to see where Sebastian was.

Surprise, surprise. Sebastian was indeed with his stoner friends smoking a joint. I knew everyone at that table since Sebastian has been friends with them for years. However, I have never seen the fifth person standing there with them.

Standing there, was the most dangerously beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. She stood tall and had long black hair and the bluest eyes. Her body was every man’s wet dream. Her legs were long and lean, yet toned, just like her stomach that was on full display under her tank top. One thing that is certain is that this chick definitely works out. I’m not one of those ass or boobs kind of guy, but if I were, she definitely has both. I had to wipe the back of my hand across my mouth because I thought that I may be drooling at the sight of her.

She was smoking a joint while listening to Finn Michaels whispering something to her. Even with my wolf hearing, I couldn’t make out what exactly he was saying to her though.

After watching the group from the corner of my eye, they finally dispersed. The gorgeous girl was still talking to one of Sebastian’s friends, Greyson, who I despise. The way that he was looking at her was starting to bother me. I would have said something, but looking at her, I think she could handle herself. They both retreated into the house.

I shook my head trying to push away all thoughts about the blue-eyed beauty and turned back to Hayden and Easton. Easton wasn’t the smartest guy in the pack. Even with our fast reflexes, Easton always seems to be the one who ends up getting his leg stuck in a bear trap when we are out on patrol in the woods. Thankfully, we heal really fast so it never seems to leave permanent damage. Easton is shorter than Hayden and me. He has brunette, wavy hair and hazel eyes.

Hayden looked wildly between me and Easton. “Have any of you seen Mia? Do you think she showed up? How’s my hair? Does my breath stink? Oh, god, I think I forgot to brush my teeth. Do you think she’ll notice? She’s going to...” I slapped Hayden across the face before he could ramble on any further. “Ow! What was that for man?”

“Chill out dude. You’re going to be fine. You know Mia has a thing for you.”

“Well, what if your sources are wrong and she doesn’t?”

Easton chimes in with a chuckle, “Hayden you know Asher’s sources are never wrong.”

It’s true, I’m friends with a lot of people at our school. If they’re from our pack, then they’ll freely tell me since I’m the future alpha. If they’re not, then usually a little bit of fear will do just nice. “I asked Landon since he was dating one of Mia’s friends before, you know, he found his mate and had to dump her.” Yeah, that was a pretty shitty situation. I truly feel bad for the poor girl. To her, it seems that he just lost interest in her and turned his back on her, when really, he didn’t have that much of a choice. Sure, you can reject your mate, but the mate bond is so strong that you’re not going to want to.

Hayden scoffed, “Yeah sure. Because I’d believe a damn thing that came out of his mouth.” I don’t blame Hayden. Landon is a total douche, but he is an honest guy.

We continued to talk and drink a little, but the only thing that was on my mind was her. I don’t even know her, but I really wanted to. It seems stupid to even try when I know I have a mate out there though. Just when we were thinking about leaving, Hailey, Landon’s mate, came walking towards Landon’s ex. Oh, no. This isn’t going to be good.

I looked on as the crowd surrounding the girls began to get bigger.

“Fuck you, Hailey! I know you’ve been in love with Landon ever since we started dating. You just couldn’t wait until we split up so you could get your manicured hands on him,” screamed Veronica, Landon’s ex.

“You know it wasn’t like that V, we’re meant to be together. It’s fate. I’m sorry, I really am, but you gotta grow up and move on,” said Hailey.

Wow. Even though Hailey’s right, that it is fate, she can be pretty harsh. Next thing I know, Veronica swings a fist towards Hailey, which she returns with two of her own.

“Maybe he left you because you always love to make everyone feel bad for you V. Maybe he just couldn’t stand to see your pathetic little freak face anymore.”

I looked over towards the back door of the house and see the black-haired girl again. I could tell by the way that she looked, that she and most likely Greyson had fooled around. Although that was furthest from my mind at the moment because looking at her face, watching the incident unfold, I knew shit was about to go down.

She walked right up to Hailey like she was strolling in the park watching ducks swim when she tapped her on the shoulder. I thought maybe she was going to say something to her like, “leave her alone” or “pick on someone your own size.” I, however, underestimated this girl because the next thing I know, she swung her fist right at Hailey’s face. I think everyone could hear the crunching of cartilage as Hailey stumbled back and saw blood streaming down her nose.

I didn’t expect Hailey to swing back though. It was almost as if the girl was wanting her to because she didn’t move a muscle. Once Hailey’s fist made contact with the girl’s jaw, it’s as if everyone knew all hell was going to break loose. The girl calmly turned her head back around and wiped the blood off her lip. She gave Hailey the evilest but beautiful smile I have ever seen. I was in awe at the way she fought. For a human girl, she was very strong. She didn’t end the fight until she gave Hailey two final punches to the face and dropped her on the ground.

Damn. Landon is going to kill us since we didn’t stop the fight and help his mate. But shit. Hailey started it, so why should it be my job to intervene.

I watched the girl help Veronica up off the ground. It’s as if she didn’t even notice the crowd around her, or either, she just didn’t care. She started walking in my direction and I “accidentally” bumped into her. I was hoping for a reaction that would tell me that she was my mate. It was confirmed right when we touched. I felt these little sparks go through my body from the place where our skin made contact. I was so ecstatic in that moment that I wasn’t expecting her to look at me like I was the gum stuck to the bottom of her shoe. She practically spits out, “Dude, watch where you’re fucking going,” and walked away from me. My face fell in that moment because even if she had felt the same sparks, she’s not going to know what they mean. That we’re soulmates.

I turned around towards my friends who were practically getting the water boiling so they could spill all the tea about the fight at school Monday. I didn’t even notice Sebastian had joined us till now.

“Damn, that girl is trouble,” he chuckled while smoking on a cigarette.

“She’s my mate,” were the only words I could say.

All three boys looked at me with wide eyes.

“You’re fucking kidding me. Her? The badass human chick who just kicked Landon’s mate’s ass.” Laughed Hayden.

“Yeah, it seems so.” I was smiling so big that I’m surprised I didn’t burst a blood vessel in my face. “Hey, Sebastian, you were talking to her over there earlier. What’s her name?”

“Kaia. She just moved into the group home on Cleveland street. She’s a feisty one. Got kicked out of her last school for hitting some girl in the face with a lunch tray,” Sebastian said with a chuckle and a wolfish smile.

“Kaia.” It’s as if saying her name out loud confirmed that she was, indeed, my soulmate.

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WARNING! The next chapter is going to have explicit flashbacks of rape and it is graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

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