The Fox (Riders of War - book one)

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Chapter Nine


“Where the hell have you been?” his grip tightens on my arms. He shook me slightly staring intensely into my eyes. My eyes flick over his shoulder and I remember the door.

“What the hell did you do to my door?” I push him off me and walk up the stairs. I run my finger tips along the door frame. He had completely ripped off the hinges, both the frame and the door are splintering.

“That’s didn’t answer my question,” I spin around and glare at him. The nerve he has.

“And that didn’t answer mine,” I don’t know where all this confidence came from all of a sudden. I kind of like it, I have never been very assertive in my life but standing here watching Bennett shift from one foot to the other, it was empowering. Just knowing I can make a biker squirm.

“I rode past and you weren’t here,” he squirmed a bit more. I can’t believe this guy. “I was worried.”

“So you broke into my house?” I moved down the stairs to stand in front of Bennett again.

“I didn’t know what else to do,” I could hear the sadness in his voice but I was still too angry to care.

“How about not break into my house,” in a split second he goes from a guilty, worried Bennett to a raging, unapologetic Bennett.

“With everything that’s going on you can’t blame me for being worried,” he took a step forward, the fire inside him ignited as he moves closer to me.

“You don’t have to worry about me. For God sake this is the third time we’ve been in the same room as each other,” I see Mrs Gibbs from across the road pull her curtains back. This woman is unbelievably nosy. Nothing goes on in this town that she doesn’t know about.

Bennett follows my gaze, and a glare settles in on his face. Mrs Gibbs quickly shut her blinds and turns the lights off. Clearly she is a little intimidated by Bennett’s presents here.

Bennett sighs running his hands through his hair. I notice a thin bandage wrapped around his hand.

“What did you do to your hand?” I grab his wrists and try to take the bandage off. He just pulls his had back and hides it from me.

“Oh I... punched, something,” he rubs his neck with his other hand. He is hiding something more than his hand from me this time. I decide to let it go, it’s none of my business anyway.

“Come on,” I lead him inside and sit him at the dining table.

“What are we doing?” Under the sink I pull out the first aid kit. I really needed it when I first moved in, putting furniture together is even harder than they make it look in the movies.

“Cleaning your hand properly instead of this botched job I’m assuming you did yourself,” we sit in silence as I clean out the cuts on his hand.

I feel him watching me as I unwrap his hand. His eyes burning a hole in my face with how intensely he is focused on me. Goosebumps appear over his arm when I touched him.

I pour the rubbing alcohol onto a cotton pad and run that over the back of his hand. He gasps little when the alcohol makes contact with the cuts. And I though riders where meant to be thought. I wrap his hand back up in a fresh bandage.

“There all done,” resting my elbows on the table I face Bennett. His hooded eyes once again staring into mine. He licks his lips and I couldn’t help but stare. His lips looked so warm and inviting. He reached up and ran his thumb over my bottom lip. I hadn’t noticed I had been biting it while staring at his.

The corner of his mouth curves up into a half smile. A sexy smile. His eyes darken and flick to my lips.

I can’t do this, can I? God I want to. I want to know what his lips feel like on mine. I want to run my hands through his hair. Feel his chest pressed against mine as I straddle him.

Bennett is the sexiest man I have ever seen. He brushes my hair back out of my face and pulls me in close. Am I really going to do this?

“Anyway, what really has you so worried about me anyway?” I pull away and sit back in the chair. Turns out no I’m not going to do this.

“Oh no, I answered your question now it’s your turn. Where were you?” Bennett crossed his arms over his chest, the smile had faded from his face and was replaced with a deep frown.

“I had to take someone to the hospital,” I tried to be as vague as possible. I didn’t particularly want to get into it all over again.

“What happened?” I sigh. I should’ve known he wouldn’t let it go. It’s not like he has before.

“I don’t really know, she came out of nowhere covered in blood. I had to help her.”

Images of the woman flash through my mind. I cover my mouth with my hand, I could still hear her cries, still see her pain, still feel her fear.

“And what about you? Are you okay?” My head snaps back to Bennett, he is sitting there watching me. I look everywhere but him. I don’t want him to see how how much this really affected me.

“They said I was just in shock. I ended up on a bed and fell asleep for a few hours,” I pull two bottles of water out of the fridge. After the incident with the pipes I haven’t been able to drink tap water.

“Do they know what happened to the girl?” Bennett takes the bottle of water. I slowly sip mine and shrug my shoulders.

“They said it looked like an animal attack but I’m not sure,” the gashes all over her body looked too deep to be a wild animal here in California. I suppose it could be a puma. But even they wouldn’t attack unless provoked.

“What aren’t you sure about?” He leans in closer again.

“When they tried to put the neck brace on she started freaking out. Up until then she seemed okay,” I rest my head in my hands. As ‘okay’ as she could be given the circumstances. “It was almost like she was talking to someone, pleading them not to hurt her.”

Excuse myself from the table and run to the bathroom. I lock the door behind me and sit on the cool tiles. My breaths get heavier and it gets harder to breathe. My heart feels like it going to beat out of my chest.

I pull myself up to the basin but I feel so weak. I am finally able to stand, I splash cold water over my face. When I look at myself in the mirror and realise how much of a mess I am.

I grab the makeup wipes to fix the smudge mascara under my eyes. Once I am calm enough I clean my teeth and head back out.

Bennett was taking the broken door outside. I watch the muscles in his back tense and bulge. For the first time since I moved to the city I feel totally safe. I never thought I’d say that especially around a biker. There’s just something about Bennett every time he looks at me I feel at peace yet totally worked up at the same time.

He seems to be the perfect combination of push and pull. I’ll never admit this to him but I haven’t been able to check out another man since I met him. It’s absolutely crazy, we have had all of two conversations. But there is something about him that just... feels right.

Motorbikes speed down the street and scream to a stop at the front of my house. Three burly men on bikes call out to Bennett. A car pulls up not long after and two women get out.

They are gorgeous. One has long jet black hair and a skinny waist, I recognised her from the zoo, she would only be about 24. The other is a little bit older maybe late 30s, she had a full curvy body and shoulder length chocolate hair.

It’s occurs to me that these people are at my house and I have no idea who they are. I feel the panic rise back up into my chest. My breathing becomes heavy as I try to keep myself calm.

“Hey, it’s okay it’s just a few with my brother, I asked them to come and help me fix your door,” Bennett is holding my arms in his hands. He gives me a reassuring smile and turns to his brothers.

“What the hell Dominic? I only called you.” Bennett pushes Dominic back and laughs when he hits him one the back. Dominic is an attractive man, not as attractive as Bennett, but attractive none the less. He has a chisel jaw and a nose that looks like it’s been broken a few times. His hair was styled in a curly tapered cut. He is clearly the type of person that cares to much about their looks.

“Yeah I know but Alex and Chris wanted to meet the woman that took away their sparing partner,” they had their names sewn on their cuts. Alex seems a little to young to be apart of a MC, and Chris looks like the best friend in a romantic movie that the girl will eventually end up with.

“Sure and that’s why you brought the girls along too,” Bennett rolled his eyes and lead everyone up the path.

“You know what Elizabeth and Amelia are like.” Bennett scoffed in agreement as the girls rolled their eyes. The girls pushed past and made their way up the stairs.

“You must be Bella, I’m Amelia,” she shook my hand. “I don’t know if you remember me.”

“You came to the zoo with your little boy,” I feel very intimidated around these two woman.

“Actually that would be my son, hi i’m Elizabeth,” She took a step up the stairs. “How about we go inside and let these boys do their thing.”

“What breaks things?” Amelia laugh as she follows Elizabeth up through the doorway.

We ended up talking for a few hours. I got to know the girls more than I thought I would. They would have to be the kindest women I have ever met. They are so funny, so bright, so genuine.

It isn’t until you remember that they are both in relationships with members of the Riders of War that you realise how dangerous they could actually be. Yet here they are in my kitchen drinking coffee and eating cheese and crackers like they have not a care in the world. Maybe the Riders of War aren’t as bad as everyone thinks.

“You know Bella, There’s a party at the clubhouse tomorrow night you should really come,” Amelia leans in close and wiggling her eyebrows at me.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” I feel a heat creep up my neck and to my cheeks. My stomach twists and I can’t help play with my rings under the table.

“Oh no you really should, it will be great we can sit at the bar and watch the boys make absolute fools of themselves,” Elizabeth throws a head back in laughter. Amelia claps her hands together and bounces up and down in your seat.

“And I know for a fact that Bennett will love having you there,” Amelia rest her chin on her hand and had a cheeky look in her eyes.

“I don’t think so,” I didn’t think it was possible but my face became a brighter shade of red. I bury my face in my hands trying to hide my embarrassment.

“I know so, that boy has not stopped talking about you,” Elizabeth says between sets of laughter.

I look out the door and see Bennett already staring back at me. He has a coy smile on his face, he winks at me and turns back to help finish the door. It honestly should’ve been fixed hours ago but I have a feeling when you get these men in a room together nothing gets done.

I realise how normal this feels to me. Being in a room with what is supposed to be the most dangerous people in the city. I turn back towards the girls with half grin and bright eyes.

“You know what. Alright, I’ll come.”

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